(Closed) NWR: 'It's probably a good thing that you have to abort.'

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I just….can’t even handle how horrible that is.

What she said is absolutely disgusting, and I can’t say enough how sorry I am that you are going through something so horrific and have to deal with this bullshit.

She really does sound like a cunt. And that is the first time in my entire life I have called someone that.

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I am absolutely horrified, I don’t even know what to say. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to be in your position, I am so sorry you have such tough choices ahead of you. What’s best for you and your family is your own decision, PERIOD. I’m so sorry others can be so nasty. ((hugs))

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I am sorry! I’ll hate her for you!

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What an unbelievable thing to say. How absolutely horrific. I can’t even imagine how you didn’t just up and deck her. 

Aside from that, I am so terribly sorry for what you are going through. My thoughts are with you in this incredibly difficult time. I can’t imagine how it feels to have to make this decision and you and your husband are the ONLY people that matter in this choice. I hope beyond hope that your treatment is successful and someday you have your healthy baby and healthy life. My heart breaks for you. I will be sending as many positive vibes as I can. 

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@MrsRs:  what the actual eff.


this literally has me crying for you. i’m so sorry you had to deal with that. i am praying for you<3

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I’m so sorry for what you’re going through. Dont let stupid comments by a thoughtless inconsiderate cow get to you. You have enough going on without having to deal with sh1t like this. Stay strong!

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@MrsRs:  You ARE NOT selfish. you know on airplanes when they tell the parents on board to put on their oxygen mask first before attempting to put one on their child in an emergency situation? There’s a reason for that.

I can hardly breath I’m so shocked and furious at what your mother said

side note: My SO was bottle fed.He is getting his PHD from and ivy league and is one of the top ranked triathletes in the US. I’m sure your kids will not only survive bottle feeding but will thrive because they will have YOU as their mother.

If it were me, I’d never speak to the women again. I wouldnt let that kind of energy within 1000 miles of me or my future kids. 



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@MrsRs:  I’m so sorry this has happened to you.  Something similar happened to someone I knew.  She was fortunate to be able to wait until after baby was born to do any kind of treatment but I know she had to deal with the same type of decisions and it was hard on her.

I’m sorry your Mother-In-Law said some inconsiderate things.  Sometimes when people are in shock over not just one traumatic situation (your breast cancer) but 2 situations (abortion and breast cancer) they say whatever pops into their heads. 

I’m sending you tons of hugs, positive vibes and well wishes your way.

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Busy bee

@badabing88:  +1… couldn’t have said it better if I tried.


 So awfully sorry for the heartbreaking decisions you have been faced with and kudos to you and your partner for making the right ones for yourselves, together.  Sending positive thoughts to you for your treatment – may you have a long and healthy life! (and may it NOT have to include that bitch!)


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Holy moly. What a bitch. I am so mad at her FOR you and your husband. No right to make that comment. Even if she felt like she was trying to spin it to make it sound like she was looking out for you.

Zero rights to speak to me again. That’s where I would be at after that conversation. I’m so glad you two got up and left at that point. I just hope she is one of those people that realizes that was a bad thing to say and apologizes to you. You are going through enough without that added bullshit. Those are ginormous decisions that you and your husband have made, she should be only supportive of you. That is what you need right now. 

I wanted to add that I’m sending my positive vibes and good wishes to you. Lean on the bee whenever you need to! We’re here for you. Smile

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@MrsRs: I am so sorry that you’re going through this. Your Mother-In-Law is unbelievable.

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(((Hugs))) I’m so sorry at the double tragedy you are experiencing. You are so strong to be able to get through all of this.

You Mother-In-Law is…something else. Other people have said everything I’m thinking, and I’ll leave it to their more capable hands. I just wanted to lend my support and tell you that you are NOT selfish in the least. You can’t even let a whisper of that idea enter your head. Everything you said is true – you are facing such a huge battle, and it’s going to take everything you have. Being pregnant and then mom to a newborn can be so much for women who aren’t facing the same thing you are. I admire your strength. 

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@MrsRs: I’m so sorry that you’re suffering from this horrible disease, I cross all my fingers and hold my thumbs (what we do in Sweden for good luck) that your treatment will go as well as it possibly can!

As for your Mother-In-Law, I can hardly absorb the fact that she actually said that… what a twisted little place her head must be! Remove her from your life, you don’t need people like that in it – just focus on getting well! 


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Fuck that bitch. What a fucking bitch. This makes me rage for you. Talk about the most insensitive thing that could be said.

I try to be positive on the Bee but I just can’t on this occasion. 

I’m so sorry you are going through this and if I was there I would help you rage as hard as you wanted to. We could smash things together and yell at everything that moved.

I’m sending all my love to you xxx

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Oh my god you are a bigger person than me. I would have left but first I would have said “Yes you are right because I’m a selfish person for removing my breasts to save my life I’ve decided to also be even more selfish and possibly abort the only child I’ll be able to naturally conceive because saving my life is more selfish than leaving a child without a mother. Since the chemo treatments may render me menopausal permanently this was a really easy decision to make since we know breasts are the most important thing in child rearing. Now that mine have decided to try to kill me and we cant get along I’ll just never have children because I’d rather live than die and living means I lose my breasts which means I cant be a good parent.”

Seriously my head explodes over what she told you and my heart breaks for you on multiple levels. No one should have to make this decision. I will pray for youand your family.

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