(Closed) NWR – How to clear a persistant chest cold/cough. Any suggestions?

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Just a thought, and obv it’s something you’ve considered with your asthma, but have you pets? My man is prone to chest infections, (although nothing on your scale), and the doc reckons having cats/dogs in the house is at the root of it – breathing in hair etc, it wandering down into lungs, especially over night, and reducing lung capacity, and generally making your lungs more vulnerable to infection. His preventative method was to use a nasal rinse, followed by a medicated nasal spray, to catch the wheeze before it gets really going.

Also, I notice you’re on a short acting inhaler, as and when you need it, I guess – would you be better off with a preventer inhaler instead? My Future Sister-In-Law has terrible asthma, and always finds that when she runs out of preventers and starts relying on relievers, that’s when she runs into trouble.

As for building up your immune system, the jury is still somewhat out on pro/pre/post-biotics, studies seem to show conflicting results.I’d be inclined to just buy organic live yogurt and see how you get on with that.

I know one popular country remedy here, esp for respiratory/allergy realted complaints, is to take a spoonful of organic honey every day, but the key thing is that it be as near to local as you can get. If not organic, then still a very good quality one that is still local. Or, if you’re feeling flush, the strongest Manuka honey you can afford.

And one last very small thing, but do you drink enough water? I know dehydration is a big factor in throat infections etc, as the bacteria are able to hang around longer. Dunno if that’s relevant to you…

Poor you, it really does sound like you’re in the wars right now.

 Oh hey thought of something else, bit peculiar, but older people here still do it, supposed to be fierce good for you – nettle soup, in spring. I know! Young nettles, picked (with gloves, obv) from somewhere unsprayed w/ chemicals, just the leaves, good big bag of them. Chopped up and cooked in a good organic vegetable stock, maybe some onions and garlic, salt and pepper. Supposed to be very effective as a tonic and cleanser for the blood. My dad used to do it every spring, and he’s 80 now, and fit as a fiddle.

Best of luck! Sorry for going on!

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The nettle soup has a great reputation for treating eczema and psoriasis as well, for what it’s worth.

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I could have written your OP. I was just at the doctor today because what started as a scratchy throat Friday night has already settled into a wheezing cough. I have asthma, too. I swear I can just hear someone cough in the other room, and I get bronchitis. Anyway, they said I have pneumonia already, too, and I asked the very same thing — I can tell when I first start to get the sniffles that it is going to get worse and I wish I could prevent it right from them. She basically told me that I can’t. Rest up, take a lot of liquids, and use over the counter medications early to try to stop it, but there’s no guarantee. And when that fails, head to the doc for a breathing treatment and some antibuiotics. : Hope you feel better!

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Emergen-C and echinacea tea help me out when I’m sick!

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NETI POT! NETI POT! (that’s me chanting)

Go to the store and get this. http://www.neilmed.com/usa/sinusrinse.php

Use it when you are sick and preventatively. Do NOT get the genie pot. It is ok but sometimes makes you feel like you are drowning. 

I was having MULTIPLE sinus infections a year (like, six at least). In the past year I have had NONE and am rarely sick!

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@mrs.peters.to.be: So, I , too, have asthma and persistant chest infections. You know what made it better?

1. I got tested for allergies. Turns out my seasonal allergies are bad, and once I got that under control with Zyrtec and Flonase, things got SO much better – it stopped things before they got to infection stage.

2. I stopped vacuuming. I think you vacuuming every day is a really, really bad idea. Have your Fiance do it. I’m totally serious. I leave the house for 2 hours so that my husband can vacuum, and the dust that it kicks up can settle, before returning home. It’s really important that you not be the person doing that.

3. Get a Neti Pot.

4. Be vigilant about touching surfaces and then touching your mucus membranes. You can’t get an infection if you don’t deposit the bacteria there in the first place!


I used to get about 6-8 nasty, ridiculous chest infections a year. Once I started doing this – I have had NONE in the last year!!

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If I have a cold and it develops into a bit of tightness in my chest I start taking an expectorant and carry around tissues and spit that nasty stuff out.  It is gross but I was having trouble with sinus infections/long lasting coughs and you’ve got to get that stuff out of you.  I also second the neti pot.  Definately try it out, I really didn’t want to but my husband swore by them so finally I did and it really cuts down on time being sick.  Also if your colds start in your nose the neti pot may help reduce it becoming a chest cold.  However, I found nasal sprays made me develop sinus infections, no idea why but everytime I’ve used them I get a sinus infection.

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I had really bad asthma as a kid and my mom would make me go sit in the bathroom and turn the shower on really hot so is steamed up the bathroom. It really loosened my airways, allowing my to breathe and stopped my coughing. 

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I am just wondering if anyone else uses alkolol (over the counter herbal liquid $3.00 per bottle) with their netti pot?  I used to get sinus infections following every cold until I started using it.  I even just put it in a little container and heat it up in the microwave and then cup my hands around the container and just breathe in the vapors.  It really breaks up the mucus and works for me-(sorry for TMI)

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Have you tried Advair by any chance?  I have cough-variant asthma and I used to have months of terrible coughing whenever I got sick (i.e. bouts where I couldn’t breath, painful coughing resulting from damaged lung tissue, couldn’t sleep at night without a cough drop in my mouth, etc.)  It would start out as a “wet” cough when I was sick and usually turn into the dry, “itchy” type of cough.  Pretty much everything set it off, like cold food, dry air, humid air, laughing, breathing.. ๐Ÿ˜›  I went on Advair whenever that flaired up, and haven’t had a bout in years now.

Advair is steroid-based and basically suppresses the reactivity of hypersensitive lung tissue, so I don’t know if it can be used with a weak immune system.  But maybe suppressing excessive coughing = less lung tissue damage = less opportunity for infection (I think Advair broke my cycle of coughing –> tissue damage –> infections –> coughing, and this is why I don’t have have severe coughing bouts anymore).  I would ask your doctor about it.

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