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Sugar bee
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ugh, i live in the country, so we get the occasional mouse. we actually just got rid of one a couple weeks ago.

you CAN call an exterminator, but it’s not really necessary. they’ll just set out poison/traps, which you’ve already done.

we’ve never used poison, but if you want to try going that route, i believe there’s a type of poison that will kill the mouse in a way that it won’t stink up your house as it decomposes. my uncle had a dead mouse/rat in his walls and the smell was awful, so you definitely don’t want to deal with that.

as far as traps go, we haven’t had much luck with glue traps. we usually use the snap traps. but if you have pets or young children in your home, you have to be careful that they don’t touch/step on them. my brother lost a shoe to a glue trap and i’ve had to rescue two cats from them, so yeah…not fun! most recently we used a live capture trap in addition to a snap trap and we caught the mouse in the live trap within 2 days and set it loose outside.

for bait, we had always used peanut butter, but our exterminator happened to drop by for his monthly visit during the mouse’s visit and he said to use nutella, so that’s what we used this last time.

if you can, try to find the hole(s) where the mouse comes/goes or the area of the house that it seems to lurk in (usually the kitchen, but we had a mouse once that liked my room, unfortunately) and set the traps in that area. you can lookout for its droppings to tell you where it’s been- they look like tiny black specks. you’ve probably done this already, but check cereal boxes and stuff like that to see if the mouse has been digging into your food and don’t leave any food wrappers, dirty dishes, etc sitting out (my brother was horrible about leaving food around, so it was no surprise when he found a mouse in his room).

i know how unnerving it is knowing there’s a little critter loose in your home. it’s the worst when you can hear it, but can’t see it, lol! anways, good luck. hopefully, between the traps and your cat, your house will be mouse-free again soon!

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Sugar bee
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we have mice. they’re mostly in the basement, they rarely get into the main house. the exterminator comes twice a year and deals with them. we’ve always had them. as long as they stay in the basement? it’s fine. if they come up into the main house? i hide out until someone disposes of them.

call an exterminator if you feel like you have to.

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Busy Beekeeper
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You have to find out where they’re coming in and close off their access points. Sprinkle a fine layer of corn starch or flour on the floor near where you’ve caught them, and you’ll be able to follow their tracks to see where they’re coming in from. Mice can get in through holes as small as the width of a pencil, and it can be really hard to figure out where they’re finding their way in. They’ll eat pretty much anything, including the glue on cardboard boxes, wallpaper and wallpaper glue, and electrical tape, so it’s really hard to remove all their food sources and try to starve them out, plus they are creatures of habit: once they find their way in, they’ll keep coming back even after the food is gone.  An exterminator only helps kill the ones that are inside but doesn’t keep more from finding their way in.

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Honey bee
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We live in the country and we have our mice lol! Our cat has caught 4 in the last 2 months! I just got used to the fact that they’re going to find their way in no matter what. Oh well, Peeta gets them and my husband tosses them out. Can’t win ’em all 

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Sugar bee
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We have mice in the family cottage and while there are numerous ways to get rid of them, some of them are just too plain out nasty for me.

1) I don’t like the poison – they’ll just run off and die… where?

2) The glue traps, I’ve accidentally seen one with a live mouse in it at a community center and that was HORRID! The poor creature was making the saddest little sounds and there was “ick” and blood everywhere. Never.

My husband and I have eventually settled for this type of traps:


We place them close to the wall, as mice don’t like to travel over open surfaces, and bait them with peanut butter. Works really well.

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Buzzing bee
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It’s all a waste of time and money if you don’t block access. Keep in mind that mice can get into extremely tiny spaces. So seal up your basement, your garage, your attic. And keep trapping and killing them in the meantime.

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Sugar bee
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I’ve tried to use no kill traps, but the mouse always seemed to get out of them.  In the morning the food would be gone and the door would be closed, but no mouse.  I had to get a snap trap eventually.  Only had an issue once before.

I personally would not use bait with animals in the house, they are all toxic to pets and only one type has an antidote.  Unless you get the kind that is stored in a locked box and have no other product stored in your home that pets can get in to.

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Sugar bee
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Please don’t use glue traps. They’re really cruel. My parents used to get the odd mouse now and then; we would catch them alive with some luck and put them outside. There was never a full-fledged infestation. If you live out west, mice are more likely to carry a respiratory disease, so I can’t blame you for wanting to exterminate them, but we didn’t live in a state where that was an issue.

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Blushing bee

The cat chased a mouse into my bedroom this morning!! It ran onto the curtain rod directly above my bed. I’m horrified. The kicker is my roommate’s cat GOT it…then let it go. The jerk. I have no solutions. Just empathizing, really. I hear plugging holes with steel wool will make them never come in, they can’t chew through steel wool, or won’t, anyways. I don’t know what kind of traps my land lord will put down. Hopefully something humane, but honestly…I will never sleep until it’s caught sooo…whatever works. :/

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