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I can understand where you are coming from. I know my H and I have not had financial for as long as you, but I can sympathize. In October, my H was layed off. He was bale to get unemployment and was able to obtain a job relatively quickly. Unfortunately, the job he took was really bad. The company was lying about a lot of things and my H was coming home completely stressed. So, he decided to quit right before Christmas. He now just started a part time job. Before we got the part time job, I was the main bread winner. Because of my student loans, we had to pull from our savings every month on order to pay all the bills. My H had an interview with the IRS the beginning of January. H just found out last night that he did not get the job even though he was considered the most qualified. I have not had too much time to talk with my H because our schedules are different, but I know he is getting really depressed about not finding a job. Not to mention that the part time job he took was actually at the same place that layed him off in October to do the same job! I know that in this economy is it incredible difficult to find and hold on to a job. Try to stay positive. Have you tried to just take a part time job to help financial? At the end of the day, you still have your husband. You will make it through this and remember that you will come out stronger not only personally but also with your relationship with your H. 

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I graduated from college in May which caused me to lose my student job and Fiance moved 400 miles to live with me in June. We were both unemployed for the entire summer and living off of my savings as Fiance used everything he had to move. Money got really tight. We were lucky though and both landed jobs within a week of each other. However they messed up my first paycheck and I didn’t get paid for 6 weeks after starting my job (my company pays every two weeks). I was down to about $100 dollars in my checking and savings combined. It was rough, but we made it through. I’ve projected that by mid-March I will have regrown my savings to the point where they were when I graduated college, and Fiance has a bit of money saved as well now.

Hang in there, you’ll make it if you try.

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In the single-mom period of my life money was constantly stressing me out. It is really hard and super stressfull. You’ll get through it and things will look better in a few months while you finish your internship. In the meantime you are going to have to make sure your expenses line-up with your income.

Talk to all to companies where you have loans. Sometimes they can be quite accomadating if you are unable to pay, especially when they know there will be a new source of income soonish. 

No more eating out, no snacks/sandwiches on the go. Investigate wich grocerystore near you is the cheapest, use your coupons and only buy what is absolutly nescessary (good for your figure and your wallet). Only go grocery shopping once a week and buy supplies for a whole week, you’ll be less tempted. Make sure you’re careful with electricity and heat. If your smoking, quit. Cancel all subscriptions to magazines/lotteries/anything else. Use your phone only when nescessary. Use your car(s) as little as possible and start taking public transport/walking/taking the bike. Consider selling your car.

Once your internship is over look voor a job asap and than you can start paying of your creditcard debt & start living again. Don’t be picky about a job, just get any you can. If you still need to go to school see if they do evening classes. 

Most imporantly: Tell close friends and family what is going on, so you don’t feel guilty when buying cheap gifts or when splitting receipts. Also, being able to talk about it makes it more bearable. Make sure you and your husband are in this together and you team up on this, if you have somebody to give you some emotional support it will help A LOT.

Only a few more months to go! Things will work out.

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@gettinghealthy38:  School counseling is a tough field! My SIL is now in the field and it took her about a year to find a job. School counseling is hard to get into because they are constantly cutting back and eliminating those positions with budget cuts.  You’ll find something eventually – it just takes time. Try to find jobs that may not be your dream job but will keep building relevent experience for  you. 

Fiance was unemployed for a year – it was so tough and frustrating, somehow we made it through on a very tight budget though. Cut back wherever you can.  It’s only temporary!!

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