NWR Inauguration Day Looming

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I’ve seen all these little protests on facebook…dont watch..etc. Well, I am putting it on so the students can see it. LIke it or lump it the inauguration is history


As for whats going to happen in the world. None of us know. I’m gonna sit back and watch.  I am still of the belief that the Republicans won’t be in his backpocket and they are probably working against him right now. Its all very Roman with the plots and counterplots I’m sure. 

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I still can’t believe that the man who had a reality tv show is elected to be the next president of the United States. How?

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VictorianChick :  no offense but if I had a child in that class and they chose to walk out I would support them.

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desertgypsy :  I’m thinking like you here. 

I think we need the change and he is going to bring it, one way or another. 

Hopefully he proofs everyone wrong. 

If he fails, we all do. As much of a prick as he is, I wish him the best. 

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araebo5585 :  I’m feeling scared for many reasons. 

1. To claim that Trump is going to get our country “on track” or “back to what it used to be” is outrageous. Whenever people claim this, I ask them on track where and back to what? Our country has a long history of doing a lot of terrible things to groups to keep others in power. I don’t see that changing. I see it worsening. 

2. His cabinet appointments are (for the most part) awful. For me, in particular, Jeff Sessions and Betsy DeVos. I’m a teacher and cannot believe we would allow someone to be our Secy of Ed who does not believe in our public schools, who doesn’t understand fundamental educational principals, ideals, and laws (hello IDEA), and who has no plan to work towards a better school system. I was so mad that the Republican senators on the committee last night sang her praises and didn’t ask questions about her educational beliefs, her ideas, and how she’s going to work on our public school system. 

3. There will be no replace of the ACA. It is already a Republican plan that changed tremendously just to get passed. What would they change it to? It would look bad if this legislation, originally created by Republicans and clarified under Romney, were to remain the same simply because they gave it the misonmer Obamacare to stigmatize it. Fixing it, working on coverage and premiums…that would earn respect. The damage that will come from repealing…that won’t. 

4. I actually truly fear Trump’s lack of intelligence (and the fact that he speaks at such a low level) and how he says whatever he wants without thinking. I don’t understand how people can possibly believe that is a good thing for our main representative. 

So, yeah. Scared. 

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eh, I have the luxury of knowing I can move to a different country or even a different continent should things get too insane here (I have dual citizenship, neither are “American”).  As a result, I’m just morbidly curious at this point.


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His pick for  Secretary of Energy  did not know that nuclear power and nuclear regulation  and the whole nuclear aresenal would be under his department.

let that sink in.

Rick Perry was a governor for 15 years. 15 years!!!! The governor of one of the biggest states, and one of the most crucial to energy DID NOT KNOW WHAT THE DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY DID.

if you are in any way excited for what lies in store, you’re not paying attention. 


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greybee :  Its going to be on in the library. So, if they don’t want to come to the library they don’t have to.  Its pretty easy.  But it would have been perfectly fine if Hillary won? Or when Obama was president? This isn’t the Democrates only and no one else. Its the inauguration of our next president. I’m not saying I”m pro Trump. I’m saying its history. And history is messy, ugly and nasty sometimes. No sense in sticking our heads in the sand. 

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I voted for Trump.  Obama SUCKED.  This thread is pathetic. 

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I haven’t liked most of the presidents over the past 25 years so I’m a bit indifferent at this point.    I’m sure the next 4 years will fly by.  We are bigger than one president anyway.

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Here is a quote that accurately summarizes my feelings:

“Donald Trump thinks POTUS is a prize he won. Does not realize it was a job interview & he was hired to work for the citizens of the United States.
For the People. For the Common Good.
Both of those are concepts that are unknown to Trump.
The billionaire living in his golden tower knows nothing of the life most Americans lead. A rich bully, Trump has had money and lawyers to cover his excesses and failures his entire life. He makes people sign pledges of silence, if they speak, he sues. He hires people to surround him that will defer to him, he buys their respect. Trump does not earn it. He’s never needed to.
He’s not politically correct because he’s never needed to be civil. Ask his former wives about his behavior. Or his current one.

Obama is much more like most Americans. It was the main reason I voted for him in 2008. Mixed race. Raised by his single mom. Public schools, no healthcare. College on scholarships. Hard worker. 1 marriage. 1 home. 1 mortgage. Kids to buy shoes for. No one to bail him out. No one to pay his way. Like most of us. Obama’s word, behavior and work ethic mattered. Just like us.

Obama knew more about average U.S. life than McCain in 2008 or Romney in 2012. Trump? Not a chance. Donald thinks real life is like reality TV. His Cabinet couldn’t be further removed from everyday American life. They do not know about budgets and bills and doing without till the next paycheck. Never even thought about it.
None of what’s coming will be good.”

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I’m feeling a great deal of dread. A big part of me wants to bury my head in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening, but I’ll probably watch it. I’ll be at work, so I might stream it from my computer. I will be attending a march in my local city, so I am looking forward to that.

I really wish I could have the confidence in Donald Trump that the people who voted for them do. Every time he speaks, every decision he has made, every inane Tweet he has published since he has become President-Elect has made my skin crawl. His cabinet picks are just as horrifying as I imagined and, honestly, I just have so little faith in this administration. The likliest scenario for me is that it will become increasingly apparent just how unqualified he was for this job and will be voted our in four years. I just hope that, in the meantime, he doesn’t inact too many laws that send us back to the Dark Ages in terms of women’s rights and LGBTQ rights. 

Also, just going to throw this out there: Being politically correct has it’s place. When you are the President of the United States, a certain level of tact and decorm isn’t just suggested, it is demanded. So to those saying you are ready for political correctedness to go out the window, I sure hope you understand the true ramifications of this. 

So, yeah, call me dramatic all you like. I am worried for the state of this country. 

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