(Closed) NWR -Please Bees Help, I'm Desperate! Extremely Dry Facial Skin! Need some help.

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Im in the same boat!!!!!!!

Wake up, cant even wash my face with my gentle st.ives scrub [not the harsh one] because my face is already dried up! I put a warm cloth on my face now and gently wash my skin, then i use Nivea, good for face n body, and honestly its helped more than anything else ive ever used.

I used to buy the stuff for super dry face and body then i would put a bit on and BAM! face broken out like a motherduck.

the nivea is the only thing that has helped me, and for my chapped lips i use blistex or carmex, and usually put it 1/4 inch above my lips and below cuz they get dry and crackish too!


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MissStoGee:  Do you put your facial lotion on right after the shower? How consistant are you with your moisturizer? You could try Neutrogena Healthy Defense with Helioplex. It is about $15 a bottle, I think for the price, the product is worth it, especially compared to other products. It keeps my face really moisturized and I only use a small drop a day.

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have you been to a derm?   My Darling Husband has terribly dry skin – especially in winter.  The dr gave him an Rx for cream that really helps. 

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MissStoGee:  I have also heard that some exfoliating products can dry your skin out more. Depending on what one you use that could be a factor as well.

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Ontario ruins my skin in the winter.. My routine is so difference once the cold weather comes. I use cetaphil facewash all year round because its gentle but, in the summer I use a Clairsonic once a week as well as an exfoliant. I don’t do either in the winter..

I use a face serum before moisturizer and literally slather the moisturizer on. I’m using a Martina Gebhardt black mud cream and I put about 2 layers on before bed. I also put serum on again in the morning before makeup.

I don’t ever use foundation but, maybe using an oil based concealer in the winter instead may help your skin look less flakey.

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There are only 2 products in my life that I can swear by-the first one is a GOD send I’ve been using it for 10 years:


And the second is Beauty Control.   I’ve seen it work wonders on horrible acne skin [like in a month almost remove scarring-seriously], dry skin, sensative skin, you name it.

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p.s. I know it also sounds crazy but a honey sugar scrub will soften your face as well as heal/exfoliate it.  Honey is a natural topical antibiotic.

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MissStoGee:  I work in the skin care industry. Give some facial oils a try. They work best if applied under your lotion. It helps the skin absorb the lotion better.

CeraVe is AMAZING. And my absolute favorite that it just now launching (won’t be in stores until January) is Neutrogena Hydro Boost. It absorbs so well and your skin just drinks it up!


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MissStoGee:  I feel your pain. I have the same problem with the start of rosacea, and my skin is so sensitive to almost all face creams and lotions. Here’s what helps me:

1. I know you said you drink plenty of water, but really track it one day and see. Caffeine and alcohol can act like a diuretic, so if your drinks have either, you need to drink more. Carry your water bottle with you everywhere and keep sipping. Keep it by your bed and drink a liter before you go to sleep. You will be in the bathroom every 20 min at first, but after a while your body will crave water.

2. Make sure you are protecting your face. Do you blow dry your hair and blast hot dry air right at your face? Point car heaters away from your face and always wear a scarf in the winter to protect your skin from wind burn. 

3. Make sure you are eating a good amount of healthy fats. Take fish oil supplements, use EVOO, coconut oil, nuts etc. Your cells are composed mainly of protein, fats and water- so make sure none of these things are deficient in your diet.

4. Find a moisturizer/exfoliotor that works. It really doesn’t matter if it’s coconut oil or something you get from a ritzy spa. Gentle exfoliation and slather your face with moisturizer as often as you need to. I use Amlactin which does both and I apply that on my face sometimes as often as 4x/day in the winter. 

Hope this helps! Good luck

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MissStoGee:  go and see a dermatologist. Chances are you have a skin condition which is only being made worse by the methods you are using.

My husband has rosacea and he had the same symptoms as you described. his dermatologist told him to use a product called MooGoo. It is all natural made out of cow’s milk. He stopped using it when he became vegan but even he will admit that it was the best thing he ever used to treat his skin. 

Most of the over the counter beauty products sold at pharmacies/grocery stores have fragrances or additives in them that just make actual skin conditions worse. they are mass produced in factories where a 1000 other beauty products are made so quality control is lacking especially since there is little regulatory control over the industry.

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I hear you on this. I’ve always had dry flaky facial skin but I moved up north from TX this year and it’s been extra bad lately. HOWEVER, as long as I strictly follow my regimen, I’m ok except for the occasional patches. I have spent 10 years to get to this place with my skin care, I feel like such an adult. I used to be an exfoliating product junkie but not anymore.

AM: Using a hot washcloth, I “exfoliate” my face. I do not use any product. The slight roughness of the washcloth is surprisingly effective. I might do this for up to a minute. You will see the flakes of skin coming off, but its ok if you don’t get every last one. The next step should do the trick. 

I then immediately apply 1-2 pumps of Aura Cacia pure Argan Oil and smooth it firmly into my skin. The trick is that your face needs to be a bit damp for the oil to absorb smoothly. Or you can add a few drops of water to your palms as you apply the oil. 

That’s it. If I wake up with really dry skin, I might repeat the process. I have wasted so much $$$ on skin cream and moisturizers. I will usually apply another pump or two at night to my damp face.

Seriously, give it a try. I tried a number of other natural oils like vitamin E, which was too thick and made me break out. Some people swear by jojoba oil, but the Argan has been my magical holy grale. I still get flaky after a make out session or need to watch for loose flakes on my hairline since I don’t put the oil there to keep my hair fresh. But it’s 300% better than it could be.

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MissStoGee:  You need a dermatologist. You can get a mild antibiotic for your acne. Stop scrubbing your skin. You are dying it out. Try microdermabrasion. Get a Groupon for it.

I dated a surgeon who said plain Crisco was awesome for extremely dry skin. It’s true.



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MissStoGee:  Try straight Vitamin E oil, always works great for me

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I am not currently dealing with dry skin nearly as bad as you are (I’m so sorry!!), but a couple of years ago my neck was SUPER dry, flaky, and a nightmare. And it was just my neck – super weird. 

I used Ponds cream that comes in a little jar/tub and costs less than $10. I put it on like twice a day and it really helped! It’s also cold to the touch which is soothing. 

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