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I love my 3rd body which sits around and does nothing all day LOL. It’s Nikon D80 ๐Ÿ™‚

For weddings/portrait work i use D700 as main and D300 as back up. Sooo, i don’t know what you want to spend, but there are bunch of good ones such as D90 and newer one D5000, i don’t really know much about them, but that might be something to consider.

Actually, my advise? Spend money on LENSES first, body second!

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I would recommend the Nikon D90, it’s one step up from the D80, but the ISO performance and focus points on the 90 is well worth the extra money. I feel like there is a much bigger difference between the 50 and the 90 than the 50 and the 80. The 90 is actually considered semi-pro.

Hope that helps!

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I don’t know your budget for lenses, but you should check out the 85mm prime.  It’s a nice range for portraits and great addition to your 50mm.

Also, the D90 is a great body too! 

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Jeni, i would highly recommend getting higher quality lenses over the body.

Most of the lenses that i use are over $700, such as  70-200m, 17-55, 24-70, 85mm

My favorite iens is cheap: 50mm 1.8!!

You can also look into 3rd party lense (Sigma, Tokina, etc), of course they wont be as high quality as an original Nikon, but they are cheaper.

I have  a lense that i’m thinking about selling, it’s not being used at all, but it’s a great walk around lense 18-200 VR  F3.5-5.6 and is in a great condition. I don’t have an original box for it, just a case.  if you’re interested let me know.

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Right? But that’s the quality we have to pay for, same as with photographers. See how it all works? Wink

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the 35mm f/1.8 DX is about $200 and also really awesome.

But ya, glass is a better investment than a camera…. I do have a used D200 w/grip I can sell though ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I want you to ask yourself what do you want to do that you can’t currently do with the gear you have? As far as tools goes lenses will most commonly give you the abilities that you may be limited in given the tools you have now.

The camera body you have now will die. That is a fact. If you know how to take care of it you will putting the lenses on the space ship that projects into your brain in 80 years. I highly, highly sugest you put the money into a nice set of lenses. If you are nto afraid of manual focusing adapting old prime lenses is a way to get extreamly high quality glass for a very low price.

But the key to “good photos” has nothing to do with gear or education for that matter. Photography is an art of the mind. There is something you see and feel and you pick up the camera to try and make others see and feel what you did. The camera is completly superfluous. You have to know why the picture has to be made. Not that it looks pretty but why does it look pretty, how does it make you feel when you see it?


I sugest you put some effort into reading and studying theoretical photography. There is a link to one below. I also recomend Photographic Seeing, Feinginger. And Criticizing Photographs, Barrett.



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I would go w/the D90.  I say that b/c I own one and I LOVE my camera!!  I am still learning and trying to explore all that it can do, but it was definitly well worth the $2K that I spent on it earlier this summer.  I have the 70-300 lens and the 18-200.  I love my lenses but want a Macro lens. 

The reason I went w/the Nikon D90 was because the shutter speed was excellent!  I don’t worry about missing great pictures anymore.  It has given me great pictures from shooting fireworks, to people, and pets and even the Moon!!  I’m so thrilled with the camera.  Good luck!  It took me a while but I feel I made the best decision!

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I would keep the body, the D50 isn’t bad, and get better lenses. I LOVE my 35mm 1.8, shoot just about everything with it, but I think it’s similar enough to the 50mm that you should look for something a little different. I’ve been drooling over the 70-200mm 2.8!

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The D7000 was just released and from the specs looks like an amazing camera.  The D90 is highly functional and is a credible backup camera for lots of professional photographers.  for myself, I always choose the best lenses that I can possibly afford.  High quality, professional glass frequently retains its value and sometimes sells for more than its initial offering price.  In your shoes, I’d definitely invest in some high quality glass

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