(Closed) NWR: Do you get along with your sibling(s)?

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My brother and I fought constantly growing up.  I’m three years older, and was always good at school…and he wasn’t.  I was a jerk to him about it.  We fought about basically everything, though.  As we’ve gotten older, we definitely appreciate each other’s company more, but our relationship is not great.  I mean…we understand each other, ya know, but we’re just not close.  

He’s in the Navy, and has adopted all these dick ideas from that (at least, they’re from his friends, who’re in the Navy).  For example, he now thinks climate change is made up, and that women should do housework while men sit around.  So yeah.

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I’m an only but I’ll answer based on my husbands sibling dynamic. He has one brother who he’s pretty lukewarm about. They were pretty indifferent about each other growing up and that has carried over to adulthood. My Brother-In-Law is a douche, which my husband fully acknowledges, so not really having him play a pivotal role in our lives isn’t exactly a loss to either of us. 

I love it when people say how crutial it is for children to have siblings. So they can have a brother or sister who they never talk to and don’t really care about? I guess they’d come in handy if you ever need a kidney or something but other than that, I’m pretty meh about sibling relationships. I know far more that are dysfunctional than those that are very best friends. 

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My brother and I get along very well, but we speak on birthdays, and that’s about it.  I see him whenever I fly home (every 1-2 years), but don’t think I would see him frequently even if I were close by, unless my parents pulled us together.  We’re just both quiet, private people, I guess? Also, both terrible on the phone.  We’re both approaching 30.

Oh, and SO has a brother that I feel only comes around when he wants something.

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I only have one sister and she’s basically a psychopath. I say that in the nicest most caring way possible. She’s 4 years younger than me (22) she had a son at 20 with some moron who just recently pleaded guilty to a felony.. That’s his most recent escapade. My mom is a total enabler of her mostly because of her son (her grand baby). We’ve never really gotten along she always has these angry emotional freak outs, but it just recently started when she met her sons sperm donor abou 3 years ago I guess. I’ve lost track. 


Our kids go to the same daycare so sometimes I’ll see her daily in the morning. She gets on these kicks where I’ll say something she either doesn’t agree with or like and block me from everything such as Facebook, phone, etc. She’s super immature. She is supposed to be my Maid/Matron of Honor bc the bank AKA mom and dad said so (they are graciously paying for almost our entire wedding) she has had a few issues where I said I didn’t want her in the wedding, the protested and this last one (she screamed at me in the parking lot of our daycare and then went home to our parents house where she also lives after picking up her son apparently high. She I guess stopped somewhere between the daycare and my parents to get high. She claims her son is never around but whatever. I totally don’t mind getting high, I used to regularly, but I haven’t since my Dirty Delete has been alive or even when I was pregnant. I’m tired enough lol) anyways- my parents yelled at her and she left but they made her keep her son there. And when I protested this time they didn’t disagree with me. Since then, she has been in a decent happy mood the past TWO whole weeks SOLID! *sarcasam*. So we will see. She’s an absolute train wreck. They say every family has a screw up… 

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I have one brother who is almost 3 years older than me.  We’ve always fought, he was a huge a-hole to me growing up, and we have never been close.  I see him when I go home (2.5 years was the latest time gap) and we never talk on the phone.  I have 5 step brothers and 1 step sister that I have almost nothing to do with.  I live about 4500 km from my family. 

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I’m 4 1/2 years older than my brother and we argued a lot growing up, but we have a great relationship now. We saw each other every week until about a month ago when he went off to university 🙁 He’s 16+ hours away now so we text every couple of days.

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I’m the eldest at 21. One brother is 18 and living out of home and the other is 16 living with mum. I see the little one each week almost. I see the older one a couple times a month. But both of these are during family dinners we have regularly.

Because of the age of the little one we don’t have a huge amount in common to talk about when I’m not around we tends to play games and have fun when I see him.

The older one has asbergers so he never starts a conversation. I try to talk to him on Facebook but it can be tricky we are both pretty antisocial. His girlfriend is crazy social so I tend to talk to her a lot which is nice.

But in that I love them dearly and would do anything for them. I like to think we are close but not super close or anything.

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1. How often do you speak to your sibling(s)?

I speak to them about once a week. We get along fantastic!

2. How often do you see your sibling(s)?

Not anywhere close to how much I’d like to see them. It’s quite sad actually. I see them about 5-6 times a year.

We all get along great. I love every last one of them. Of course, there are times where we get along better than others, but more times than not, we get along fantastically.

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I have a brother a few years older than me. We text probably once a week or so and talk on the phone every few weeks. We are probably closer than most because our dad died when we were younger and our (awesome, but stressed) mom worked a lot. We had to depend on each other. We also work in similar fields so sometimes I call him just to get his opinion on an upcoming project.

My fiance is one of three kids with several current and ex step-siblings thrown in. It’s kind of nice to be joining a big family, although the sometimes strange family dramas are a bit new to me. (When my family needs to talk about something we just do a mom/bro/me group text…boom…problem solved). 

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I have a brother who is a year and a half older than me and a sister who is 4 years younger.

I speak to my brother every couple of days, and speak to my sister probably about the same amount, though she and I text basically every day if you count that as talking!

My brother I see pretty much on a weekly basis….my sister I don’t see as often because she currently lives in another state. Unfortunately I only see her every 3-6 months or so, though when we do see each other we spend about a week straight together, so that’s nice. We are all really close and get along super well.

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I have one sister who is almost 9 years younger than I am. We talk every week. We live far from each other, so we probably only see each other yearly now. We’ll always be close because we’re each other’s only sibling. Plus, I tend to have more of a mentor role since I am so much older. 

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I have only one sibling. She is 31 and I am 23, so we were already raised relatively separately. We werent super close when I was younger. She left the house and dropped out of high school when she was 16 and I was 7/8. She had a daughter at 21 and I was 13, who is the light of my life. Shortly after, my sister went to prison for 5 years. Me and my mom raised my niece together. Ever since my sister got out, our relationship got slightly better but I still dont talk to her unless its about my niece, mostly because I kind of raised her. However, my sister always needed to have all of the attention, so she doesnt see me very often because she causes a lot of drama and makes everything about herself. However, she is a great mother to my niece because she always does whats best for her. Its a very odd relationship to say the least, but I definitely have no ill feelings like some things I’ve seen on this site.

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1. How often do you speak to your sibling(s)? 

I’m the oldest; I have 2 sisters and 4 brothers (one of whom is my twin). We’re all pretty close!! I love my sibs. I talk to my sisters via text about once a week/once every 2 weeks. I am in touch with my twin brother and another brother weekly-ish; the other 2 are away at school so I might talk to them once a month.

2. How often do you see your sibling(s)? 

The seven of us get together maybe once every 3 months (aww that’s so sad! I hadn’t realized it’s that infrequent). Darling Husband and I live 10 minutes from my parents, so I see one brother and one sister who still live at home weekly/biweekly. My twin brother I probably see once a month or more often, and my closest-in-age sister I also probably see once a month. The 2 brothers who are at college are about every three months at school breaks.

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I am not close with my sisters and rarely speak to them unless they need something. One of my sisters currently isn’t speaking to me because of a comment I made on Facebook!

It’s always bummed me out because so many people talk about their sister being their best friend, and I have never had that

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