(Closed) NWR: Public Breastfeeding vs Breastfeeding Photos on Facebook

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I breastfed my daughter for about two years, although only up until a year in public (because after that point, she could more easily wait or take water if we were out). I breastfed all over the place, typically somewhat covered. I’m very supportive of public breastfeeding.

They aren’t exactly the same thing, but I have no problem with either. I think public breastfeeding and materials that promote public breastfeeding help to normalize breastfeeding as a normal and natural part of being a mother, and I think that’s very important. [Just to be clear, I’m not bashing those who formula-feed, but I still believe breastfeeding is best and should be considered the norm not a weird thing to do]. I’ve seen plenty of pictures of babies breastfeeding, on FB and elsewhere, and I’m always pleased to see them – it’s a wonderful thing to do with your baby and I don’t think it needs to be hidden away.

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I support public BFing- I pump in public and I don’t give a daaaaamn if someone doesn’t like it. I cover up, but at some point during the process if you stare I’m sure you are going to see something. I try to be discreet because that’s polite and because my body isn’t a sideshow. I do NOT support BFing pics as profile pics on Facebook. I just don’t. That is not the way to spread awareness or make breastfeeding/pumping more acceptable. What it is doing is forcing people to have a front row seat to your body whether they want to or not and that’s not cool. Be polite, have some respect for your private parts and be respectful of other people. Sharing BFing photos in a group or in a setting where ALL members have the choice to opt in or out of looking? Good. Forcing it on people? Not good. People like that make all of us breast feeding and pumping Mamas look bad 🙁 PS I feel the same way about people who post scantily clab pictures. I don’t need to see anyone’s tits or bum hanging out, show some respect for yourself for pete’s sake. 


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I support public breastfeeding – I don’t know how that even got to me an issue in our society – it is completely nuts that some people have a problem with it.

I do think the posting on FB is a little weird, and I wouldn’t do that, but to each their own I guess.

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All the women in my family have bf and never had a problem covering up. I think public bf is fine but I don’t get it when a woman doesn’t cover up at all in the middle of a restaurant. I plan on bf when my baby comes and I’ll be more private about it because that’s what I’m comfortable with but if a woman is comfortable bf everywhere than more power to her.

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@sugarpea:  A fb friend of mine used to put Boyfriend or Best Friend pics up all the time and would get so mad when fb removed them.

Do you think that public (uncovered) breastfeeding and posting a picture of (uncovered) breastfeeding on Facebook are the same?  No.  Public Boyfriend or Best Friend is feeding your baby to meet your baby’s needs, putting a picture up on facebook is documenting and sharing the event and doesn’t meet anyone’s needs except your own need for attention.

If you support public breastfeeding, are you comfortable or uncomfortable with breastfeeding pictures on Facebook?  I support public Boyfriend or Best Friend and I support one’s right to put whatever they want on their facebook page within reason.  I’m not necessarily uncomfortable with people putting pics on fb but it’s not something I would do nor do I understand the need to do it.  However, I also don’t understand the need to put 99% of what people put on facebook.  I just block/unfriend people if I don’t enjoy seeing what they post.

If you’re unsupportive of public breastfeeding, are you comfortable or uncomfortable with breastfeeding pictures on Facebook?  N/A

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Do you think that public (uncovered) breastfeeding and posting a picture of (uncovered) breastfeeding on Facebook are the same?

No.  I’m fine with public breastfeeding because people gotta eat.  But I don’t post a picture of myself chowing down on FB so I don’t see why I’d post an infant.

If you support public breastfeeding, are you comfortable or uncomfortable with breastfeeding pictures on Facebook?

I don’t think I’m uncomfortable with pictures on FB but I don’t see a reason you would post one…other than to make a point.

If you’re unsupportive of public breastfeeding, are you comfortable or uncomfortable with breastfeeding pictures on Facebook? 

I’m fine with public breastfeeding

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I was trying to think of why I’m more ok with public breastfeeding than posting pics of it on Facebook and I think  @MrsWBS:  hit the nail on the head. In public you are meeting the immediate needs of your baby while posting pics only meets the parent’s ‘need’ for attention. As this article says in order to not be an annoying FB status the post needs to do something for the reader eg. be informative or entertaining. I think a picture of a mother breastfeeding that is on FB rather than a breastfeeding forum is more about image crafting, narcissism, and  attention craving (annoying FB post motivations).

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I am personally not opposed to either because everyone has the right to decide where to feed their child and what to share on FB.  I am not a mother, but I figure that if a child needs to eat, they need to eat.  No amount of privacy is going to change that fact.  So for me, public breastfeeding doesn’t bother me. 

That being said, I think the act of posting a breastfeeding pic on FB kinda gives off an attention-seeking attitude, which I usually don’t get along with.  People can post what they want at their walls, but I’d probably just end up hiding the post on my feed and ignoring it.

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Totally support both. I think putting images of Boyfriend or Best Friend out there help to normalize it. And its probably the least racy thing I’ve seen on facebook in a while. One of my former students put up a photo of himself in his halloween costume, which is pretty much a sash and thong made out of caution tape.

@MrsRichard:  Covering a baby while nursing can be tricky – if you are trying to get the baby to latch the cover gets in the way, and sometimes the baby gets distracted and bothered by it and rips it off. I feel like I stand out more when I have the cover on, it looks like I’m wearing a tent.

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I think breast feeding is beautiful, natural and 100% a good thing. I think babies deserve to eat when they’re hungry and shouldnt have to wait because mom is in public. I dont think it’s unacceptable to breast feed in public.

With that being said, I am stI’ll a little offended by things like tht picture if a girl sitting cross legged in a grocery store with her boob out. 

I think the key is common decency and we all know that some people just don’t have that. You don’t have to go hide somewhere but there are ways to be decent ad private about it in public. 

Same with pictures on FB. I have seen some really tasteful and artfully done breat feeding pictures. When it’s decent, it’s beautiful. I think it’s a little weird to be all posey and picturey about it but that’s just me. I would think it would be a personal thing that you wouldn’t really want to put on display for anyone and everyone but to each their own!

The fact remains, it is unacceptable for women to run around exposed and I don’t see why breast feeding women should have different standards!

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I support breastfeeding but I’m a little more conservative, so I definitely appreciate it when moms try to cover up.  If the baby won’t have it, or if she just doesn’t want to, it’s not the end of the world.

On the other hand, I have an aunt who doesn’t care if her kids pull her shirt down anytime anywhere in public and on Skype (she’ll even point her camera to my cousin while he’s disrobing her) and that makes me uncomfortable.

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@lalalyanne:  “common decency” is a really subjective idea. In some cultures where women are expected to be very covered, nursing a baby openly is an exception and not viewed as immodest. I don’t think feeding a baby is ever “indecent” or offensive.

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@sugarpea:  I’m not on FB but posting a pic of your boobies, whether you’re breastfeeding or not, just sounds like a way of trying to get attention. Definitely worthy of an eye roll or two. 

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I support public breastfeeding, but seeing it on FB would make me a little uncomfortable becuase you are not posting it with any benefit to your own baby what-so-ever. I can see it as an attention seeking move rather than a statement that breast feeding is a positive.

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