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    I’m 32 and am from Wales.

    I have travelled to:

    1 England

    2 Ireland

    3 France

    4 Spain

    5 Morocco

    6 Bulgaira

    7 Germany

    8 Malta

    9 Greece (I live here now)

    I don’t count the following countries as “travelled to” as I was just changing flights:

    1 Belgium

    2 Switzerland

    3 Serbia

    4 Sweden

    5 Netherlands

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    I’ve been to Hawaii, Canada, Singapore (twice), Malaysia, Turkey, Greece an New Zealand also I’ve been ALL OVER Australia too. Planning to go to Italy and Croatia next and maybe a stopover at some other country depending on the airline, although I do love Sinapore & Singair :-I

    90% of my friends are fairly well travelled and been to at least 2+ countries

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    I’m 27. My home country is New Zealand. I have been to:

    Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, UK, USA, Czech Republic. In my circle of friends I am about average – but we are an expat group. I’ve visited a couple of these countries 2 or 3 times.

    I have worked in NZ, Japan and Germany.

    I have booked tickets to visit the US on Saturday, so long as my ear infection subsides (mecha 🙁 ), and Taiwan in March. If visas come through on time, I plan to move to the US in August. Travel wil slow down a lot then. We will do trips to New Zealand every couple of years, and hope to get to Italy down the track, but will mostly be doing domestic travel. WAY down the track, when we have children, we hope to take a year’s leave of absense, and spend a few months living in New Zealand, then a few months travelling.

     ETA:No matter how far you travel, there is always going to be someone who has travelled more/ longer/ “better”. I knew a guy who was involved in aid/ development work and had visited 87! In my opinion travel is great when you engage in the new country, whether you visit one country, 100, or the city ten hours drive away 🙂

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    Wow, my FH and I love travelling! I am 25 and have been to: New Zealand, USA, France, Italy, Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, Mauritius, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Russia, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Thailand, South Africa ( where my gorgeous E ring is from!), Mozambique, Botswana, Swaziland. I don’t think I missed any!

    That’s a total of 20, plus homeland Australia if that is counted! We are going to Alaska for our honeymoon, which doesn’t add a country, but we can’t wait!

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    I think it also depends where you come from. NZ and Australia have travelling cultures. The UK is right next door to continental Europe. All three get a few weeks vacation time by law. The US is huge, and has a lot of diversity in it (Texas and NYC are more different than a lot of countries are to each other), and has less vacation time, on average, meaning people tend to do less international travel.

    Generalisations, of course.

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    I’m 27 I live on the east coast of the US and I’ve been to The Bahamas on my honeymoon and Germany (though this was before I was old enough to remember it).

    I do have plans to see the entire US in my future but since it’s so large and theres so much I want to do this probably will take my entire life. I probably won’t see many places outside the US but I do think were planning a cruise that stops off in Mexico! I don’t fly so anywhere we do go would have to be by ship.

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    I’m 29 and from Canada.  I’ve been to:

    1) Canada

    2) United States

    3) France

    4) Monaco

    4) Spain

    5) Italy

    6) Vatican City

    7) Greece

    8) Turkey

    Currently pregnant, so international travel outside North America is probably on hold for a few years 🙂


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    @Mischka:  It’s so large and diverse and we can drive anywhere as long as we have vacation time and gas money so I made this a goal a long time ago. It really is an amazing place. From one state to another it’s like a whole new world! I forgot were also planning to go to Bermuda, Grand Cayman and Jamaica! lol We have a lot of cruising in our future. 

    As far as the US goes I’ve been to Pennsylvania (live there), Virginia, Maryland, Florida, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, DC and California so only 41 more states to go! 

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    @farawayviolet:  This is very true. If you live in Europe, you’re pretty close to all the rest of Europe and can easily travel to other countries. Aus and NZ are close to the South Pacific and southern Africa, so they have more access to these places. And the US is so large in itself and is really only close to Canada and Mexico – and for someone like me who lives by the Mexican border – Canada is pretty dang far!

    I’m American, and I have travelled to Mexico around a dozen times, as well as South Africa once, England twice, and France once.

    As far as states go, I’ve been to California, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia, and Idaho. I don’t think I’m missing any…

    Once I move to England (where my SO lives and where I am visiting right now), I’ll definitely travel to more of Europe and Asia. I do also want to see more countries in Africa. It’s so cheap to fly from London to anywhere else compared to the US. It’s amazing!

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    @bowsergirl:  Do you mean Southeast Asia? Africa is very far away.

    I think that is more true of Australia than Nz. With the exception of Australia and the Pacific Islands, places are far away. Like, the flight form California to Japan is similar length as NZ to Japan. I think it’s the isolation that actually causes the push to travel.

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    I am 21 and from the US but I studied abroad in spain and while I was there I visited:

    1. Spain

    2. France

    3. England

    4. Ireland

    5. Germany

    6. Italy

    7. Greece

    8. Portugal

    9. Gibraltar (technically its a province/territory but I needed a passport to cross the border so I think it counts)

    I’ve also been to:

    10. Mexico

    11. Australia

    12. (obviously) US

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    I’m 30 and from Sydney Aus! I absolutely love to travel 🙂

    1 UK

    2 Portugal

    3 France

    4 Spain

    5 Italy 

    6 Morocco

    7 Germany

    8 Norway

    9 Denmark

    10 Netherlands

    11 South Africa 

    12 Zambia

    13 Zimbabwe

    14 Lesotho

    15 Malaysia 

    16 India

    17 Thailand

    I have my next trip booked to go to Japan in March-exciting!


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