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@.twist.: hehehe. huskies. πŸ™‚ I grew up with them and in the works of getting another one. I don’t know where you are in Canada but I know here in SK we are having a huge melt right now so she is probably starting to blow out her winter coat. Which leaves little dog bunnies everywhere. 

Unfortunately, they are an active dog. I used to walk our dog for 1 and a half twice daily and that seemed like it was barely enough.

If it makes you feel better, they start settling down around 10 years old. πŸ˜‰ 


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Awe, she sounds like such a handful! You and your Fiance are so considerate for keeping her for as long as you have, but maybe its time for have a good talk with your friend. Maybe you could work out a deal to share the dog with another close friend or a trusted kennel? It sounds like its taking quite a lot out of you. πŸ™

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I totally feel your pain. DH and I, out of the kindness of our hearts, agreed to foster two cats for 1 month a few years back. One month turned into 7 and by 4 we had had it. They were huge cats who shed like crazy. I’m sure you can understand since you are a constant furball, there was nothing we could do about it despite the constant vacuuming and brushing. We actually used to call them fur comets, because they would move and a trail of fur would be floating behind them.

They also didn’t like it much when DH and I tried to sleep. They would pounce on us every morning at 4:00am relentlessly until we finally got up, then they would promptly fall asleep. Again, nothing we could do about this since we don’t actually have a door to our bedroom (small duplex apartment) just a spiral starcase that is impossible to close off. Don’t even talk to me about spraying them with water and doing behavior therapy, we tried everything and it didn’t even phaze them.

These cats also still had their claws adn they went to town on our furniture. We now have to trash my expensive couch and matching chair because the material is totally ripped up. They threw up constantly (again, despite our attempts to remedy the situation) so there are still throw up stains on every suface of our furniture. They never threw up on the hardwood floors, only on our furniture.

The litter box was like a living hell. I swear they went poop and pee more than DH and I!!! We had to completely clean it twice a day and it stunk 24/7. There is no good place to put a litterbox in a small 1 bedroom apartment.

So finally after 7 months we actually forced the foster program to find them a new home. They fought us tooth and nail, but honestly we were at wits end. Not having them in our space has been a dream, we will never get cats as long as we live. Fostering or pet sitting really teaches you what types of animals you can live with, doesn’t it??

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I have two huskies and the one thing I can tell you is they need to go on walks every day.  My little one is a ball of energy and she needs a walk, otherwise she just walks around the house and pants, which can be annoying for sure.

As for the hair, its a way of life as a husky owner, unfortunately.  I clean daily and am constantly picking up balls of hair everywhere, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love my dogs too much to care about something as silly as cleaning up their hair. 

And I don’t know what it is about huskies and feet.  Both of mine love to lick feet, especially if my DH takes his shoes and socks off after a day of wearing them, which is so gross.  When I make the huskies home made dog biscuits, I actually use a cookie cutter in the shape of a foot because they like feet so much.  LOL. 

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Wow you just described my life. lol I have two huskies and I know they are hard work, but they are so sweet! What we do when they start shedding like that is pay the $100 per husky and get all of that undercoat that comes out for weeks brushed out in one shot.

You should have A pay for the grooming so they won’t shed so much. I mean there will ALWAYS be a bit of shedding, but getting the major problem (the undercoat) out is key. 

Yes huskies LOVE to be outside, but they love to be with you too so it’s a constant inside/outside issue and yep they will sit there and stare at you when you are relaxing on the couch because in the husky’s mind they are thinking. Why are you just sitting there I want to play! lol.

I have lost several pounds since I have owned my huskies lol (I have had them going on 3 years now) because they constantly keep me moving. I can be on the couch but they want out so I get up and let them out, then I go and sit back down. If they want back in right away then tough. I just let them hang outside. If you have time to jog, walk or take the dogs to the dog park that will help tire them out so they don’t do the inside/outside thing so often.

Huskies are such a joy, I hope that things work out, I think you are a saint taking in the pup for your friend. I do have three dogs and I know how important the dog sitters (the people I depend on are). Luckily they love my dogs and they are happy to do it. It would be unfortunate for A to have to re-home the pup because of his job. I’m pretty sure he is grateful and will do his best to help make the dog sitting more bareable by paying for the grooming and what not.

Good luck!

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@stellablue5997: lol I love to meet other husky owners, my huskies are the same way! They LOVE feet, if I’m cooking they are under my feet, if I’m on the couch they want to lick my feet. They are so awesome!

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Oh man, I swear you just described my dog!  I have a year and a half old lab/pointer mix and she sounds just like  your friend’s dog.  She wears me out and I’m used to it, so I can only imagine how it would be if you aren’t used to it.  She just started doing the staring thing when I’m on the couch and I’m pretty sure it’s because she needs to get some energy out and she desperately wants to play.  Maybe the dog could use more exercise.

As for the shedding, I know that the Furminator brush works well, maybe you can ask A if he can invest in one and he can use it on her right before he leaves and then you can use it once a week or so while he’s gone.  It does a much better job of removing dead hair than a normal brush.  Good luck!  It’s so sweet of you guys to take the dog in for your friend, I know I am so appreciative when someone takes our dog for a couple of nights.

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Can you crate her at night? That could solve a lot of your nighttime problems, that is if she is has been crated before. I crate one of my dogs at night, and it is just nice to know that he is save and sound in there (and so is the rest of my house)!

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Take her to a groomer and ask them to use a forced air dryer on her and brush her as she dries.  It cuts the hair dramatically.

Sit with her by the window and tell her she us good, give her nibbles, etc up until she barks, then QUIETLY tell her no and ignore her.  She will quickly learn the benefit of silence.


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@.twist.: I have to say thank you for your post.  Because you made me laugh soo much. I Totally feel your pain.

My sweet family started out with one dog.  A sweet long hair black lab that is gorgeous.  She shed every spring, but it was managable.  We decided to get a pup for several reasons, and got a golden lab/something else (we don’t know what he’s mixed with)  At first everything was fine, until he got to about a year old and we realized that him scared/worried/annoyed = POOF!  I’m not joking, if this dog gets uncomfortable with ANYTHING, he shoots fur everywhere like a porcupine! It’s not easy little dog bunnies (I LOVE that term now) oh no, his fur is like a million little threads that weave into Everything.

My bf bought for my office a set of black beanbags.  They are no longer mine, they are my dog’s.  I have tried Everything I possibly could to clean these things, but now they are not black, they’re white.  I refuse to sit on them. My dog sleeps on them all day now.

Now, this is ok, I can deal with losing beanbags, and vacuuming once a day/week. Until my grandma brought her dog. A GIANT german shepherd.  This dog sheds enough for 5 dogs, and you could vacuum 5-10 times a day and it’s not enough.  That made me decide I am never owning a german shepherd. Not only that, but the dog hates the family (he’s a weird dog) and I think he sheds out of spite and tracks in mud out of malice. *grumbles about dog*

I love dogs, I really do.  I could honestly say I’ve never met a dog I don’t like or that didn’t like me, until this one.

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Aww, I’m sorry but I have to laugh. This sounds exactly like my dog… minus the shedding! He is well trained though, sits when you tell him to, etc. Yet he barks at everything, follows me everywhere, and on and on. That being said, I am SO sorry you have to deal with this for months at a time. I would be annoyed too if it wasn’t my dog AND I hate shedding dogs. I can’t stand it! Wish I had advice for you πŸ™

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