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Buzzing bee
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They are the preferred dog of scumbags, which is probably why they have earned such a bad reputation. I think anyone who breeds pitts is human garbage not because they are bad dogs, but because they are disproportionately represented in animal shelters and anyone contributing to that is an ass. I would not own pitbull now because I have small children, but I would absolutely rescue one if I had grown children or an adult only household.

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Helper bee
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I came here to say almost exactly what SithLady :  said.  I definitely think the way the dog is raised can have an impact, but even the most well raised dogs can still snap for whatever reason.  The issue with pits is that they can do a lot more damage than some other dogs can.

I know some very well behaved and loving pits but would personally stay away from the breed mostly because I feel like their strength could easily over take me.  I don’t even mean that in an attack sort of way, even just pulling on a leash.  I stay away from all dogs I feel I couldn’t have control over when out for a walk or something.

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Busy bee

My sister and her husband have owned pittbulls their while lives. The husband is a professional dog trainer, and they treat their dogs WONDERFULLY. The dog was the only one living in the home at the time, and was the sweetest dog is ever met in my life.

My six year old neice was walking past the dog one day and it attacked her. Three weeks in the hospital, she almost died. 

The issue with pittbulls is the wiring in their brains. They are beautiful, gentle, loving dogs, but they are capable of “snapping”. Afterall, they are need for fighting.

Pittbulls should NOT be banned, but I wholeheartedly believe any responsible parent should not own one with kids in the home.

People often say “it’s the owner, not the dog”, however this is entirely false.

That being said, pittbulls are amazing, I love them, but it’s irresponsible to own one if you have small children.

Almost losing my neice taught me it’s just not worth it.

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Helper bee
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I adore pitbulls. They can be such gentle giants, just like any breed of dog. The reason you hear about them so much is because they are SO strong, so when they do attack it does much more damage compared to, let’s say, my brothers 5 pound yorkie who attacks people constantly (literally ripping clothes and drawing blood.) I also think the fact that since they are so strong and commonly abused and used for fighting, they tend to be inbred which can cause major issues. My dad (super irresponsible) got a pitbull pup from some rando and he had medical issues where he was in pain constantly at about 1 year old. He had surgery, but he wasn’t the same after. It turned out they bred the blood lines way too closely so he was inbred as well. He randomly attacked everyone in our household until finally he had to put down. Even though I was so scared of him at the end I BAWLED because I did love him so much and I knew it wasn’t his fault. Even after that I don’t have anything against pitbulls.

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Busy bee
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Pitties are my favorite breed. I’ve been doing volunteer work for the county shelter for 9 years and fell in love with the breed through shelter work. We have fostered 18 pits and pit mixes over the years and adopted #18 about a year ago. She is a pit/Shih Tzu mix so she is definitely smaller, but has the tenacity, apperance, and amazing demeanor of a pit bull. Our girl is dog selective which can be common with the breed, so we have to be responsible and not put her in situations with strange dogs, but she is an amazing companion. Although she can be very aggressive with dogs she doesn’t know, her affection towards people, children, and babies is sweet and gentle. Dog aggression and human aggression are two very different things; I feel a lot of people misidentify pit bulls because of their dog aggressive tendencies.

And just for fun, here’s our girl!

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Helper bee

I would not adopt a pittbull from a shelter. We did. We had him for ten years. He was the best, most loving dog ever. We’ve had many people tell us that our dog changed their perception of pittbulls because he was so gentle. 

Then ten years years in, he turned and attacked my brother on Christmas. It was brutal. Literally a bloodbath all over my child’s room.  I didn’t want him in the house or around my kid anymore after that, so one of my husband’s coworkers adopted him. He attacked her twice and eventually had to be put down. 

Do I think pittbulls are inherently bad dogs? No. But I do think people are assholes and if you adopt a Pitt from a shelter you have no idea the history, and no idea if that dog has been abused and is eventually going to snap. Our Pitt was absused before we got him. But it took him ten years to finally snap. 

I currently  have two chihuahuas. They are much meaner than most pittbulls I know. The difference is, if a chihuahua goes into attack mode, they’re pretty easy to fend off, and if a pittbull goes into attack mode people can end up dead. 

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Helper bee
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Meglin :  Seriously so fricken cute! Also, it sounds like you do amazing work fostering. Kudos to you<3

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Bumble bee

I have a 100+lb pit/mastiff. I adopted him when he was 1-2 yrs old. He’s a great dog. At first I didn’t know what I got myself into as he was somewhat crazy but I think he was just scared of being some where new. I also have 2 small dogs in my house. One is a tiny yorkie mix and the other is a cocker spaniel. My big baby runs away from the tiny dogs. I’d much rather stick my hand in the pit’s mouth than the smaller dogs. 

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Busy bee
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I would never adopt a pit bull, most places don’t allow them (we live in an apartment) I have been attacked by one while taking a walk around my neighborhood and one attacked a boyfriend’s brother (ex from like 6 years ago) and ripped his face off.

Most of the rescues around me come from bad owners, I wouldn’t chance it.  

So it’s a giant nope from me. 

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Bee Keeper

I love pits, and would absolutely look at adopting one. I understand that some dogs require more training and depending on the background it could be substantial. We want to make sure we’re both prepared to change our lifestyles to match that amount of time commitment, so we haven’t yet. Though, if people actually took the time to train their small dogs (chi, beagels, etc), they probably wouldn’t bite as much. It’s so frustrating to see a chi constantly attacking people, and the owner laughs it off because “oh haha theyre so small, its not doing any damage”. Its such bullshit that they are the ones blaming shit on the pits, when their dogs attack 10x as often because theyre too lazy to train them. Just because you can pick them up easily doesnt absolve you from doing some due dilligence.

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Busy bee
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My family has owned several Pitbulls, some of them rescued, they’ve been some of the most gentle dogs we’ve had. We’ve had Akita mixed Chows and Great Danes who were much more aggressive than the pits. It all depends on the owner and how the dog was trained. 

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Blushing bee
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I think pitbulls are beautiful and loving dogs, who in the hands of stupid or evil people can be turned into deadly weapons.  I would never discriminate against a breed of dog, based on the actions of some, just the way I would never discriminate against a group of people based on the actions of some.  Whenever people speak hate or fear of pitbulls it reminds me of the great white/human meme.  The same thing can be said for humans vs pitbulls. 


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Helper bee
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My brother has a pitbull lab mix that he rescued and the dog was abused by his previous owner as a puppy. He now is very timid and fearful of people, especially adult men, until he gets to know you. He knows me and my Fiance so he loves to play and cuddle with us, and he is very gentle with my brother’s kids and cats. Still, when we dogsat a couple of weeks ago, I did not want my Fiance going there alone. I worried he might feel threatened by him with no one else around, and he is huge and very strong. I do worry that if someone new came to their house and he felt threatened, he might attack to defend himself. I don’t think I would own a pitbull honestly, but I don’t judge people who do own them. 

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Busy bee
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I would never adopt any dog from a shelter. Foundations of dogs training are laid while it’s still a puppy and a shelter dog could have been abused or badly trained which could make it potentially agresssive ans dangerous 

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Honey bee
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I think every breed has it own behaviours and owners need to be aware of their breed and train and socialize accordingly.  But I would happily own a pitbull.  We currently own a German Shepherd and I am obsessed with Rottweilers and want one in the future.  My smallest dog with terrier in her by far the most “aggressive” of our dogs. 

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