NWR Started Chantix today

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Be strong! 

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I’m not a smoker but I applaud you for taking this big step! You can do it.

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I’ve known 2 people who used it and both had VERY vivid erotic dreams lol. Enjoy! 

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mskatie :  I’m a decade long smoker with heaps of failed quitting attempts. Currently 2 weeks into my quit.  I quit for 4 months about a year ago. 

I feel you on how hard it is! 

I took Champex (which I think is the same, just different branding) a couple of years ago.  It didn’t work for me, for I think these two reasons.  1. the medication alone is not enough.  It’s not a magic pill.  You do still need to use a bit of your own willpower (though much less) and have to want to quit smoking.  I expected to just wake up a non-smoker and I think that was my downfall.  

2. I did get vivid nightmares and I have zero history with mental health problems and it did make me moody paranoid and depressed.  Keep an eye out on that and make sure you tell your VIP’s what you are doing and potential side effects so they can keep an eye out for you.  I didn’t realise how bad I was until I stopped taking it and went back to my normal self after a couple of weeks. 

That said, I have several friends who have sucessfully quit on it, so it’s definitely doable.  

Other things that have helped:

– Starting an excercise regime that shows how out of breath I am

– Hypnosis videos on youtube about quitting smoking – this is how I quit last time. There are lots are only 10-20 minutes long and they get you to visualise you cleaning your body of the toxins – it’s quite powerful and really helped me keep my willpower going.

– Reading stories online of diaries of people who have died of smoking related illnesses.  I obviously know about the dangers, but to read what they went through makes it a lot more real. 


You can do it!  Just not one puff ever!  I was feeling better than ever during my last quit, had so much more energy, looked nicer, smelt nicer then I went out drinking with a group of smoker friends and had 1 and I was hooked again.  Went out and bought a packet later that night and just picked right up where I left off. 


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Years ago I did take Wellbutrin to quit smoking and it did work for awhile. I have quit and gone back several times in my life. On Wellbutrin I found myself grabbing for a cigarrette, getting ready to light it and changing my mind. Eventually I stopped. I don’t know if Chantix works the same way or not. I am considering asking my doctor about it as well. Keep us posted on how it goes for you because I would be interested in finding out from someone who actually tries it as opposed to my non smoking doctors who are just telling me how it works without having used it!

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mskatie :  Be careful. My best friend friend took it and it gave her suicidal ideations and it gave my husband really vivid dreams, that resulted in choppy sleep. Also he couldn’t taste food while taking it . As soon as they both stopped taking it, they stopped experiencing their issues  



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jellybellynelly : 

Well that sounds like a good trade off for saying goodbye to cigarettes!!

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mskatie :  BOOM CHIKA WOW WOW!!! 😜

Edited : Just read about other peoples side effects. I hope you don’t experience any other side effect other than some vidid sexy dreams. Good luck OP. Negative habits surrounding addiction issues are the hardest to break. I’ve been obese and overweight  for the majority of my life. I’ve finally gotten to a healthy  weight but habits around food was so hard to navigate for me. Replacing existing behaviours with none food ones helped and avoiding places or scenarios that would tempt me helped to especially in the beginning phases of weight loss. Know your triggers and habits and find something else to distract you. I excercjse in front of the TV or do puzzles online because I like to eat at night when I’m bored or idle. Preempt your triggers and change behaviors until your new behavior becomes routine. Good luck!


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mskatie :  Extremely vivid dreams are common. As PP have said, pay very close attention to your mood and listen to friends and family if they notice any drastic changes. I’ve seen several male patients and one female patient be triggered into earlier onset of schizophrenia that would have eventually occurred anyway. If you have a history of any mood disorders, family history of mental illness or previous experiences with depression they can sometimes be worsened. 

Many, many people have successfully quit with Chantix when years of other attempts have failed. It really can be a helpful tool in helping you through your quitting journey. I know three people personally who were long-term smokers of over a decade or more who have quit using Chantix and have remained smoke-free for between three and five years so far.

cmsgirl  had some really great advice about avoiding triggers and replacing your habits. I found this true when I quit smoking cold turkey, and several years later I no longer miss it or need to avoid triggers using exactly the methods she suggests. It took about a year and a half to stop thinking about smoking when I heard certain sounds or was around certain activities or feelings, but after a few years, I easily disregard even the idea of it and feel far, far healthier physically in a way I never expected. And my wallet is happier, too.

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I have taken Chantix before. It worked until I finished it and went back to smoking. Have you tried Wellbuterin? That’s supposed to help as well.  Today I am on day 23 of no smoking taking my WB and Nicorette. 

I know it’s hard bee. I am so cranky and have been questioning my sanity lol. We can do this!

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My FH took Chantix to quit and hasn’t had a cigarette in 10 months.  It really helped him a lot, but of course it doesn’t do all the work for you.  Every now and then he says something reminds him of it and he sort of wants on, but he’s not craving them.  He says when he watches old movies where they smoke a lot he can still smell it, lol.

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mskatie :  good luck! My mom quit using chantix once (she’s quit a dozen times over the past 40 years…) and she actually LOVED the weird dreams it gave her. Her brother had to stop it because he got nightmares. 

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A guy I was dating smoked like a chimney and started Chantix, he stopped smoking, but the dreams, anxiety and paranoia made it so that he couldn’t finish. He went back to smoking after. I second PPs recommendation to make sure you have people that know what you’re doing an know what to look out for. Good Luck. 

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