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With the graduate program I work with, they take a look at everything: GRE, GPA, etc.  They don’t base it just on one thing. Maybe include what you told us in your statement of purpose so they can see that you know what you did and regret it and plan to work harder this time around.

I would think your Undergrad GPA is what you get since you graduated but I would talk to the department you are wanting to go into and they should be able to give you better advice. 

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Busy bee
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I don’t think you should give up at all if this is what you want.  While my GPA is high, I didn’t take it that seriously either.  I do want to go get my Masters but I don’t know what in.

Make the graduate secretary your best friend and she will help you out tons!

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I am an engineer too!  I actually decided to get a Masters in Engineering (so it is course-based) with my major in Engineering Management.  Like you, I thought it would be great to have a business type of degree to pair with my technical undergrad.  So that is what I am pursuing at the moment – just started my second year (I am part-time while still working full-time) and am taking an MBA class that I will have to work hard at!  It’s an advanced accounting class and I haven’t done intro accounting for three years!

My graduate program only required a 3.0 out of 4.0 – and I think that was for the last two years of my undergrad (or 4 semesters).  I guess it depends where you are applying.  I did also need three references.  There is an entrance exam for the MBA program though – the GMAT – that you will need.  It is possible that if you do well on that your grades may not be as influential, but it may depend on how competitive the program you are applying for is.  I am not sure how one would go about increasing grades.  I will think about it and see if I can find any info.

Ok so done my ramble for now – obviously I think you should go for it!  If that is what you want to do, I definitely think the combination of the technical and business degrees will be useful for you!

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Well first of all—you have an engineering degree. That in itself is a large enough feat to help overlook a less than super awesome GPA. If you look at the “average GPA” portion of the schools you’re looking at and talk to the admissions lady, you’ll find out that a majority of those students are history, psychology, business, finance, etc majors. In other words, NOT engineering. You have more leeway than you think.  

You’ll have to take the GMAT, so you can always compensate with that.

Also your resume—honestly, I found that getting into a top 20 MBA program was not as difficult as I thought it’d be. It was a distance professional program. I have a good GPA, not even in an engineering field, and got average on the GMAT. I think the school wanted the company’s money, but basically, once you are doing a professional program, they realize you are competent. You’re not going to get your boss’ recommendation if he thinks you’re a nincompoop. Professional programs aren’t quite as competitive as traditional graduate MBA programs. You are there because you REALLY want to be there and you are doing it in addition to working full time.  

Do you REALLY want to take things like statics and dynamics again, just to bring your GPA up? Chances are you’d struggle with them even more so, not being fresh on the practice of them.  And it wouldn’t necessarily replace your GPA—just average it out. Not really worth it considering you already have over 140 credits under your belt.

I honestly think your GPA is only a small factor. Write an awesome Statement of Purpose, get great letters of recommendation that specifically address your ability to lead a team and how skills gained in an MBA program would benefit your current position, and don’t take the GMAT cold like I did so you do better =]

Also—another field would be engineering management. It’s not quite an MBA, but if you’re not 100% sold on an MBA and are interested in other fields, that’s an option.

Is your company paying for it? I hope so Laughing

(an MBA will allow you to move out of engineering a little more easily though, if that’s your goal)

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Helper bee
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Even if you took classes to increase your GPA, they get transcripts of EVERYTHING. They would know you recently enrolled in the courses, and they would know your grades in the earlier classes.

Just play to your strengths. GPA is only one portion of the entire package. A good GMAT score, a solid essay and great recommendations are just as important!

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what about your “major GPA”?  What that good if you factor out the required non engineering classes?  That’s atleast something to brag about.

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When I was applying to grad school, I got a lot of support in a lj community for applicants: http://community.livejournal.com/applyingtograd

It depends on the school whether or not they will count non-degree classes towards your GPA.  A better approach would be to rock the GRE and GMAT, have great letters of rec, and really sell yourself in your personal statement.

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I didn’t read all the responses, but I know that for people returning to get their masters after working, less consideration is up into the GPA. Unless you had an absolutely terrible GPA (which I bet you couldn’t, because most colleges have minimums for graduation), I think you will be fine. 

I’m sure you’ll get into a great program. Good luck!

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Just wanted to say that I agree with everyone else, and that if everything else is average or above, your GPA doesn’t matter as much, especially if you have work experience to back it up and references as well. Good luck! I am planning on starting the MBA track next year so I can start in the Fall…

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What about an MPA? Not sure if you want to work in government (prime place to work for govt is in Ottawa). I did the MAPA Program at Carleton (www.carleton.ca/sppa). Just a thought. We did have people with all backgrounds (everything from engineering to film studies). Great program!

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What do you mean write the GMAT?  I don’t know if it’s different in Canada but here in the US we just sign up for it and take it just like a normal exam.  I would concentrate on getting a good grade on your entrance exams and not worry so much about the GPA.  Most programs accept you even if you don’t have a 4.0.  Good luck!

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