(Closed) NWR: Sad Night. I F'up my Husband's Laptop

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Busy bee
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@MrsOrange:  you are going to rock your interview tomorrow! Good luck honey!

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It could just be a problem with the laptop screen if it’s old. For example, the wires that lead to the monitor have gotten worn from opening/closing the laptop…although when that happened to me, the screen worked intermittently before failing completely. Alternatively, the bulb for the lcd could be broken. That happened to me when my niece stood on my laptop to reach for a toy. 🙁 If he has an external monitor, he could try plugging it into that and see if it’s the monitor or the computer. Sorry if this is all stuff your Brother-In-Law already suggested. The fact that it was powering on made me think of my former laptop issues.

Sorry that he’s taking it out on you. You’ve apologized and done everything you can tonight. Just keep focused on the interview for now and don’t let him bring you down. Good luck!

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Busy bee
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@rainymke:  Has a good point.  If you have a monitor (or even most new TVs) and either an HDMI cable or VGA cable you could try that.  It all depends on the connections on the pc and tv of course though.

If you do have a screen you can use plug it in and turn the pc on.  If there is still no display look at the keys on the keyboard for a key that would indicate displays… it’s usually two little squares that have rounded corners (like monitors used to lol).  Usually one just has the outline and the other filled in.  Some pcs have designated buttons, others have the function items in blue or another color on the upper part of other keys (like the F keys or number keys).   Then find the Fn key, hold it and try pressing the button with the squares on it.  This function key usually cycles laptop display / external display / both.

I’m sure he’ll get over his fit soon and realize he’s just taking his frustration out on you.  🙁  As long as the problem isn’t the hard drive, getting the info off of it will be a piece of cake and only take transfer time.  You just need someone who can plug it in to another system and do it. 

Good luck!


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Helper bee
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I’ve done some horrible things to my laptop and Fiance has managed to salvage everything (He is computer wizard.) so I don’t think you have much to worry about unless it’s a failed hard drive. You cannot recover data off of a failed hard drive but that is normally something you notice over time not a total catastrophic failure.

Good luck on your interview! Maybe your DH was already worked up being nervous/excited for your interview and just isn’t taking things in stride the way he should. I hope he calms down and sees that there is no point in dwelling on how it happened as long as you two are working to resolve it.

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Helper bee
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I’ve acted like your DH. Fiance once ran over my foot. I laugh now- and it was a total accident. But I broke my toe, my nail fell off, and I was in so much pain. I was soooo soo mad at him, all the while knowing it was an accident and he apologized like crazy. I think I said something along the lines of “just because it was an accident doesn’t make it hurt any less”.


I was a total bitch in that situation. For me- when something like that happens, apologize, then leave me alone. I need to cool down. I already know I’m overreacting, so if you’re still apologizing and in my face, I’ll just keep getting heated.


Your DH will come around. He should have backed up, plain and simple. What you did on the computer shouldn’t have caused any problems, so like a pp said, it’s just a fluke.


Good luck on your interview!!!


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Sugar bee
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I just wanted to say Good luck with your interview. 

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Blushing bee
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I’m terribly sorry your husband treated you this way over a piece of equipment. He is out of line and acting poorly. You have done nothing wrong. He seems to be over emotional and acting childish. Stop apologising and move on.

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Helper bee

He’s taking his mistake out on you; if work depended on his files he should have ensured they were backed up on multiple formats.  PCs and laptops can fail at any time. 


Don’t apologise any more on this; wait for him to calm down and apologise to you.




Good luck with your interview!


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Bumble bee
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@MrsOrange:  it sounds to me like your hubby needs to take a few doses of chill pills. You didn’t do anything wrong! it’s honestly not your fault that he doesn’t back up any of his stuff, and that he has been working with an unreliable piece of equipment.

It sucks that it happened just after you used it, but it was NOT YOUR FAULT!

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Bumble bee
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What an asshole! I’d be SERIOUSLY pissed off if my husband treated me like that!

It’s his own fault for working off of a faulty computer and not backing up his files. He owes YOU and apology.

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Bumble Beekeeper
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@Miss Leopard:  This. 

Wow, he’s being a jerk.  I doubt it’s anything you did wrong, OP.  My husband wouldn’t treat me that way even if I DID screw up his laptop.  His reaction is way out of line.

Stop apologizing unless he can prove you did something.  He owes you an apology now.

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Helper bee
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@MrsOrange:  I can understand he’s angry, but it’s not your fault. Unless it’s the hard drive that’s fried, you should be able to recover the information on there. 

It sounds like a hardware issue for sure though, so it’s definitely not your fault. Just let him cool off. I think he is probably more mad at the situation, not at you. Eventually he’ll see the light and should apologize.

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Helper bee
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Be glad he’s taking it in himself – if he really believes you did something wrong, he may mention it to the computer person who’ll fix it – and that person should set him straight!

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Busy Beekeeper
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@Miss Leopard:  +1 Serious overreaction to something that’s really not that big of a deal.

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