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MrsMeowton :  I have little patience for bad pet owners (and I consider you a bad pet owner if your animal is poorly trained–jumping, aggressive, etc–or mistreated so that it becomes aggressive)

I so agree with this. No matter what size your dog, train it!

I remember a post a few days ago about the girls parents who hated her dogs, because they jumped on him. And yet, she kept protesting that they were well trained – NO! Jumping dogs are not well trained dogs (unless you train them to jump of course). Drives me bonkers.

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I live in an area with a large poor urban population, and pitbulls are a very popular choice for many irresponsible owners. They are very much the tough guy status symbol here. There have even been dog fighting cases. For this reason, the local shelters are absolutely overflowing with them.

I will be in the market to adopt a dog in the next year or two, and I will not get a pit from the shelter. There’s a very good chance that any pit I pick out had a history of abuse and my family’s welfare matters more than rolling the dice with a dog whose history I don’t fully know.

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Everyone I’ve ever known who has had one has said they are sweet, smart, and wonderful pets. I firmly believe that all of the blame for their bad reputation lies on bad trainers and horrible people who teach the dogs to be violent. Pit bulls themselves are big sweethearts if they are trained right and brought up with love and care, just like any other dog. 

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I don’t think they should be banned. I don’t think they are inherently evil. I do think a disproportionate number of them are owned by irresponsible assholes who damage the breed name. I think there should be hefty fines for backyard breeding of any kind and mandatory spay/neuter laws. I think anyone caught involved in dog fighting needs more than a slap on the wrist. 

That said, I wouldn’t own a pit because I don’t think they’re all that cute – I prefer the look and personality of boxers, that’s all I’ll ever own. I have a 12 year old rescue boxer who is the sweetest girl in the world. She is such a lover. However she has mauled two cats and has dog aggression. Animals are animals and no matter the breed they can do damage and you can’t trust them completely. 

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Honestly I wouldnt have one but I also wouldnt have a small dog or many other popular dog breeds. Growing up I was terrified of all dogs, and although now im not afraid, ive only just got to a point where I could own a dog myself and im not a risk taker so I would probably pick a family dog known for their sweet nature and good temperament like labradors or golden retrievers who I have the most experience with.


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I’m sorry about your loss. I also lost my sweet boy to cancer a few years ago. It’s awful. 

He was a biter. I mean, usually he was so laid back he’d let me take food away from him, but he had his triggers. Like if someone would jump him on the street from behind and grab his ears screaming “Soo cute!” Yes,  some grown adults are that dumb.  But, he was a spaniel so no big harm done.  If a pit reacted that way, the bites would have been way worse. I think that’s a big part of the problem,  that a pit with poor training or a history of abuse,  or who just snapped for some reason, can do more damage than many other breeds.

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edobbs87 :  It’s not just about the number of dog bites, but the potential damage they can do when they bite.  Like PPs mentioned, a chihuahua bite is going to be very different than a pit bite.  

What makes you mad, when people keep their dogs away from yours?  I have an extremely friendly pointer, who some people actually think is a pit b/c they don’t know better, and people often don’t let their dogs near him, or cross the street when we’re coming head on.  Doesn’t bother me in the least.  My boy has been attacked by pits a few times, so in my eyes, why risk it.  

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Pitbulls are sweethearts and they are incredibly misunderstood.

First of all, many pitbull owners are simply BAD owners. Whether it’s because they haven’t bothered to do any research; or they’re simply evil, getting pitbulls to purposefully partake in fights. That’s probably the #1 reason pitbulls misbehave and people associate bad thoughts with them.

Secondly, every breed of dog is different. I guess this ties in above with not doing your research but I’ll take it further. You can’t have, say, a black lab – and then think all dogs are like this. NO! The way you train different breeds can be radically different, and the environment you provide for them can be so different. For example, you can probably have 2 female black labs living in harmony under one roof just fine. But you should never do that with pitbulls! Also pitbulls need a lot more socialisation as a puppy than a black lab. All the being said, Pitbulls aren’t even one of the most difficult dogs to train!

On many dog breed aggression studies, the pitbull almost always places average – sometimes even being less aggressive than a Golden Retriever! 

If you badly train *any* breed of dog, they are going to be aggressive and destructive. Even labs and goldens bite people. The breeds that can be most dangerous are honestly huskies and dalmations…but if you raise them right, you have nothing to be worried about. A lot of people are bad owners who raise aggressive dogs….but a lot of those dogs are the tiny breeds, so when those go crazy, it’s “cute.” That attitude is so disgusting. 

I would love a pitbull, it is one of my dream dogs. But I am an experienced dog owner who would raise it the proper way. 

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rosydelight :  you’re saying you should never have two female pits together? My girl gets along great with other female dogs, and I personally know someone who has two and they’re fine. Not sure where you’re getting that from. I think any two female or two males have a higher chance of fighting then a male or female paired together. Doesnt have much to do with breed. Not sure why everyone compares pits to labs. I had a lab growing up and I still have a scar on my hand from when she bit me as a child. And I’ve met agressive labs before. They’re not THAT great that they shouldnt be the golden standard of family dogs. 

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Personally it all depends on the owners. I worked in emergency animal medicine for years and pit bulls were either amazing patients or a nightmare. It all depended on the owners. Some people just don’t socialize their dogs. I have also been attacked by labs, chihuahuas and small breed dogs. It all just depends on the owners and how well socialized and trained the dog is. 

As for the news most ‘pitbull attacks’ around where I live are actually not pit bulls at all and just classified as one due to the breed not being known.

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I have a pitbull that we rescued from a shelter. He is the sweetest boy with such a wonderful disposition. He came from an indian reserve and was treated very poorly by the residents there. He gets along amazing with our other dogs and there has never been an issue with aggression. That being said, when we first brought him home we were very mindful of his interactions with other people and other dogs. The best way to train your dogs is by simply spending time with them. Learn their habits and behaviours, learn their personality. You will be able to pick up on a negative change in your dogs attitude quickly and be able to adapt to the situatuion. (not that I’m an expert by any means, this is just what has worked for us)

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I think you hear more about pitbull attacks because it has more of an impact from the media than other dogs.

I like pitties.

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kawood0618 :  I have two pitbulls that I ADORE (as well as a spaniel mix and a rat terrier) and I would definitely say they are not for everyone. As far as adopting an older, calmer pittie from a shelter, I say go for it!

As far as adopting a pit puppy or young pittie, I would caution you (or anyone else looking to do so) to make sure you have a ton of time to commit to training and exercise. I LOVE pitbulls, and will certainly always have at least one, but they can be too smart for their own good. My girls are both super trainable, and by far the most intelligent dogs I have owned. That being said, they will fight with one another (but never with the other dogs, only one another), and once they get started they do. not. stop. until we physically separate them. We got them as young rescues (each was almost a year old) and although I worked with them extensively, there will always be some personality quirks. 

As I am sure many other bees will say as well, it has more to do with the dog then the breed – I have met extremely aggressive labs, and obviously I adore sweet pitties.

It sounds like you will be a great home for any breed! 

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kawood0618 :  I personally would not get a pit bull, because I prefer small breeds. I only really like pugs and French bulldogs as potential pets.

I also think a pit bull would do best with someone whose lifestyle was very different to mine. Like, someone with a large yard and lots of time to dedicate to exercise and training. DH and I work long hours and live in an apartment, so we needed a low energy breed.

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