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posted 8 years ago in Pets
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    Sounds like to me the dog needs to go out or be fed at 4:30 am and your neighbor is too lazy to do so at that time of morning.  Dogs don’t get progressively louder when their needs are getting met. 

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    I’m sure if you talk to her she’ll understand, if she brings him in because she’s worried he’ll wake people up she’s obviously trying to consider everyone around. Maybe she doesn’t realize that you can still hear him when he’s inside.

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    Oh beagles…so, so noisy.  They look cute but I can’t even stand to be in the dog park with them for long so I feel your pain.  I would just go over to your neighbour’s place and politely tell her that you don’t know how to say this, but the dog is waking you up very early in the morning and you’re wondering if anything can be done about it. 

    I’m sure there MUST be some other option other than getting rid of the dog.   Can she not quiet it down?  Take it for a walk?  Feed it?  Yell at it?


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    could you casually bring it up when you see her next ? Something like “How have your foster dogs been lately? I noticed that beagle can get pretty noisy in the mornings is he doing okay?”

    Maybe that will be enough to let her know you are concerned/want the dog inside, she might just not know that anyone cares.

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    I think I would just be completely honest about the noise level in relation to the time. Maybe you could casually talk about her fostering and the beagle. Ya know like: Wow that new one you got there is quite the talker!  Then get into the barking issue…

    Problem with beagles is since they probably aren’t working these days ( living in a house in suburbia), they ALERT for anything and everything. Sadly she needs to wake up early and work the dog physically and mentally. and also before bed. Sounds like the dog has too much idle time which leads to pent up energy, which is ruining everyones morning!

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    Not sure how to approach it, but Citronella dog collars can work wonders. I know of quite a few dogs who used to be downright howlers (neighbors complaining and everything) trained to the citronella collar (basically it squirts citronella every time the dog barks, which is unpleasant), and these dogs become trained not to bark through the reinforcement (to the point where the dogs end up not even needing to wear the collar). Humane and effective.

    I suggest visiting your neighbor and being honest – say you really appreciate what she does for the animals, but the recent addition has been affecting your sleep, is there anything she can do, etc. If she needs suggestions or if worse comes to worse, suggest the collar.

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    @KateByDesign:  I would acknowledge her efforts to keep him in so you can sleep, but let her know you haven’t been sleeping and the efforts you’ve made and suggest coming up with a solution together. My aunt has 4 rescue dogs and her beagle came from a family that left him with very bad habits, she has a bark collar on him as a last resort and only puts it on him at problem times, in her case feeding times. Maybe suggest one only for night-time, it seems mean but will help your stress and your neighbors stress if you can all get some sleep. Poor pooch probably feels everyone’s stress too.

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    Poor you guys!  And poor her!  She CAN’T be getting sleep either!  I think if you both approach her in a neighborly way it will go over well.  Honestly, if she’s fostering dogs, she must be open minded and kind!!  Mention that what she’s doing is so generous and your impressed by that, but that it is difficult to sleep and has been changing your schedule.  ASK her if she sees some improvements coming or if the company she is working through can offer some suggestions.  I wouldn’t come across as threatening or suggest that she get rid of the dog.  See if that helps first. 

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    Ugh, that’s annoying.  I would stop by and mention it.  Or grab her attention if you see her go the mailbox.  It’s probably better to tell her in a neighborly fashion than to let it escalate and involve authorities.  She might not realize that the beagle can be heard in your house since it’s inside her house.

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    I’m sure if you are annoyed, she is as well. I would nicely explain to her what you’ve explained to us and tell her that you don’t want the dog to be taken back to the shelter, but rather, you’d like it if she could figure out some solution or have the dog trained, etc. I’m sure she’ll understand.

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    I think the straightforward honest approach is always the best. I would go over for the explicit purpose of having this discussion.

    There is another alternative- she could start some training for this dog.

    I would tell her that you were being wakened every day at an unacceptable early hour. I would tell her all of the things you have already tried to implement to get more sleep. This demonstrates that you have been totally reasonable about this. I would tell her that you really needed to find a solution to this and ask her what she can do.

    If she fails to take any action, I would check with your city’s bylaw office.

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