(Closed) NWR: 'It's probably a good thing that you have to abort.'

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@MrsRs:  I feel for you in so many ways for the situation your in and for making the choice that is best for you and your DH not your Mother-In-Law who by the way is a raging cunt faced bitch. I would have went off no way could I have just left you have way more courage then I do in that type of situation. Hoping for the best for you and your DH. Sending you lots of love and good wishes.

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I have tried to think of a coherent response to this but all I can come up with is FUCK HER! 

I can’t even imagine how you are dealing with this. And your poor SO.  I hope your treatment heals everything and you’ll have lots of babies in the future!

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I’m so, so deeply sorry you’re going through this.  I’m so glad you have a supportive family and most of all, a supportive husband to help you through this hard time.

Best of luck to you… I know you will be an outstanding mother after you beat the crap out of cancer. 

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@KJA00:  Have you read that she spoke to hundreds of doctors?  It’s HER decision to abort the baby.  She obviously isn’t jumping for joy over it.  So STOP.



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@MrsRs:  I wish you all the best.  For now, I think concentrating on getting well (emotionally as well as physically) should be first in your mind.  Then, you can figure out the best way to deal with your husband’s mother.  Please keep us updated!  

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For every single hurtful thing she has said (and flat out CRAZY. She has lost her mind. Maybe it’s in the same black hole where her heart should be), there are 100’s of bees here sending you each 100 hugs and 100 good thoughts for your full recovery. <3<3<3

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@MrsRs:  Oh. My. God.  

I’m so glad for you that your DH is supportive and wonderful.  What a horror for him to realise that this woman is his mother and that he’s going to have to deal with her eventually (perhaps with some sort of restraining order? She just crossed over from cruel land into crazypants territory, methinks). 

She needs a swift kick from the empathy fairy.

Here’s mental HUG from one stranger on the internet to another.  You just stay strong. Stay focused. Stay sane.  

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My heart breaks for you OP! Hang in there and know what you are doing is best for YOU and YOUR HUSBAND…not her! I hope everything goes well with your surgery and recovery. Please update us when you can!

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@MrsRs:  Wow. I applaud you for being able to be civil about it. I can only imagine how overwhelmed and upset you probably are, and her comments were completely unhelpful. I wish for your sake she had been able to just keep her mouth shut. I am a tactless individual, but her statement wasn’t tactless – it was rude and unnecessary. What was she trying to accomplish by saying that??? You have every right to be mad, and I’m sorry that you just had one more thing (strain in your relationship) to pile on top of everything else. *hugs*

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It really sickens me that there are people posting on here that the OP should consider alternatives to abortion. They don’t live the OP’s life, they don’t suffer her fears and have not heard what her doctors have told her, they don’t have to go through this event of making an impossibly tough choice. Do you not think she’s put more thought and heartbreak into this than you? Why do women have to do this to each other?

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@KJA00:  have you even been paying attention to the OP? she has talked with multiple doctors and specialists. go pack up your suitcase of sanctimonious blather and leave this thread.

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OH MY GOD – First off I am SO SORRY you have to go through all this. 

secondly – her reaction! You are so in the right here. If it were me I would not pick up that phone until the next words she has to say are “Sorry”. 

You don’t get to intentionally offend someone, and then tell them they shouldn’t be offended.

She ought to be told that shes stupid for being offended by ignoring her. After all, it’s your maternal insict.

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FUCK HER. Seriously. I would probably punch your Mother-In-Law in the face if I were you. But I tend to go all white girl crazy around ignorant, horrible, despicable people like that. 🙂 

I am SO SORRY for what you have to go through. Both with the cancer and the loss of your child. I know I truly cannot understand your pain. 

Sending you virtual hugs and real prayers. Stay strong girl.

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@SoupyCat:  +1!!  Unfortunately someone’s going to tell you “but but but!  NATURAL TREATMENTS!  You don’t know about NATURAL TREATMENTS!”  

The posts come across as incredibly condescending as well, like the OP is obviously an idiot who took the advice of a single quack and doesn’t know what she’s doing.  That’s obviously not the case, and it’s obvious that the people posting that crap don’t know what THEY’RE talking about, they just don’t want the OP to murder a preshus baybee who’s probably doomed.

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This is one of those impossible life positions people are put in.

There is really no ‘ideal’ outcome.

Any option ends in suffering (physical, emotional or both).

This thread is not a place to plead with OP for a particular outcome. She has made an impossible decision. She is facing an individual who should be supportive but is judgmental and closed minded. I feel for OP.

I hope your treatment goes well and you continue to heal. If babies are in your future, perhaps discuss ways of preserving your eggs or whatnot in the event that treating could harm that. If your own are not important, you can always adopt.

I believe in God. God only gives us what we can handle. You can do this.

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@MrsRs:  I only read your original post. I can’t even begin to say how sorry I am for you and your husband. Being diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy is horrible enough, but it’s made even worse when the people who should be supportive of your decision aren’t. To be honest, if someone said something like that to me they would no longer be in my life. End of story.

I really have no advice for you other than to have nothing further to do with that bitch. I know she’s your husband’s mother, but no one has the right to make you feel badly for making an impossible choice like that.

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