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I think I was the neighbour. 

Our old house was a lovely house in a cul-de-sac.  The other houses were all families and retirees. 

We were silent neighbours.  Never had people over, worked all the time and usually were out the whole weekend. 

Then after like a year of living at this place, we had one party on a Saturday night.  I think it was either a birthday or grand final day or something.  We had about 30 people over (it was a big house and backyard) and turned the music off at 11pm. 

Next day we had a letter in our mailbox with a long rant about how they had spoken to everyone in the court and everyone hated us and wanted us to move lol. 

Now we live in a crap neighbourhood and constantly have domestics and burnouts and sirens and the like around us.  I sit on my back deck and eavesdrop a lot haha.  Sure aren’t the bad neighbours now! 

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A few years ago we lived in the city and these 4 college guys thought it would be a good idea to set a dry Christmas tree on fire in their tiny backyard! Thankfully an adultier adult stopped them or the whole neighborhood would have gone ablaze

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The worst for me was probably the brothel. People knocking on my door, looking me up and down and asking if ‘this was the place’. I eventually stopped answering the door. I still don’t answer the door unless I’m expecting someone, or a package because of this. 

Or actually the drug growers might have been worse as they had an industrial fan going at all hours which used to vibrate through the wall. Couldn’t sleep properly and now still can’t as it messed up my sleep patterns so much. They eventually got robbed in the middle of the night by guys with motorcycle helmets on, which was terrifying. 

Current neighbours have started a polka band, I shit you not. Polka until 3am and then back on it at 6:30am with a bout of snoring that sounds like a plane taking off in between. They smoke and it wafts up through the floorboards and when they aren’t playing music, they are shouting and laughing really loudly.

I love this house as it is a beautiful period property and the neighbourhood is otherwise great, but the house next door has been one nightmare after another.

I’m supposed to be moving out next month, please cross your fingers for me!

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I used to live in a block of units with assigned car spaces with BIG SPRAYED letters of whos apartment the space was for, I would constantly have a neighbour tell his ‘mates’ to park in my space because I would the second half of the week & weekend be working late shifts, I would get home at 2-3am with some jerk in my car space, I would have to park out on the street which was around the corner because the apartment was on a main road, I was so sick of it so I just started blocking them in with my small car & not answering my front door when they would knock for me to move. It might have been a little petty, but I won after 3 days of no access to their car.

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ladyartichoke :   in our old house we had a neighbour who used to throw the leaves he raked up from his garden into the gap between our shared fence and our  rosemary bush hedge. It drove my husband wild because it was really hard to rake them out from between a fence and a bush.

The neighbour used to always complain to us about a gumtree planted on our verge. We got it that it was a messy tree that dropped lots of leaves but it wasn’t our tree. In Australia we have trees planted on our verges that are planted by local councils and they are protected as in that they can not be pulled out and we are not allowed to even cut a branch from it. The council controls it and sends out a team of ahborists once a year to trim it. If you touch it at all you are liable to be fined thousands of dollars. Our neighbour knew this. We told him heaps of times that it was a council tree and he will just have to put up with it like we do…

I don’t even et why he used to be so mean as to dump his leaves on our side. We didn’t plant the damn tree and had no control over its size. Used to drive hubby bonkers when he’d see the neighbour try to stealthily dump these damn leaves on our side. One day hubby found a fresh dead rat amongst these leaves dumped by our neighbour. My husband isn’t usually vindict but he was annoyed and that rat went flying off that rake through the air and landed on our neighbours roof. Im sure a cat probably found it and ate it before it started to decompose but it made hubby feel better everytime he had to rake those leaves from the 15 centimeter gap between the fence and hedge. 😉

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It’s so funny reading these stories because I live rurally in the desert and our problems are so wildly different.  We actually don’t have a problem with any of our neighbors. We aren’t fond of the one who called the sheriff on our dog, but it was understandable… I just wish they’d talked to me first!  But the stories we hear…

One guy is suing a few of our neighbors.  According to him, they left some tumbleweed in the ditch, causing it to flood his yard and kill his grass.  This in an area where people water their fields and yards by flooding. There is no way it killed his grass.

Our ex-neighbor was also being sued, I think by the folks who called the sheriff on us.  Otherwise by their neighbors.  Reason?  The RV they were renting to someone was in the right of way by a few inches.  Granted he could have just not been an ass about it and moved it when they brought it up, but who is that petty in the first place?

Same ex neighbor shared this story: another guy up the way didn’t want them getting their irrigation water (reasons unknown).  So he closed the pipe and cemented it shut.  Neighbor chipped it all away (he used a bad cement), opened it and cemented it that way.  Nothing spiteful there.

Same ex-neighbor said that our other neighbor would watch his wife all the time in a creepy manner, trying to see her chest, etc.  I’ve met the guy, he’s got a mess of a yard but I just don’t see him being a creeper.  I think they came up with that one.

Same ex-neighbor (who sees the real pattern here?) moved away and the new neighbors and others on that water line had to dig out their water intake to replace the pipe, which had rusted here and there.  They discovered it was full of big rocks.  The ditch their intake is from runs right by our house.  There is absolutely zero way that could have happened without someone putting them there on purpose.  My theory is that it was the last PA attack on the suing neighbors.

My husband and I have since decided we are glad that guy moved away.  We actually liked him but it was only a matter of time before he thought of a reason to hate us, too.

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When we lived in an apartment, our shared-wall neighbors used to have sex late at night and their bed was against the shared wall with our bed. We heard her choking and gagging giving him blowjobs and him going “ooooh yyeeeeaah”. It was gross.

Now we live in a detached home and the neighbors on one side are rednecks with a confederate flag in their back yard and on the other side is a single middle aged lady who never mows her lawn and her weeds are as tall as I am. We don’t interact with them much lol.

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I was the loud twenty-something neighbor when I first moved into my apartment; I’m sure the neighbor above me hated the music until midnight and first thing in the morning. But she was also a heavy smoker, and we shared a forced air heating system. So for years, I had the heat ducts blocked off with some heavy plastic sheeting, and used my open oven door as an electric heat source (I’m pretty sure my space was an unauthorized apartment, but the rent was cheap and I didn’t pay utilities AND I had a garage space).

New neighbors moved in upstairs. They got up to calisthenics 7 days a week on the creeky floors above mine at 5am, and afterwards would have weird sex.

Neighbors on the other side of the house cooked bad smelling food every monday night. It smelled up the whole joint. Like liver and onions and corned beef and cabbage – bad smells.

I moved to a house! Yay! Neighbors proceeded to have a house built on the empty lot next to mine. The excavation company dumped 6 feet of dirt on 6 feet of my property line, and then were about to wrap up the job without taking care of it. They didn’t get why I was insisting they remove it? I didn’t know I could call the city to complain. Also, the new house’s dining room looks RIGHT into the bedroom we are renovating. They are not going to have some pretty sights while sitting down to dinner. Guaranteed

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