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missmollybee :  I’ve done a few facials and my skin looks great after, but the results don’t last forever. I treat them as pampering sessions because I don’t want to dedicate the time/money to doing them regularly. 

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It helps temporarily in most cases. You have to keep going with them to get more consistent and lasting results. 

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As a one-off, no, you probably wont see a huge difference. Most (proper) facials will use really luxe products, and if you just go back to clearasil right after, you definitely will not see the benefit. If you liked some of the products and bought them, you’d likely see a better long term improvement.

Buuut that said, they can still help diagnose different skin conditions so that you can treat your skin better/differently at home. For example, many people with oily skin actually have dehydrated skin, so they can give you advice on that (and similar things). You may not buy the $100 moisturizer they used, but now, knowing you actually have dehydrated skin, you might try out moisturizing at night instead of just toning (or whatever).

Facials are my guilty pleasure. I can claim massages on my benefits so I go pretty often, and there is always someone doing a mani/pedi promo around, but facials are so special and relaxing to me!  

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missmollybee :  like most things health/beauty wise one time isn’t going to do anything for you

Itll make your skin better for a week or two but you need to go reguarly to see constant and longer term results and most people can’t/arent willing to spend 100+ every few weeks

It’s recommended to get facial every 3-4 weeks, so about 12 times a year.. so take that at a 100 (which is low range) plus tax and tip..you are looking at like 1500 a year for facials alone..PLUS your day to day  creams/cleansers and whatever else you buy 

I know your pain I have also looking into this and instead I decided ill be meeting with a dermatlogist to figrue out best type of creams and brands to get.. even if I got La Mer top of the line creams.. its alot more cost effective

If you wanna pamper yourself go for it but that’s all a one time session will give you.

I have also looked into groupons.. but when it comes to my skin especially face I just don’t want to risk it.. if a normal facial in my area is 125.. I just don’t trust paying a disocunted 50.. 

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You can go to a cosmetology school and do them too. I worked in a school for years that had a great esthetics department. The only thing is sometimes it’s not as quiet as a private place.

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I love facials. I get them maybe once a year.  I find them much more relaxing that massages.  I don’t like strange people touching me, i can’t relax. 

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I just treated myself to a facial for my birthday and wasn’t sure how I’d feel about it since I’m usually a massage girl as well. Dude! Totally worth it. My skin was not only ridiculously soft and glowing, but it was so relaxing I fell asleep! The girl even threw in a little neck and scalp massage. If I could swing it, I’d totally make it a routine thing.

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A good facial is worth every penny, but as others have said, consistency is key. Have you considered microneedling? Pricy upfront, but your skin continues to improve as the months go on. I would recommend that coupled with a daily at-home routine.

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I don’t do them often since they’re pricey, but if money were no object I’d go for a monthly facial & massage. Facials are relaxing and pampering (and usually incorporate some facial/neck/upper back massage) and my skin does look nicer afterwards, though I agree with PP that it’s a temporary effect. I particularly have noticed improvement from facials that incorporate microderm or chemical peels – ones that just do a standard cleanse/mask etc don’t do much for me. 

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missmollybee :  I was super freaked out too, but my esthetician recommended I try it out. I found a dermatologist and made an appointment with a dermatology nurse practitioner. I think it’s super important to do it with someone that’s certified than any random place that might offer it.

When I got there, the nurse numbed my face and told me not to worry! After about 30 minutes with the numbing cream, she got started. It really wasn’t bad at all! The most sensitive spot is the forehead since there isn’t as much fat there, but it was fine! The cheeks I didn’t feel at all. I think if there’s any pain, it’s probably because the numbing cream didn’t have enough time to sink in.

After it was over, my face was red… kind of like a sunburn. I was given a cooling, moisturizing gel to apply to my face the next few days since your skin gets extremely dry after the procedure. 

Once the numbing cream wore off, my face was a bit sore to the touch, but again, not unbearable! 2-3 days after, my face started to peel, just as what might happen with a sunburn. To be expected, though, since the process literally forces your skin to regenerate. If you get it done, I recommend doing it right before the weekend so you don’t have to walk around in public with a peeling face. 😂 My fiancé and friends said the peeling wasn’t noticeable, but that was probably because I constantly applied moisturizer to my face. 

It’s been about 3 weeks since I got it done, and I’m slowly starting to see the results. Definitely have already noticed a reduction in my pores and in dark spots and just overall skin quality. The derm said I’ll continue to see more improvement as time goes on. I’m considering doing it one more time before my wedding. 

So don’t be scared! Do your research and you should be fine. Let me know if you ever try it out. 🙂 A little “pain” but much better results compared with a simple facial.

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