NWR – Spin-Off – Should Recovering Addicts be Required to Disclose?

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Sugar bee

No, and in fact it’s illegal in some states. It leads to lawsuits against companies for people not being hired due to discrimination. Are you in the US?

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Honey bee
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Absolutely not.

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Sugar bee
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No. Their personal life is none of my business. It only becomes my business if they choose to disclose it in order to get additional support.

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Sugar bee

Fuck no.

Do you have to disclose you have herpes? Depression? Bipolar? 

HIPAA laws are there for a reason. A person’s health is their own damn business. Not yours, not anyone’s. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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For what drugs?  Lots of people are addicted to nicotine or caffeine.

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Busy bee
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No. Addiction is just like any other disease when it comes to HIPPA.  

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Helper bee

Not to institutes of higher learning, as long as I pay my school fees…whether I show up to class or not is really none of the university’s business.

But for certain life and death jobs? I think voluntary disclosure should be encouraged but not mandatory, and employers should never get their hands on anyone’s medical records. Honestly, this is also why psyc evals/tests get administered as part of some of these training programs, mental fitness for some jobs is more important than others. Do I care if my building manager, plumber or the guy bagging my groceries has a history of alcoholism or heroin use? Not really. But what about pilots, or doctors, cops, military personnel – people with access to drugs, weapons and/or other people’s lives? The balance here is between confidentiality and minimizing the likelihood of causing harm to yourself or someone else. The current working alternative to disclosing to employers in some of these situations, are random drug tests (pilots, some military and police forces) or legislation requiring colleagues to report if they suspect someone is working impaired (health care).

We, as a society, need to stop stigmatizing addictions and mental illnesses, stigmatizing these diseases leads to people hiding them to sometimes very detrimental results.

Edit: I’m pretty sure med and dentistry students have to disclose if they have certain notifiable/communicable diseases to their schools. At least, I had to when I got in. We also had to send in serology results….

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Buzzing bee

bywater :  I would say its only a MUST DISCLOSE if in a relationship or dating situation. 

If you have something about you that would be a deal breaker for someone else and you are aware it would be a deal breaker for some people you have an obligation to disclose that when dating. Everyone’s right to be with someone they want, that fits their morals and goals outweighs the other person’s need for a relationship. 

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Helper bee

No. How terrible! 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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bywater :  

 There are a lot of questions around the issue of to whom this information will be disclosed. It’s not good enough to say “school” or “employer”.

Who at the school will have access to sensitive medical records? The work-study students who process incoming documents?

And to whom at the place of employment will this data be going? A supervisor? HR? Where is it going?

And what, exactly, is “it”? What, specifically would you reveal? Are there medical records confirming the substance abuse and subsequent rehabilitation? Maybe that will happen in a perfect world.

And while all of this disclosing is going on, how to you propose to protect the priacy of each individual when it comes to sensitive or traumatic information from the past, common with substance abusers?

And then there is the problem of establishing a cutoff. How much alcohol does the subject have to consume to trigger  mandatory disclosure to somebody or other.

You will also miss scads of people currently in recovery.  They’re going to AA meetings, which are confidential.

If you’re going to propose a scheme whereby peoples’ privacy rights are going to be shredded, at least game it all the way out first.


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Sugar Beekeeper
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littlemissdimsum :

Here is where we have to use a little common sense. If sobriety is a bonafide job requirement, applicants will have to be willing to waive certain privacy rights. This becomes especially significant when the job involves the welfare or safety of the public, eg bus driver, pilot, etc. If you don’t feel like disclosing, don’t apply.  

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Many employers do a criminal background check, so it could be effectively disclosed through that. My brother in law is a “recovering” alcoholic and if you search the public records in our state you will see he has had charges for Driving under the influence and domestic violence, and a restraining order against him. In his field of work, he doesn’t work with the public so I’m not sure it matters. But if he was in a different line of work it would be important for an employer to know. 

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Worker bee
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No, I don’t think employers or educational institutes should have access to that kind of information. People who are recovering don’t need that stigma to weigh them down.

But I think it’s a healthy thing to disclose in a relationship, because being able to trust and support one another is a huge part of a healthy relationship in my opinion. 


Exactly this. You need the support and understanding of your SO, but your workplace does not need to know. It’s your choice if you tell coworkers, but you shouldn’t be forced to disclose anything.

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Helper bee

No, because people are fucking assholes and make all kinds of assumptions about the disease of addiction. 

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