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I am an RN. I went to school for 2 years (associate degree). I have been a nurse for 5 years. For 4 years I worked in outpatient Oncology giving chemo. I worked Mon-Fri 8 hour days and made about $29.00. I now work in a cardiac ICU. I work nights 12 hour shifts and every 3rd weekend I make about $37/hr plus differential on my weekends.

I love nursing. There are so many career paths, that if you need a change there is always something new to try.

I also worked as a CNA and LPN so if you have any questions about those just ask!

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I’m in school for a BSN-RN, its 2 years after basic pre-reqs (many of which you would already have with a BS degree). No idea on pay yet since I’m not done but from what I understand its good. 🙂

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I was a phlebotomist for years and LOVED IT!!!!!!!!

I worked in the hospital here so I got to see lots! ER, OR, Cath lab, codes, trauma, and just your regular ol patients.

I took a Medical Assisting program that included phlebotomy and aftwerward decided that that’s where I wanted to focus.

When I started, with no experience, in a semi-small city, I got 8.5 an hour…. was there for a year and got a $1 raise and then left before my next raise at the 2 year mark…… the hospital gave a rasie EVERY year, no matter how long you’d been there so we had a couple ladies that made a pretty nice paycheck.

downside…. it was shift work and was horrible for my DS… during the weekdays I worked I worked noon-8 (off on tuesday) and EVERY Saturday I worked 4am-noon… after about 9mths of this schedule my body just wasn’t havin it anymore so I left to a Dr. Office…

There I did Medical Assisting where I took a paycut BUT the hours were better. Due to the Dr being a 2 year old tyrant, I wan’t there long. lol

Then went to a local lab back to phlebotomy along with specimen processing… started at 9.5 and was there until I went back to school full time… worked very normal hours with 1 have saturday a month… it was nice =)

I considered doing nursing BUT after working in the hospital for almost 2 years I knew it wasn’t for me… and that likely I’d be one of those horrible nurses that you ask “why is she even doing this?…” yea… I didn’t foresee it going well. lol

I STILL miss the hospital though and it’s been almost 4 years! SO…. that’s what I did in the medical field and if push came to shove could always go back to it.

Hope that helps some =)

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I have been an LPN for almost 6 years now and will be starting RN school in Jan. I work at a Rehab/Long Term Care facility on a skilled nursing floor that is mainly post cardiac and ortho care. I make pretty good money for my postion, $23/hr not including shift diff. New RNs start at only $2 more than me and there is none of the I’m under them stuff there. They respect LPNs, I respect them. We do the same work there. I work nights, by choice. Have done it for almost 4 years and have passed up numerous opportunities for days. I work 7p-7a one week is 2 nights the next 4. I will say I’m in Central Ohio and there is no such thing as a nursing shortage here, but an excess of nurses. Also we were just informed of Federal budget cuts for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursent so staffing in facilities like ours will be cut and it will he harder to find jobs. I’m sure it will effect hospitals as well but not to the degree of LTCC. I did the LPN program bc it was nights, part time and the RN program had over a 2 yr wait and still does. I will never tell someone to not go for their LPN bc sometimes it’s the best way for those that need to work FT as well as school but I will always say do not stop there. LPNs will never be phased out as people like to say, but to advance further and make more money you will need an RN. And no, in my area it does nor matter if it’s an associate or bachelors RN.

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I work as a Nurse Practitioner in outpatient oncology. I have been in this job for about a year, after graduating with my master’s. I do miss my job as an RN – I now am salaried (and thus make less per hour bc I am overworked), have less vacation and much more responsibility. Since I work about 50 hours per week, I estimate that I now make $29/hour. 

I loooved being an RN (a grass is greener situation). I worked on a busy hematology/oncology unit in one of the main Chicago hospitals. I had made about $31 per hour, plus shift/weekend differentials. I legitimately might quit my NP job and go back to my old RN job.

I would recommend PT/OT/speech/RN. I wouldn’t recommend PA/NP. I feel bad for the PAs at my job because they are stuck in this mid-level position. NPs at least can go back to RN jobs.

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And I forgot the most important part of your question….I love what I do. Not necessarily in the place I am now though I love my residents and fellow nurses. My heart is pediatrics. It was my first job as an LPN for a year and I want to go back when I’m done with my RN.

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I’m an RN with an associates degree.  I’ve been a nurse for 8 years and make about $49/hr.  It all depends on where you live and what kind of position you have.  The amazing thing about nursing is that you can do so many different things and always change your mind.  Love it!!

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I’m an ER tech, and I’m in LPN school full time….I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! I can’t wait to be making more money as an LPN, but I seriously don’t wanna leave the ER that I’m in now…(they don’t have LPNs)….ugh… =(

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I am a medical dosimetrist. It wasnt on your list, but its allied health.

I make the radiation plans for cancer patients. It great. I have normal hours, and great benefits.

As far as schooling, look for an accredited program, and most take about a year to complete. If you are good at math and computers then I would look into it. There is some physics involved but its nothing too complicated. However, the job market is a little weak at the moment with all of the heath care cuts. Starting salary is between 70,000 and 75,000. Then once you pass your boards it goes up.

A job that is always in demand it seems though is a Radiation Therapist. They are the ones that have one on one contact with the patients on a daily basis, and actually give the treatments. Most of their programs are 2 years, but there are a couple one year ones out there. Their starting is between 55,000 and 60,000 I think. And their program has a little more biology and less physics.

Just a couple that weren’t on your list. Hope this Helps.

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Dental hygienist, AAS, $40./hr plus benefits. Out on disability due to repetitive stress injuries, but Darling Husband is a great, lucrative profession, depending on where you live and where you work.

If I had it to do over, I think I’d choose nursing, as there’s not much else you can do after clinical hygiene except teach.

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