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  • poll: How many houses did you look at before you bought one?
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    30 %
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    33 %
    11-20 : (8 votes)
    27 %
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    I only looked at three places – when I saw the outside of my building, I feel in love. The inside was just as great. I just knew that my search was over. I just wish finding a wedding gown was this easy! Good luck on your search. 

    I really wanted to live close to a highway. It is easier to get around the city – a bonus for me. As far as the third bedroom, I think it is all about staging it appropriately when you go to sell the house.

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    Honestly, we easily looked at 30+ houses, shoot we were looking for about a year and half because we wanted something that was “us” and that was also a good deal.  We put in a couple of offers, but it finally happened when I think it was meant to be!

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    Fiance looked at a TON of houses before buying. But the situation was a little different because he was looking at foreclosures so theres a lot of things wrong with majority of them.We looked at a few and found one last year we were considering buying but people overbid on the house so we didn’t. My friend and her………… whatever you want to call him, bought a house and she didn’t even see it before he put the bid on it. And at first she didn’t like it, but now she loves it because its HER house.

    Truthfully, I don’t think there is anything wrong with buy the first house you look at, if you see it and you love it, why not? Most likely you aren’t going to be living there the REST of your lives.

    I don’t think 10×10 is that small for the smallest bedroom. I think our bed room is 10×12 and its the biggest. Not everyone is looking for every room to be huge because a lot of people use one bedroom as an office or guest room anyway. Plus when you have kids, what do they need a HUGE bedroom for?

    Around the block from us is a freeway, sorry I live in michigan thats what we call it lol. We never notice it. Its kind of like living by a train, you just get used to it. Once in a while I will head a siren but other than that its not bad at all. Like right now, its 8AM and I have to really listen to hear cars. I hear cars driving on my street more than I hear the freeway.

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    Easily somewhere around 15 houses….we started off in lower budget price ranges, then realized our price range meant “as is, fixer upper” or something major that would annoy us–like teensy weensy closets. We ended up reevaluating and going with about double our budget in order to get our house, but we only looked at like, 4 houses in that price range.

    Ours is in a great school district (one of the best in StL), its’ huge, it was a “needed to be sold yesterday” kind of deal, and only on its second owner in 26 years.

    And you think 2200 square feet is more than you’ll need, but you will be surprised at how quickly you fill that space up.

    I think 3 bedrooms is fine for a first time home. However, are you having kids soon? What’ll you do with those two rooms? Guest rooms? Kids only? I think that could definitely be a downer. For us, we have a basement, and we essentially have two “rooms” downstairs. They don’t count towards the house room total, though, because they don’t have closets.

    Honestly, I bypassed 3 bedroom houses. If you have two kids, you’re already full. And it’s really a great bonus to have an extra room, whether it’s a library, play room, computer room, guest room, etc. If you only want two kids, it’s not really an issue.

    For me, living that close to a highway IS a no-no. I didn’t even look at houses that close. Not really because of the noise (it’s a downer though) but because I don’t feel safe butted up to a highway like that. We used to live across from a train, though, and that never bothered me.

    Look at a few more, just to really make sure you’re getting everything you want. I didn’t realize certain things would be an issue until i saw more houses. Or, realized that i was getting a good or bad deal for the money. If you look at a few more in your price range, you may feel you can get something better or you may feel like you’re really getting a good deal.

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    We looked at 10-15 in person, and a good hundred online…phew. Glad that’s over (for now)! One of the more important criteria for us was a fenced yard…made it easier to narrow down places.

    I would say that neither a “small” 3rd bedroom nor the proximity to the freeway should be significant problems for resale. As @MissyDoodle said, 10×10 isn’t all that small – great for kids or a hobby room. And freeway noise you eventually just get used to. If you’re looking at the house in terms of potential resale, I believe things like bathrooms (number of them, whether there’s a tub or shower in each) and kitchens (size, layout, quality/age of cabinets and appliances) have more of an impact on potential buyers.

    I would take a look at a few more houses – when you can’t keep your mind off a house, even when seeing others, you know you’ve found the one!

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    If the highway is was is bugging you most there are always ways to try to fix that which is what it seems that builder has already done.  I wouldn’t worry about the smaller bedroom if you have that big bonus room.

    The house I bought was the only one I looked at.  It was through a special program for first time home buyers under a certain income.  I never could have bought the house with out the program and it is brand new I picked my lot and saw it from ground up.  It isn’t huge but it will be great for Fiance and I when he moves in after we get married.  I have a full basement that isn’t quite finished, but we will work on that when we have the money so it gives us storage and extra living space.  I love my house and I am glad I did it.

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    We looked at about 8-10 properties before we bought our place, but because we had very specific requirements (a townhouse with a fenced yard on a very tight budget in a small town), there weren’t a ton of places TO look at. If this house will be perfect for you for the next 10 years, I think you should happily go for it! The best way to block highway views/noise is with some big old trees, and if you plant some beautiful ones as soon as you move in, by the time you go to sell they’ll be all grown in. Good luck!

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    So we were looking at houses from two states away, (we’re both originally from Columbus, OH, went to OSU) and we fell in luuurve with a beautiful newly built condo building.  We did look at other places when we got to Chicago to check out the condo, but nothing compared.  Here comes the but, the builder had a hard time getting rid of units, so we wanted to close ASAP, but didn’t close for 2 months because we had to get three different liens excused for our unit in order to close.  Also the builder scrimped on A LOT of things.  We had an inspection before we closed (which is a MUST), and there were a bunch of things the builder was supposed to fix before we closed that we found out after the inspection that he didn’t.  Our shower doesn’t get hot enough, our doors all needed shaved down.  There are dents in the window frames, and the trim looks odd in some places. 

    So while we luuurve our house there are some pretty inconvenient problems with it too.  I would say look at a few other properties so you have some comparables, and when you do the inspection, please make sure everything on your punch list is done before you close.  Also check out reviews on the builder on BBB.  And look on the county court records web site to make sure there aren’t any liens on the propperty before you put in an offer.  We could have sued our builder because we put an offer on the property and weren’t told about the liens until 2 months later, even though one of the liens, the biggest one actually, had been put on the property a full 10 business days before we made an offer.

    Basically, be sure to do your homework.

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    We walked through 15-20 houses. We looked at a lot more online, but did not walk through all of them. The house we bought was the second one we looked at, but we did not seriously consider it because we thought the owners were smokers. Long story short their adult son would smoke in the garage and it kinda seeped in the house so we were OK with that in the end.

    I personally would look around. MY FI’s friend is a real estate agent and he always says that less properties are on the market during the winter and a lot of people take their homes off the market temporarily during the holidays because they are hosting events, too busy, out of town etc…

    I would not want to buy the first house I walk through. Even if we ended up going back to it, I ammore comfortable looking at more houses. I don’t think the size of the third bedroom will hurt resale, but having the house backing up to the highway most definately will make the place tougher to sell in the future. I also love my quiet backyard so I would not want highway noise.

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    P.S. I know that there are some funny rules concerning new construction and FHA loans. I do not know many details, but this might be something to chat with your realtor about ๐Ÿ™‚

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    We looked at hundreds online and probably 25 or more in person, and we even put offers on 2 before we got the one we are currently in (one person offered more than us, and another person came in as a cash buyer for the total asking price.  Really couldn’t compete with that).  I think with the highway behind you, some buyers might be deterred, but still others will be excited about the schools, neighborhood, etc, and that might outweigh the cons of the highway. If the first house I looked at was one that had everything we wanted, I would have jumped on it, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case for us, it took about 9 months. 

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