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    Don't Celebrate Christmas

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    I remember asking my mum about santa just before I turned 9. She told me the truth and told me not to tell my little sister. About half an hour later I went back and said ‘But the easter bunny and tooth fairy are real right?’ I was a bit bummed, but got over it quickly.

    I read a great article on this ‘issue’ on Mothering.com, very comforting for those undecided or planning on not doing santa.


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    Yep, I do. I want them to have one little thing of magic in their lives as kids when I know how cruel and messed up the world is. There’s nothing like waiting for Santa as a little kid! They’ll grow out of it, I did. I certainly don’t want them telling everyone he isn’t real. Let them have a little of childhood before the world comes in to knock them down because it will. They’d learn about Jesus also, so it’s not like they will only think Christmas is for presents.

    As far as kids telling them, some kid will. I teach Pre-K (4yrolds)and I had one kid keep going around saying he’s not real. It pissed me off because the other kids would come to me, looking sad and I’d tell them he is real. Nothing like having a 4yr old crush another kid’s kid’s happiness. If a parent chooses not to have their kids believe, at least have the decency to have them keep it to themselves instead of acting like the class cryer.

    MissBliss- This is SO true!—->I notice that the kids who don’t believe in Santa often respond in a way that is jealous of the other children’s joy and excitement about their Christmas celebration.

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    I am going to freely admit up front that I did not read the replies in this thread, so if this is random, that’s why. I LOVE this because it is hilarious to me, and I thought this would be a great place to share:

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    I’m not sure I understand why anyone would consider it lying, but the reality of all the meanness and tragedy in this world is something you’ll want to protect your children from for as long as you can. Why not give them a little fantasy and magic to believe in while they can?

    Christmas is such a happy time of year for so many people, I don’t understand why anyone would deny them that. It’s exciting and full of anticipation, and as many people have said, one thing that has become among the fondest of memories for them. Enjoy the innocence and wonder as long as you have it and feel your heart melt by the excitement your kids will experience….they’ll thank you for it and will give you more smiles than you can imagine.

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    @Amaryllis: Funny!!

    For me, I remember being devastated learning about Santa Claus not being real at a very late age. Maybe 6th grade! I used to think all the other kids (like my closest cousin-same age) were all too naughty and that’s why their parents had to pretend to be Santa Claus b/c the real Santa Claus wouldn’t come to their house. Then one Christmas eve, my mom was exhausted folding laundry while I was watching a movie and she said:  Ugh. I gotta take a nap b/c I got a late night.

    Me: Why, Mom?

    She: I have to get up and wrap all your presents tonight!

    Me: Whaaaat?

    She: You don’t still believe in Santa, do you?

    Me: “Nooooo.” sniff, sniffle, tears welling up, hiding my face

    She: Ooops, I’m sorry!

    So silly. Anyway, I was so old, I became pretty skeptical of what she and dad told me after that…. or IMPLIED.

    With our child, we will explain the focus and joy of Christmas coming from our Christian faith. And then have the Santa-just-for-fun talk. I have been teaching 9 year olds forever and they don’t  ever mention a word about Santa either way. Students have never asked or brought the subject up in all these years,  so I am pretty sure they have their own beliefs and don’t want or have been trained not to share with  others at this point.

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    I’m telling my kids the thruth up front:  there’s no santa claus, no easter bunny, no tooth fairy, ect.  I don’t understand in lying to them about something for a couple of years, only to take it back later. 

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    I just read a friend’s beautiful blog post about having the talk with her son about the truth of Santa.  This is the year that he needed to know and understand the story fully.  After posting my comment last night and reading her blog this morning, I thought that I’d share a little of her story, and maybe help one or two kids get to enjoy the mystery and the magic of having Santa in their lives.  There are two distinctive schools of thought on not giving your kid a Santa inspired Christmas.  (And these are for the Christmas celebraters.)  One is the it’s too commercial and fake and the other is the why bother…  Both of these concepts are adult minded thoughts.   Adults see the commercial secular viewpoint… but kids see the wow… gifts!  Having Santa lets kids see these special gifts as a spectacular surprise and not just oh mom got me stuff.  If they learn the fun of Santa correctly, then they get excited about being Santa later!  My friend’s blog mentioned how her son was really excited in being allowed to be a part of Santa’s magic for his little sister!  I love picking out gifts that make my family go WoW!  When I see a kid that tells another kid that Santa’s not real in school the reason that they do it is to make the other kid lose the experience of Santa…. for two reasons… they either never got to enjoy that fun or their parents have the why bother with fun reasoning.  Kids that are told facts without experiencing the fun are often sad that they don’t get that experience… and the sadness leads to being jealous, and then ruining the fun instead of getting to share the joy of having a secret!  If you chose not to have Santa, then you are the cause of the sadness not other people choosing to celebrate with Santa. 

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    I had no idea so many people believed in Santa when they were little! My dad always felt it was un-Christian for us to believe in him, but we still left out cookies and milk. And there’s always a gift from Santa under the tree. I’m sure some mean kid at school would ruin the “magic” for them anyways, so we’ll likely have fun with it until they’re a few years old, and that’s it.

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    I didn’t exactly believe. I tend to tell myself that I was a smart baby. I did put on a show for my younger brother. He grew out of it around 9 or 10 years of age.

    I would like to have my children believe in Santa but for the goodness that he brings out in them, not so much for gifts. They will NOT be getting expensive or ‘over the top’ gifts for Christmas. They will get these (if called for) on their birthdays only.

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    Addie already believes in Santa!  Ok, maybe not yet.  🙂  But we did take her to see Santa this weekend (her daddy was the man in the big red suit, and I kinda think she knew it was him). 

    Also, we wanted to minimize the commercialism of Christmas without taking away the fun of Santa, so we decided Addie will only get two presents from Santa each year.  One, she’ll get when she sits on Santa’s lap before Christmas, and one she’ll get on Christmas morning.  That way, she still gets to experience Santa, but he doesn’t bring her gobs of gifts.  We also decided to limit her presents from family next year, since she got a TON of presents.  Here’s some pictures:

    I think she knew who Santa was.  She kept pulling on his beard and laughing, lol!

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    Absolutely! I loved believing in Santa when I was a child. Sure, I was upset when I found out from Jeff W. (darn you!!!) in 2nd grade that he didn’t exist, but I got over it. 

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    I didn’t grow up in a Christian country so the Santa myth was a revelation to me when I moved the US. We had the Santa pictures on gifts etc around New Year’s Eve but it was more like a symbol, a cartoon character. No kid would obviously think it was a real person who brought gifts. I started celebrating Christmases with my ex-husband’s family and that’s when I heard of this. He told me his 9 year old niece is writing a letter to Santa. Err, with apologies to anyone who may be offended, I really thought the kid had mental development problems before it was explained to me this is common for American kids. Since my new husband is also Christian, we will be celebrating Christmas in the future but this is one tradition we won’t continue. I’m a very rational person, I expect my child to be also smart and rational, and I just refuse to insult his intelligence like that.

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    I found out when I was three! My five year old sister was way too smart for her own good and ruined it for all of us 🙁

    That said, my little girl is six and a half and still whole heartedly believes in Santa. I’m very sad, though, because I feel like this is her last year.

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    It makes me sad to see people who think believing in Santa is such a horrible thing. 🙁  I remember how magical Christmas time was when I was a kid because of Santa.  I had a blast with my sister dreaming about the north pole, and all the elves, and mr & mrs claus…. I was never heartbroken or upset when I found out Santa wasn’t real.  I wasn’t angry with my parents for lying to me.  I don’t know, I just can’t imagine my childhood without believing in Santa. 

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