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  • poll: How do you think you'll vote in the 2016 election?
    Republican - that's my party, I'm GOP through and through! : (2 votes)
    3 %
    Democrat - that's my party, I'm a Dem through and through! : (9 votes)
    12 %
    Republican - they're closest to my ideals and I don't think a 3rd party candidate could win : (14 votes)
    19 %
    Democrat - they're closest to my ideals and I don't think a 3rd party candidate could win : (34 votes)
    46 %
    Third party - I vote for what I believe in : (10 votes)
    14 %
    No one, no government agency, has jurisdiction over the truth. - Special Agent Fox Mulder : (5 votes)
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    peachacid:  As always, I will vote for who I feel is the lesser of the two evils. I typically lean to the conservative side, but that does not mean that I will not consider a Dem (or someone else) just because they are not Rep. 

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    The Canadian system is different – we don’t directly vote for our Prime Minister. (Pulling from my high school classes here) – the country is divided up into a few hundred ridings, people in each riding vote for local candidates from any number of parties, and the winners of the ridings make up the House of Commons. Whichever party has the most representatives in the House gets their leader in as PM. While no party other than the Liberals or Conservatives has ever gotten the most representatives, the percent of representatives from other parties that get elected is growing each time, showing that people on the local/riding level are growing more comfortable with these other parties, and are choosing to vote outside the binary.

    Given a system like the US, I think I would choose to vote inside party lines, to be honest. When I vote in the next Canadian election, I’ll be voting on the individual candidates platforms – even if their party doesn’t win the House, having an individual in that seat who represents my ideals is still valuable.

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    peachacid:  I think both parties absolutely suck. I vote third party all the time. I’m a libertarian, more socially liberal (pro-gay rights, women’s rights, all that) and financially conservative (lower taxes, yada yada yada) and overall less government involvement.

    I hate that a lot of people don’t vote third party because of the low chances. I read a statistic from the last election about the number of eligible voters who DIDN’T vote at all, and if that number of people had voted for the same third party candidate there would’ve been a chance for a non Rep/Dem outcome.

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    No, because voting third party in this country enables the party I disagree with most to get elected. Ralph Nader and Ross Perot definitely had a huge impact in both the 1992 and 2000 presidential elections.

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    peachacid:  If there was a 3rd party running who had merit and the possibility of winning. I am not going to waste my vote though. Ex. Ross Perot, he was never going to win, everyone who ever voted for him could have used those votes on the Rep or Dem who was running. It may have made a difference in the out come. 

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    And I know people get sensitive about this, but many times I seriously feel like my vote doesn’t matter. And not because my candidate didn’t win.

    For example last election, I voted in PA. PA’s overall “blue or red” outcome depends on Phili, Pittsburgh, and Erie. Anything in between doesn’t matter. Those three places are where the majority of the Pennsylvanians live. If your whole county and your neighboring county is red but Pitt is blue, PA is blue.

    Then throw in money, electoral votes and all that, maybe I just don’t understand the system well enough, but it always gets on my nerves.

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    i am a registered voter of one party.  i vote based on which candidate i think will do a better job.  sometimes i stay inside party lines, sometimes i don’t.

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    I have a few basic tests to determine if a candidate is even a possibility for my vote. Question 1: How old is the earth? If the answer doesn’t end in “-illions of years”, they’re not worth a thought. Question 2: Have they ever made a statement to the effect of ” women can’t get pregnant from rape” or referenced “legitimate rape”. If yes, they’re not worth considering. Question 3: Does the candidate believe that creation beliefs should be taught in school? If yes, not worth considering. Question 4: Do they believe that their religion should influence what they vote on/sign into law? If yes, they’re out of the running.

    Unfortunately, those 4 questions knock out a significant number of Republicans. Would I vote for a 3rd party? Depends. If their views were in line with mine, sure. 

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    Tanleggedjuliet:  I tend to agree with this, I vote based on the lesser of two (or three) evils.  That being said, I typically always go with the more fiscally conservative candidate(s) in the my local elections, primaries, etc and vote Repulican in the general. Who knows who I will vote for in 2016– so far, I’m not really impressed with any of them.

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    Mrs_Amanda:  Agreed on 2016. I really am not looking forward to it. 

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    I never choose my candidate based on their party, though I tend to lean liberal. That said, when I took that quiz, I actually aligned with a major candidate. 

    I was hearing some news on NPR this morning that actually made me think about this. I hesistate to vote for 3rd-party candidate because then I’m just taking my vote away from the major candidate that I at least semi-support.

    However, if I ever felt really strongly about a particular 3rd-party candidate, I would probably vote for them anyway. Otherwise, I feel like my vote is more useful to one of the two major candidates.

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    This is why it is very hard for viable third parties to emerge in the USA: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duverger%27s_law

    Unless the US moves away from its current voting scheme, I will always vote with the major party candidate closest to my views.  Given that my tests look like those of MariContrary:, these days that means I vote D. 

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