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Sugar bee
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@MrsPinkPeony:  I work with irate customers a lot!  It’s really annoying when they start placing all blame on you and then keep insulting.  I’m really sorry to hear that you snapped. I can’t say that I haven’t come close to it, but I usually transfer the call or leave the room when I’m that frustrated.

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Honey bee
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If your wedding date is correct at the top of your post, I’m assuming you are married so is your Darling Husband ok with you not working for a while? Do you carry the health benefits for your family? If not then maybe it is for the better if you are so miserable. Why were your snacks banned? If this is your first complaint, you might just get a warning and then the next time you tell someone to F OFF you might get fired.

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Blushing bee

Sooo frustrating!  I worked in customer service for years.  It’s truly incredibly how people will treat other human beings.  There were days when I had to repeat to myself over and over “This crazy woman is just having a bad day.  Be the bigger person and forgive!”  Sorry about your day, and I hope it gets better in one way or another!

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Bumble bee
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Customer service sucks I have been working in that field for over 11 years…as a rep and then as a manager…and people are pretty mean and nasty…with that being said…in California if you were fired and your employer challenges you  may not qualify for unemployment…don’t know where you live…but just a thought…maybe they will give you a warning or write up…which is not fun I know…trust me I had one that was on my record for 1 year and I still made it to manager….we all have off days….let them know the entire situation, also apologize and let them know you understand you made a mistake, but you will endeavor to never let a customer get the better of you…


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this is why when i get good service i write feedback telling their manager (did it earlier this week in fact) because so many people are quick to kick people down because they know people can lose their jobs if they respond/dont jump high enough

i hope for the one shitty person this week there are a few that are grateful for your professionalism 

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@MrsPinkPeony: I am assuming you work for a hotel? I was a sales director for a popular chain for three years, and wouldn’t do that again for all the money in the world. 

I got screamed at more in that job that I ever thought possible, usually because I walked to the front desk at the wrong time.

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Bumble bee
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@MrsPinkPeony: OMG I would HATE to have to listen to the phone call again haha. I’m glad he just told you to not do it again. <3 

Hopefully you’ll get your snacks back, too.

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Bumble bee

Wow, people are amazing. You should have told her to enjoy it now cause your going to be the one laughing when she’s sitting on a hot coal in hell.

That would piss me off, I don’t know what posesses people to be such douches to others. What makes her BETTER than you? Seriously i hope karma comes to bite her in the rear-end. Who wants her business anyway. I think its bad company policy to allow jerk offs to treat your employees like that.

I have serious issues with people being treated badly by customers if you couldn’t tell! lol

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Helper bee
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Ugh, I work in the service industry and I totally feel you on this one!  I’m glad that you had the nerve to stand up to that woman.  I swear telling someone to f* off is everyone in the service industry’s dream!!  I can’t believe people think that they can get away with acting that way.  Seriously what makes them better than you?  I work at a bar/ restaurant, but I have a degree.  It just so happens that jobs in my field are limited, and I can make more there than I can working a ‘general office’ type of position.  I’m currently starting a small business as well.  I’m not an idiot, but I still very regularly get treated that way just because people assume anyone who works in that industry must not be smart or motivated enough to do anything else.  That is SO not true.  

I’m glad that you didn’t get in to much trouble!  I’ve worked at places in the past where you’d be immediately fired for something like that.  I’m currently working at an Irish pub, so pretty much anything goes there.  My manager is Irish and she tells people to f* off (both serious and joking) on a daily basis.  People LOVE it.  Being American, I could never get away with that.  It’s something about the accent I think.  I have yelled at a few guests for saying dirty sexual remarks to me, and asked them to leave.  I have no tolerance for that.  I’ll also admit to telling people they are bad tippers from time to time- only in EXTREME situations.  I’d never get away with that anywhere else.  Mostly on St. Patrick’s day when everyone is competely hammered and thinks that $20 on a $400 tab is acceptable.  Um, no, it is not and you’re going to change that right now…

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That completely sucks.  I work for a law firm and we help people get their Social Security Disability.  You won’t BELIEVE how many times I get yelled at a day because “we’re not doing it fast enough” no matter how many times you explain to them that We can’t speed the process up and that the time frame is the same for everyone. I’ve gotten pulled into a boss’s office (not MY boss’s office might I add) for the “complaints” I’ve had regarding my tone with them when they get angry.

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