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Sunfire :  me too. I don’t think it will happen though. There is an obvious myopia.

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cincybee110516 :  This man is openly trying to take away BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS, rights that we have spent lifetimes fighting for. 

Unlike you, I cried when I found out he was the President-elect. And am in mourning for America today. 

So no… I would certainly not be surprised if someone tried to harm him. Matter of fact, I might not even hate them. Because Donald Trump is actively killing millions of people with his words. He is creating racial/ cultural rifts that will never be repaired. He is also choosing to let babies get murdered in countries like Syria, without even batting an eye. 

I am so scared for this country right now. Just horrified.

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countingdownthetime :  You might not like trump, but wishing him bodily harm or injury is not appropriate. 

You are condeming Trump for ‘killing people with his words’, but you would ‘not hate’ someone who commits an evil act against him? So you would be indifferent towards it? Isn’t that what the anti-trump teams argue towards republicans all the time? That republicans are ‘indifferent’ towards evil because it’s not affecting them directly. 

Like him or not- he’s the president. It’s treasonous to wish injury upon him or his family. That’s disgraceful. 

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SoonMrsCrocker2 :  “just know that it’s not helping your party to gain back any power”

The election is over. My primary concern isn’t relitigating the campaign or “helping my party to gain back any power.” At the federal level politics tends to be cyclical. Neither party has held the Presidency for more than 3 consecutive terms since WWII (FDR/Truman) & with the exception of Reagan/Bush 41 typically the party of a 2 term President loses the next Presidential election. 

I would venture to guess that most people would not be so alarmed if Kasich, Rubio, Jeb or damn near ANY other candidate had won. People did not respond like this when Bush 43 was reelected despite a lot of concern about some of his policies. 

My primary concern with Trump is that he poses an existential threat to the US and our allies. I am terrified by his stances on international relations/foreign policy. He’s also an asshole and an embarrassment. 

I’m not on the DNC payroll. My priority is the future of our country, not grabbing power for one party or the other. 

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WestCoastV :  This. The extent of my “protest” about literally any other GOP president right now would be an eyeroll because I don’t agree with policy. But even when Romney and McCain ran, I did not look at them as unqualified or dangerous. I looked at them as standing against policies I value and thought were a better direction for the country.

As for “helping us gain back power”? If Trump and the congress do what I think they’re going to do to the ACA and medicaid/medicare and social security, they’ll do that for us. People seem to keep forgetting that the Rust Belt fell due to 100,000 votes. That’s it. 3 states were lost based on 100,000 votes and he still lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million. For me the focus is on state legislation and getting the Dems to not repeat the mistakes of the last 8 years where they poured all of their funding into the presidency and lost at the state level.

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Katie-Didnt :  . “For me the focus is on state legislation and getting the Dems to not repeat the mistakes of the last 8 years where they poured all of their funding into the presidency and lost at the state level.”

YES.  And from where I’m sitting, I think the wake up call has been heard.  Every dem club meeting I’ve attended since the election the discussion has been about working the ticket from the bottom up.  Focusing on state governor & legislature. And there are new “indivisible” groups springing up all over drawing in new participants.  


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I hope it will be number 3 having a lot of different picks in his cabinet is a good thing, lots of different views will hopefully help him to see all or most sides of an issue. I’m not saying the people he chose are good choices. 

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Yay!  Finally Obama is outta there – it is about time!!!!

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Obama was a great president. He will go down in history as one of the most ethical, as pretty much everyone but the most clueless have admitted. 

We will sure miss him and his great family, as well as the transparency of his administration. Trump was incoherent and totally out of line today st the CIA, outraging plenty of republicans as he babbled and whined about the media and his fake inauguration numbers, never acknowledging the work of the people in the room and the best part, he planted his own people in the room to clap, cheer, and laugh at his jokes. 

This is our new president. He made literally no sense. Then his press sec called a late briefing and proceeded to scream at the press over totally fake claims about trump’s inauguration numbers, which were so low it was humiliating. 

Scary days. If you’re not scared, you’re not paying attention or you’re only watching fox. 

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countingdownthetime :  bless your heart. I’ve heard there is available grief counseling for people who can’t handle reality or act as functioning adults during these trying times. 

Wishing harm on anyone, let alone the elected leader of our great country, is deplorable (irony there, eh). He has killed no one. He is not setting out to kill anyone. The extensive reach you must make to think he’s killing people with words is irrational. I can’t even. This thread is a great example of the polarizing issue plaguing us right now. Preach tolerance, unity, and equality unless you don’t totally agree with me and then you’re (insert assortment of -isms). 

Don’t some of y’all get tired of self imposed fear and paranoia? I’d be exhausted. 

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