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I don’t really see it as a religious matter, honestly. I’m a Christian, but I fully believe in the separation of church and state. For me, it’s not about whether the Bible thinks it’s ok, but about whether or not the Constitution does. 

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I am Catholic – born, raised, and practicing, and I am also 100% in favor of gay marriage, equality, and civil rights. 

Some tenets of Christianity:
– Judge not, lest ye be judged – I have no right to judge anyone’s choices.  There is only one Judge.
– Treat others as you wish to be treated – I want my relationship to be accepted, and I should accept other relattionships.
– Love thy neighbor.  It doesn’t say “love thy neighbor unless…”  It’s a blanket statement of loving everyone regardless of sex, creed, orientation, race, etc…

Jesus was one of the earliest social activists who preached tolerance and love.  I firmly believe that if Jesus came back, he would want us to love our fellow man, rather than judging their choices. 

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How do you feel about non-christian couples marrying? It’s the same thing. Basically, Nunya, as far as I see it. Do you struggle with recognizing married heterosexual couples who had a completely non-religious ceremony? Marriage does not have to be a religious institution.

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I’m Christian living in North Carolina who voted against the amendment (Catholic, to be specific) and my church posted a quote on their Facebook page after all that mess went down two days ago:  “Your love for God is only as great as the love you have for the person you love the least.” -Doris Day

I don’t think I can force anyone else to follow my religious beliefs.  I can pray for them, pray that God’s will be done, and pray that I make an informed and helpful choice for my fellow person.  I know my church won’t have to perform gay marriages and I recognize how much help and love and support it would let LGBT people have if they were allowed to have custody of children, insurance, and hospital visitation rights. I think this is something much bigger than me personally and any beliefs I may have and I think it’s incredibly selfish for people to think that America is a theocracy and they have to always vote according to how they live their own personal life?  

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I’m Christian and I also 100% support gay equality.

@abbie017 explained it exactly as I see it.  The teachings of the Bible are simple; Love one another.  My purpose in life is to love.  Loving means not condeming others for anything, incluing sexual orientation.

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@missrobots:  I completely agree with this.  Unless people plan on taking back the word “marriage” from drive-thru Vegas weddings, it’s silly to say “marriage” is sacred and spiritual and Godly.  My marriage will be sacred and religious and a Sacrament, but that’s not what the word “marriage” means nowadays.  If you want to delegate every non-religious wedding to a civil union, then we can talk about calling gay marriage just a civil union.  

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I’m also a Christian living in North Carolina.  I’m so upset by what happened yesterday.  I believe Christ teaches us to be loving and respectful of everyone.  That includes gay people, as well.  The government should not be allowed to intervene in any way in people’s personal and sexual lives.  It is just plain wrong, and anti-Christian, in my eyes.

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Meh, I think it’s really old school Christian idealogy to not judge people. I mean honestly, who can say they NEVER judge anyone or anything, even a teensy bit?

I’ll try & answer your question without disrespecting anyone. I’m in NC btw, so we’ve been talking about this all week 🙂

Heres how I go about this: I don’t support gay marriages. This is for religious reasons, as well as personal reasons. Religion being Christian btw, Southern Baptist. I believe in God, and the institutuion of marriage, and that it belongs to man and woman.

With that beign said, how I balance loving others is easy. I don’t hate gay people. Gay people are kind, funny loving people just like you and I. I have known many gay people, some I’ve called friends even..but that doesn’t mean that I think it is natural for them to be with members of the same sex. So simply put: I like gay people, just not their sexual orientation? Yes yes I know that doesn’t make sense to some people but thats how I feel. I don’t think it’s fair to say that all gay people are awful sinners going to hell, because some gay people are really lovley people.

I don’t think it’s hypocritical to support gay marriage as a Christian, because there is so much to be taken in diffrent ways from the Bible. I however am the majority of Christians who believes that marriage was made for man and woman. Older generation, or more deeply religious people might think diffrently, and dislike those Christians who don’t oppose it, but it’s personal prefrence IMO.

Hope that helps!

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@abbie017:  +1

I believe in equal rights for all people.

Opposing gay marraige is religiously based. Therefore, I think this is a matter that the state should not be involved in declaring if it is right or wrong. Even if homosexual folks are allowed to marry by the state, churches are still free to refuse to marry couples. They already can refuse to marry hetero couples based on that churches rules/standards.

What people do behind closed doors is not for me to judge. 

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@MrsElopement:  “opposing gay marraige is religiously based. Therefore, I think it is a matter that the state should not be involved in declaring it is it right or wrong” +1

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@Kkaattii:  So simply put: I like gay people, just not their sexual orientation?

“Hate the sin, love the sinner” is not a valid argument.  You do not love these people, you do not like them.  By not liking their sexual orientation, you invalidate them.  Yes, your gay friend may be a great soccer player and you might love him for that, but you do not genuinely care about him because you think he is a 2nd class citizen based on what he does in the privacy of his bedroom. 

I’m fine if you think his sexual orientation is unnatural and against your religion, but I hate when people lie to themselves to make themselves feel better.  You do not love gay people if you hate their sexual orientation.

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Using the bible or christianity as a premise for not supporting all Americans having the same rights does not make sense. Unless you want to literally take EVERY verse from leviticus seriously…and in a nation of almost 90% christians, I still don’t see that happening. Leviticus does say that a “man shall not lie man” (although I must point out-there are more interpretations than this being about the condemnation of homosexuality.) but in that same book they also are told not to eat shell fish, marry your rapist if your father can pay the dowry, don’t wear mixed fabrics, stone your children publicly for blatant disobedience, do no associate wtih a woman who is on her period, etc. I don’t see any christians around red lobster protesting about people eating shell fish…but plenty of them in NC voted a few days ago to add discimination to the NC constitution in the form of amendment 1.( officially banning gay marriage is only one thing the legislation does, even more unfortunately..) Honestly, I just don’t think picking ONE code to constantly shove down peoples throat and call a “sin” makes any sense whatsoever. Its like the most obvious form of cherry picking I can think of, and I don’t know how that is considered a moral way to live your life. If people wish to push their stone age codes because they are biblical on other people, maybe they should try living an “old testament” life themselves and see how they enjoy that. 

I think the most important thing for christians to do on this issue is think.  Just…literally try to think for yourself, instead of what your church wants you to believe for just one second about this. Think about homosexuality. Does it strike you as immoral? Hurtful? And why? If the only answer is “Yes, because god said so!”, thats not gonna suffice. The bible is not a subsitute for critical thinking and considering moral situations. I guess what I’m saying is…blind obedience to a sentence in the old testament when the rest is practically ignored is not moral. In the words of Bill Mahr, it makes a virtue out of not thinking. I think for Christians who still want to insist that gay rights are not the right path for us as a nation to head down should really sit down and read the book of leviticus, which they are using as a judment of others. They would realize that they wouldn’t much appreciate being held to every behavior code, either. Its not fair and it makes no sense. And in my mind, its okay to admit that.  Religion shouldn’t be the absence of people thinking for themselves. You should still seek to do whats right regardless of wat you’re told, and unfortunately many people use religion to do what they’re told regardless of what is right.

Another great way for christians who struggle with the idea of gay marriage is to imagine that there was a huge influx of muslim immigrants, and a subsequent governement takeover or something ridiculous. Imagine that new law is that CHRISTIANS cannot get married, because their god says so! See? This is why we should all be thankful for the seperation of church and state and that the bible is NOT the constitution!

I hope this didn’t come across rude or too opinionated! (:

…And I know you wanted advice from christians. But I was a christian for 19 years, so I hope thats okay. 


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I was raised in an evangelical, Bible-based church. The minister of the church married my aunt and her new husband, despite Jesus explicitly saying that anyone who marries a divorced woman is an adulterer. That is not the only time divorced women have been married in that church, let alone other evangelical churches that are supposedly upholding Christian marriage. The Catholic Church is one of the few that is fairly consistent on that issue.

Additionally, The Bible mentions many types of marriages, including polygamy and arranged marriage. The Parable of the Ten Virgins (Matthew 25) actually seems to be about a man ready to take multiple wives.

If we take the words of Jesus it is not clear that the type of legal marriage that currently exists in America has anything to do with the example and teachings that hel left for us. In which case allowing states to marry gay people does not diminish Christianity or the beliefs of Christians because states are already executing non-Biblical marriages on a daily basis.

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