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    Just a question to clarify, are you saying ghosts are the opposite of angels? I thought those were demons. I studied a little bit of paranormal/supernatural stuff and I thought ghosts were the souls of people who use to be alive.

    Anyway, I do believe in ghosts, to me there is way too much evidence out there that supports the existence of ghosts.

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    Nope, I don’t believe in ghosts, but I do think our brains are powerful enough to assign meaning to things through what we know. I’ve caught myself in this more than once in regards to being afraid someone is breaking in – when R or my other roommate were at my apartment overnight, I would sleep easily. But the rare nights they were both gone, every little noise and I was SURE it had to be someone breaking in. 

    Just my two cents. 🙂 

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    i dont disbelieve

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    My family’s friends lived in a haunted mansion (a very famous one in Los Angeles) and lasted 2 weeks, hahaha. That place, according to my parents, was legit haunted. Like, furniture-was-moving-haunted. Scary! I’ve never had a paranormal experience. The closest I’ve been is sleep paralysis, hahaha, which doesn’t count.

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    I think I try not to, otherwise I freak myself out. My parents have fantastic ghost stories from when they were still living in Vietnam, like haunted boarding schools and such, eek!

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    I do believe.  Once I was looking outside the door and I saw a flash of our dog that died years before.  It was gone when I looked back again.  But I think if I ever saw a ghost of a person I would completely freak out.

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    I believe b/c our bodies produce energy and it cannot be created or destroyed..so when we die that energy is transferred somewhere?

    Also after my dad passed I had a wierd situation happen…it was a hot summer day about 90 or more.  Not a wind anywhere.  I had hung earlier in the tree beside my father’s grave some wind chimes.

    I was there with my friend Cyndie, and she came with me b/c I was really sad and it was the day after he was interred. 

    Out of nowhere the chimes blew and we couldn’t help but look in the direction the chimes were blowing.  As we were looking towards another section of the cemetery (in East Memphis), there was a woman in the distance and she looked to be crying over a grave.  I remember having a wierd feeling and feeling as if I should go over to her and comfort her.  My friend Cyndie thought I was nuts.  Ijust felt my dad suddenly and felt I should go to that lady and that’s what he would have wanted me to do.

    Anyway, I walked over to the lady and Cyndie told me that I was invading the woman’s privacy and so on.  We get within 10 feet of her and realize that this area was where the children were buried.  The lady looked up at us and looked at my friend and said “Cyndie is that you?  I was just praying that somebody come and help me understand this.  And here you are”.  They were in the same Sunday school class and she had just lost her newborn.  My friend gasped and we of course prayed with her.

    Still to this day, i feel it was my dad’s sweet spirit that led me to her and to do an act of kindness.  In a metro area of over a million people, we found a woman who was praying for somebody to help her.  I had just lost my dad and had a son who had been in the icu so I understood, and Cyndie was in her sunday school class.  

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    I voted no, but I’m more like a sorta-maybe. I believe in spirits. I’ve had a few experiences where I felt a presence when I was alone, but I’ve never been scared. My grandmother has had similar experiences like mine after certain relatives had passed away. 

    IMO a ghost is something scary! I’ve never been scared by whatever the heck was “with” me.

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    I put other. I do not really believe that there are white floaty things that stick around and haunt places. But, I’m not ready to say that there is nothing more than what we see. I do think there are some spirits/angels/paranormal stuff but I choose to not really think about it because it freaks. me. out. 🙂

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    I don’t now, but I sure did when I was little. We lived in a house where the previous owner died in the attic (he was an old old man). Lots of crazy stuff happened and my 6 year old mind was absolutely convinced it was him. My mom believes in ghosts, my little brother was equally scared and convinced…so yea.

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    Yes, I definitely believe. I think we (humans) have an energy that can’t really be measured or explained (whether that’s a “soul” or not, I don’t know, but I think there is “something”). I have known things before there is any way I could have known them – I knew that a loved one had died before there was ANY possible way for me to know it. I woke up that morning and told my mom that X had died. She didn’t believe me, told me to get ready for school. She found out later that day that he had died the night before. I had a dream the night before about it….I talked to him in my dream. There is no way to explain what I knew.

    I have been told that I am “spirit sensitive”.  I don’t know if that is true, but I don’t doubt things that I have known, and experienced, that were paranormal, and had no rational explanation.

    For kitschy ghost-horror, a friend of mine and I stayed once in the Lizzie Borden House…the house where she killed her family (she likely did not kill them, but that’s a separate diatribe). We slept in the room in which her step-mother was killed. There is a presence in that house, several in fact, and they can be physically felt. It was an interesting weekend.

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    Well, I guess I do, but that’s one of the few things I keep my nose way out of. I have this odd fear that my ESP tendencies would attract attention from the wrong crowd. 😛 My SO firmly believes that the spiritual world crosses path with the physical and is terrified of ghosts. And I’ve heard too many stories to not believe in ghosts. Buuuut, I leave them be and they leave me be.

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    No, I don’t belive in ghosts.  I do, however, feel that we have neurological reactions that cause us to “feel” and “see” things that are not nessisarily there.  Our minds are pretty amazing that way.  Especially when our neurological experiences bring us comfort.  I belive that the concept of ghosts began out of our human desire to understand what happens after death, it’s easier to think that our loved ones are among us after death then to think they are gone for ever.  I find peace thinking about their organic energy and carbon sinking back into the earth to create and feed new plant and animal life. 

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