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Sugar bee
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Cancer is scary, but at least his chances aren’t!
Everything will be fine.

Just keep calling him frequently so you two can keep in touch… I am sure it will make him happy.

And go treat yourself to something – sounds a bit like you need to!
Favorite ice cream usually hits the spot. 🙂

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Busy Beekeeper
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Those are very good odds- seriously.  And I work in Hospice care- so I do have some perspective.  There is no sense in worrying until you need to.  It won’t help- so set yourself free from worrying.

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Had the same reaction when my uncle found out he had Stage 1 colon cancer. I agree with the PPs, cancer is scary, but they caught it early. Try to stay positive. 

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@aithinne:  ((HUGS))  I’m so very sorry you’re having to face this.  I can only imagine how scary that must be!  I hope and pray he’ll be ok!

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Soooo sorry to hear your news and that you are going thru this

(((( HUGE HUGS ))))

First thoughts… are debilitating aren`t they ?

Cancer sucks.  In reality when someone says the word… only one thing comes to mind… their life being foreshortened.

In reality, Cancer now isn`t what it was 20 years ago, not even 10 or 5 years ago.  Research & Treatments are continually making the survival rate increase… remarkedly so.

When I was a kid Lung Cancer was not survivable… at all.  Now it is.

I have a Girlfriend who has had it (they too caught it early) and she doing great… she gets her check ups regularly and has been cancer free for a long while now (years ?)

The one thing she told me that Cancer did for her was realize just how precious life is… she doesn`t take anyone for granted any more.  She is genuine, and lives every day to the best it can be.  It is an awesome attitude (more so cause she is doing so well… being cancer free)

Her and her Hubby surround themselves with their Loved Ones, Friends… and enjoy their Marriage to its fullest.  They don`t put stuff off anymore.  They do ALL they can imagine now (they travel tons).  And they make EVERYONE who knows them feel precious and appreciated.  They are awesome friends… and she a fabulous Girlfriend to me.

Funny how life is like that… I feel blessed shes been able to still be here, and she feels more blessed because shes had the opportunity thru cancer to have the wake up call to appreciate life and all of us even more.

Your relationship with your Step Dad sounds wonderful.  Fantastic that he stepped into the Father Shoes that were vacant.  Do treasure that… let him know you LOVE him and care… because no doubt when he heard the C Word he was terrified… and only thought the bad stuff too.  He needs to be reassured that his loved ones are cheering him on (battling cancer has a lot to do with attitude… more so that many people previously realized)

Stay in touch.  Be his biggest fan.  He needs to know that.  He`ll get a lot of strength off of you.

(( HUGS ))


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Blushing bee
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@aithinne:  I’m sorry to hear about his diagnosis, but I’m thrilled to hear it’s stage 1 and operable. That is SOOO much better than stage 3 or 4 unoperable pancreatic cancer (my grandfather was just diagnosed with that). I’ll send some good thoughts his way and hope for the best. <3

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Helper bee

@aithinne:  Sending you positive thoughts and hugs! It’s great that he caught it so early and that his chances are good 🙂 

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Blushing bee
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@This Time Round:  /hijack

“In reality, Cancer now isn`t what it was 20 years ago, not even 10 or 5 years ago.  Research & Treatments are continually making the survival rate increase… remarkedly so.” 

Too bad the same can’t be said for pancreatic cancer. (Sorry, still in the anger phase…just found out about my grandfather’s diagnosis a few weeks back.) There’s still no diagnostic test, and it usually isn’t detected until it’s unoperable. My pappy thought they were going to be able to operate on him until they opened him up. They couldn’t tell it had spread until then. Hopefully research will improve this in the future.

/end hijack

But yes, cancer research has come a long way. OP, I know how you feel, but I also have a ton of hope for your situation. =)

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Bumble bee

@aithinne:  My dad had cancer and didn’t know until it was really bad and he almost died. It was a rough few years but now he’s fine other than having pain in some of his surgery areas (he had many surgeries).

My point is he was pretty far in and everything still turned out ok in the end.

They caught it early, your father has good chances, just trust that the doctors are skilled and can handle this. In the mean time, like a PP said, keep in touch with him! And try not to worry!

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Busy bee

@aithinne:  ((((HUGE HUGS!)))) It sounds like there are some very promising words from doctors and that’s awesome!! Keep your head up everything should be fine. But I can completely relate too you right now. This year my mom was diagnosed with fibrocystic breast and has had a grand total of 26 tumors and cyst like masses removed so far all have not been cancerous but this is now an annual thing for her. And my dad has a grapefruit sized tumor removed from behind his knee also came back negative but is under watch because they don’t thing they got it all. So my stress levels have been through the roof this year! But you have a good support system here in the hive!

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@aithinne:  My Mom was diagnosed with stage FOUR Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 18 years ago… And is fine today!

And medicine/treatment has come a LONG way in the last 20 years… I wouldn’t worry! He;s going to be fine!

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To @fluffernutter38:  Fair Hijack.

Indeed Pancreatic Cancer is a baddy… in that the survival rate is sooo low (5% overall at 5 Years) and there is no effective test for it at all.

How long one survives is directly related to what Stage the Cancer was found at… and what procedures can be performed if any (ie Whipple, Chemotherapy).

You have ALL MY SYMPATHY… as it has also touched my family… so I know the HELL of which you speak

Fortunately tho the list of Sarcomas, and other Cancers that still have NO effective fighting tools is getting smaller all the time (research is continuing)

I suggest that for some peace to be found in your Grieving (if not now, down the road) look at finding a way to support either Hospice Care for terminal patients, or Groups that are focussing on this horrid Cancer thru Research etc.

That is part of what I have done to be able to cope (somewhat) with the Grief & Loss

Pancreatic Cancer`s end is a long ways out of sight (sadly for others)… BUT every little bit of energy spent on it is a help to someone else, and means that the person who had it did not die in vain.

Again, I am sorry for YOU AND your Grandfather, having to face this crisis.  If you want to chat, you can always send me a PM

(( HUG ))


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