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I have a 1995 Chevy lumina that has 230,000 miles on it. It’s got problems too, but it was given to me too. So I’m not complaining about it. Darling Husband has an old truck that I’m upgrading to when my car goes down the tube. It’s a manual. I have never driven a manual and I’m really not looking forward to learning how to drive it, but considering our current financial situation, I’m going to take what I can get. 

Most mechanics try to get as much money out of you as they can, so they’re probably exaggerating the situation. I would tell your husband what the mechanic said and have him look at it. And I see why your frustrated about your car situation, but it still gets you places. Make sure your Darling Husband gets the right parts next time. Haha.

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peachacid:  OMG You’re car isn’t even old in my opinion!  I drive a ’97 Chevy Monte Carlo and don’t get me wrong I LOVE THAT CAR but it is starting to show it’s age and I am super jealous of everyone everytime they get a new car.  My husband has had 4 cars since I’ve known him and I have always had this one!  I keep thinking ‘If I am driving this beast until 2017 it will be TWENTY YEARS OLD!!!’

I haven’t had any major issues with the car but knock on wood the check engine light came on this morning (haven’t had time to test it yet).  The key FOB and windows don’t work in the cold winters.  The fuel gauge doesn’t work.  The back seat leather is ripping from my dog’s paws.  The center console lid hinge is broken (thanks Husband).  It needs new brakes, rotors and sooner or later tires.  Just a bunch of things that add up and make me le sigh.  But dammit I can count on that car to start EVERY TIME!  I can’t wait to upgrade to a new car with so many options and BUTTONS but at the same time can’t imagine not having this car!

I’m in school right now so a new car isn’t in my too near of future anytime soon 🙁

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I have a 1997 4Runner. I am 25 and have had it since I was 15. It has 170k miles.

The check engine light has been on for 4 years. The catalytic converter was stolen out of it, I replaced it for $300, and a year later it is no use. So now my car smells like terrible exhaust when I get out, but it would be close to $1000 to replace. Not worth it if I am just selling my car for junk when I do decide to get a new one.

My key won’t turn sometimes. It’s not my engine, my key literally won’t turn when I put it in. I have to sit there for 5-10 minutes trying and trying until it decides to turn.

My back 2 windows don’t work.

My windsheild is cracked in the corner.

My back hatchback door takes a WHOLE LOT of effort to close..like..major muscles.

The leather seats in the front are ripped.

I have NEVER had a key fob. I have always had 2 keys. One to manually open the door, one to turn on the car.

(forgot to note I have replaced the brakes and pads completely, too. They still squeek if they are wet or cold. And the alignment is way off, so if I let go of the steering wheel it will literally veer off the road. It scares me to death to drive in the wind or turn corners in the rain, because my car shifts and spins so easily because the chassis is so out of alignment)

I complain almost every single day, especially when it’s 100 degrees outside and I can’t get my car to start for 10 minutes. But we can’t afford a new car right now with house payments and the wedding expenses. As much as I want a new car, I realize mine works and gets me from point A to point B without looking like complete crap on the outside. My Fiance drives a BMW that his parents gave him. Not fair, but there’s nothing I can do. We park my car in the garage and pretend it doesn’t exist.

 I am not trying to minimize, but sometimes shit happens and if you can’t afford it, you just have to deal for a while. Especially if it’s just the finer things that are wrong.

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Why are you going to the dealer? A regular mechanic or technician would charge you about half of what a dealer charges, same quality work.

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This is when having shared finances with your Darling Husband would be really helpful. I would hope that he would want you to be driving something that is safe, whether that be a new car or just new brakes and tires. If you can’t afford it, it shouldn’t even be a question for him to step up.

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Maybe your in laws think you guys have you shit together so you don’t need their handouts. My in laws buy stuff for my Brother-In-Law and SIL all the time. They help them with bills, watch their kid for free to save on daycare, buy them random shit here and there, etc. We get none of that because we don’t need it. We can pay our own bills, don’t have a kid (though even if we did, my in laws would not be watching him/her) and can afford to buy the things that we want ourselves. While free stuff is nice, I wouldn’t want it if it meant feeling like I was being supported by anyone besides myself (well, and my husband). 

As for the old car thing, I hear ya. Mine isn’t quite as old as yours (and really, your car isn’t even that old) but we’ve put a ton of miles on it since buying it brand new. We just surpassed the 150k mark and I’m praying it lasts for a few more years. The good thing about Hondas is that they’ll run forever if you take care of them. Brakes and tires are a necessary evil. It could be worse. You could need a new transmission or something equally as shitty. 

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peachacid:  Most of what you wrote just sounds like regular maintenance: tires, brakes. Mine’s a 2004 and my key fob doesn’t work anymore. The gas cap is broken. My side mirror fell off (when I back up into something) so I duct taped it on. Yup, duct tape. The tow truck driver broke the knob on my gear shift, but I didn’t think they’d believe me so I never went after them. Blah blah blah. But I’d take all of that over my family giving me a new car. Any.day.of.the.week.

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Hmmm. I was with you for the first part but once you started to complain about the how everyone else gets gifted nicer cars than you, you completely lost me. I’ve had to purchase every car I’ve ever driven since I was 16, I can’t imagine complaining about a gift, especially for something as generous as a car.

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I drive an older car.  I say a prayer every day she keeps running so I don’t have the dreaded car payment!

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Story of my life. Went the entire summer with no AC. Windshield cracked twice. My car likes to make this weird clicking noise like the turn signal is going nuts or something. Accidently locked my keys in my trunk when we were moving (stressful day) and found out the button inside the car to open my trunk doesn’t work. It sucks not having the best car or having a new one like Fiance does, but I know he makes more $$ and we don’t really have the finances to be paying 2 new car bills. He drives farther to work anyways so he won that battle.

As long as your car isn’t a deathtrap then I would just wait it out a bit longer and maybe start a savings specifically for buying a car for yourself!

Also maybe your In-laws don’t really know how to connect with all of these people besides buying them things? Maybe they know that they don’t have to “buy” your love and affection. It is kinda irritating though I can see where you’re coming from. 

My Fiance likes to think he can just youtube how to fix things and do them himself. After 2 broken grills and having to replace BOTH my headlight bodies, I am not just going to go back to my uncle who is actually a paid working mechanic! I still love him for trying though 😀

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I would price it out. If you are going to be putting a lot of money into maintaining your car, then it may be better for you to just get a new one (or new to you) or lease one. If you have good credit, then car payments (or lease payments) can be pretty low and it may be worth it for you depending on how much money you are spending on repairs. 


As far as not getting as many new car gifts as your FI’s family, idk what to tell you. Maybe as a PP said, they feel like they need to buy their love and not yours.

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Its ok to rant about an old car especially when there are constant repairs!

Being a native New Yorker it was hard to adjust to living in an area where you need a car. I didnt get my license until I was 22! I leased a brand new car in 2011 and in the 3 years I had it I put less than 28k miles on it so paying all that money was a COMPLETE waste.

I lived about a year without a vehicle and it wasnt an issue but I bought a 2000 Volvo in May of this year because my co-worker was moving overseas and needed to sell all her stuff. I didnt think I needed a car at that time as I was able to take mass transit to work but it was such a steal ($500) that I couldnt pass it up. The car was so clean, wel maintained with all the documentation over the years, kitted out, and her family were the original owners!

Anyway I hated the job I was at and when it was time to move on I found an amazing position with a monster company that is 24.3 miles away, one way so my new car was a saving grace. God definitely put it in my path and made sure my eyes were WIDE open so I wouldnt be a fool and pass it up!

BUT… when I drive my fiancee’s car I get the tiniest ping of jealousy. The speed and pick up it has gives me goose bumps and makes my mouth water lol. SO I get the car envy and empathize with being sick of having an old vehicle with troubles. But when the timeis right, a new car will come your way and you will be happily speeding along! Just be wary of those speed traps!


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Replacing tires and brakes is general maintenance of a car.

I’m not sure about the key fob (other Bees make it seem pretty common), but that gas issue is insane.  Would it be possible to ditch this car nowand move on to the 2003 Dodge Ram, assuming it’s in better condition?

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peachacid:  around the 100k mile mark, cars just need more upkeep. If you were keeping up with regular tire rotations, oil changes, etc. you should be able to get another 50-100k miles out of the vehicle. car parts get used and abused so its just part of the car owning process. Much like owning a home. Eventually, the house needs (expensive) upkeep. Sorry this is going to stretch you so thin though. If sounds like you both work quite a bit but are still struggling? If your in-laws are generous would they be willing to give you a loan for a new car or even the repairs? Just trying to give you an option if you need a new car sooner than you would care to be looking into purchasing one.

Hope everything works out for you.

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