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Sugar bee
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Oh man, how awful. I’m sorry. 🙁 That really does sound terrible and that guy has some serious issues. I’m glad you get to move soon. I’ve had some pretty horrible neighbors myself. Luckily, right now at least, they’re all wonderful.

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Buzzing bee
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Oh man, I feel your pain – so sorry to hear about your neighbors, and that domestic abuse is considered a “personal problem” by the police!

I have some not so lovely neighbors (but at least they are not abusive and violent, like yours!):

Our next door neighbor (2-3 unit house that’s been converted into apartments), collects a band of young adults who more flop than rent from her. They smoke a bunch of different substances, all the time. The landlord is more interested in cultivating a commune than in renting property – she has told us as much. Our “fave” tenant of hers we’ve named Captain Underpants – as he sits on his deck (which looks straight into our dining room), in his tighty-whities and nothing else, and sings at the top of his lungs and plays guitar. Sometimes they will be quiet at night, but then they will sometimes party 7 days a week, for weeks at a time, with the parties going from 10pm-4am.

The kicker was that one night this past summer, FH and I woke up because we had our windows open, and our smoke alarm goes off at 2am. We are like WTH – look out the window, and their deck/house is ON FIRE. Like, fully engulfed, with flames shooting up the side of their house to the second story. We call 911, and I run out in my jammies and start banging on their door to wake them up. Finally one of them comes to the door, I say “your house is on fire, we’ve called 911” – without a word, he slams the door in my face.

We’ve never gotten so much as a thank-you from them for saving their lives, and the first day their deck was replaced (it had to be demolished) they had a huge party, and were throwing cigarette butts off their upper deck – which is what started the first fire.

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Bumble bee
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That sucks!  Even if they won’t come over a domestic fight (ugh! What is wrong with some police forces!?) can you call in a noise complaint?  I mean really, if they’re screaming about anything, be it a fight or just for the heck of it, then the police should be able to come and write them a citation or something…

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Bumble Beekeeper

ugh! My worst neighbor isn’t nearly that bad – the guy downstairs must smoke like a chimney, ’cause I can feel the lung cancer developing every time I set foot in our bathroom (open piping… ), and someone upstairs is learning to play the piano. Both totally bearable though!

I’m sorry they’re so … obnoxious!

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Bumble bee
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That’s terrible!  Good you get to get out of their soon though.  I know the bad neighbor thing, I have had a few in the past.  Hopefully, at your new place you will live next to some very kindly quiet elderly people or something!

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Bumble bee
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wow, that guy sounds a bit dangerous! geesh.



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Helper bee
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I’ll save it for a time where I am not already on the verge of tears, but I hate hate hate hate some of my neighbors.

Never buy into an Owners Association.

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Helper bee
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Aww, I’m sorry to hear you have to be exposed to all that drama. We’re actually lucky to have very nice neighbours. They’re all quiet, keep to themselves, courteous when I pass them in the hallways. I did once live in a sorority house and that was extremely crazy, it was drama every day with the girls and their boyfriends, with the fighting, screaming, etc. I know how that can take a toll on your mental health. It’s good you’re moving soon. Just hang in there!

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Honey bee
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Oh jeesh, that is horrible!  I can’t imagine, I’d be flipping out regularly.  If anyone messes with my sleep I’m a lunatic lol.  I really hope they break up for good or at least for these next 4-5.  When you leave you should leave a mean note!  Ok, don’t do that but it’d be waranteed!

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Sugar bee

Wow, that’s terrible!!  We actually had to call the police about our neighbors last night.  They were fighting very loudly and it sounded extremely dangerous.  When my husband called the police, they said they already had an officer on the way.  Someone else must have called.  This is the 2nd time the police have been there since they moved in early this month.  Ugh!

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Worker bee
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I have some really awful neighbors, too…loud, messy, really trashy, etc. I’ve had to call the authorities several times to report illegal firework use, excess noise long after midnight, petty theft in broad daylight, and severe animal neglect. Thank goodness I’m getting out soon!

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Bumble bee
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I have absolutely horrible neighbors. We live in the three story word framed condo, and our unit is on the second floor. I have obnoxious neighbors who liver directly below me. The woman who lives below me is late 30’s going on 18. She constantly plays loud music and smokes pot and cigarettes right below my window (Since she lives on the bottom floor, she has decided the whole common area in the front of our building is her “yard”). She doesn’t work and is always home, so I never get some peace and quiet. Two summers ago she bought an outdoor fireplace (for an apartment, yup) and I came back from camping to have my unit filled with woodsmoke! We asked her politely once to stop using it – she didn’t- then we asked not so nicely. She finally did. I could ramble on about this woman for hours, but that is enough for now. I can’t wait to move out of this building – we are only here for the cheap rent while we are saving up to buy a place!


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Bee Keeper
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Girl – I hear ya! 

I have been in the same apartment for 5 years. When I first moved in it was waaay above what I could afford (great neighborhood, excellent accomodations, etc.) and my parents actually had to help me out. The building was all filled with older people or couples in their late 30’s. NOW the building is filled with college age kids (the rents have gone way down due to the economy) who party all the time and never seem to hang out anywhere besides their apartments! The guy above me always has friends over and it sounds like he is taking dance lessons or moving furniture 24/7. Also, people put up walls to fit more in and save money which means so many people slamming in and out of the building 24/7. I am sooo ready to move, but we just signed a 2-year lease b/c the rent is so good!

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