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    I haven’t gotten any calls like this, thankfully.  But, I do know that it’s actually illegal for a debt collector to disclose the amount of the debt to anybody other than the person they are collecting on.  So, if they knew you weren’t the right person and still told you what the debt was, they’re breaking the law.  If you ever want the calls to stop, just say that you are familiar with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  

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    @Ms_Purple:  Happens a few times a month all for different people, but it gets cleared up pretty quickly when I answer.

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    @Ms_Purple:  My boss gets these on her home phone ALL.THE.TIME. She has talked with numerous people and trying to explain she is not this other lady…. I guess they don’t believe her since they keep calling. It’s awful. I’d switch phone numbers.

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    My cell number use to belong to a total dead beat.  I get collection calls for him all the time.  I can’t count the number of companies that I have had to tell that I am not him, I do not know him, this is a cell phone, please stop calling me. 

    His grandma is a delightful lady though.  I had a 15 minute conversation with her. 🙂

    A best practice for this senario; take the name and address of the company that is calling.  If the same company calls again, tell them that you have already told them not to call you, and that you will report them under the fair credit reporting act.  That will get the calls to stop.

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    When I lived in Chicago, I constantly got calls from the Cook County Jail. They were collect, and I never accepted the calls. One night, instead of the guy’s name, when they said “collect call from the Cook County jail from XXXX,” he yelled “pick up the F(&W$ing phone!” Well, I sure as hell wasn’t going to accept a call just to tell him it was the wrong number, plus SCARY! 

    I also got one call from collections for someone else–same name, but an ebay charge I’d never made/was never charged to me. The lady just said “oh, we just guessed. We don’t have your SS# or anything, so don’t worry about it.”

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    I once had a woman keep calling me convinced I was her granddaughter. I would say no, I’m sorry wrong number. Then she would b. Like no, you sound like my granddaughter. Once I said, no my name is x-first name and she said, ya, that’s my granddaughters name! So apparently her granddaughter also has the same first name as me! 

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    My husband got these calls all the time when he first got his work phone in TX. They would subside and then months later he’d get them again from a different agency. We could only figure that another agency had “bought” the debt and was trying to collect when the cycle would start over again.

    Definitely a pain in the butt…not sure there’s much you can do about it besides wait them out. Ugh sorry you’re having to deal with it!

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    @Ms_Purple:  this happened to my husband. they were calling for a “josephine”. when Darling Husband tried to explain they were calling the wrong person, theyd hang up mid sentence EVERY TIME. it was infuriating. he downloaded an app to block all calls other than those in his phonebook. hes job hunting now for a better position, and this damn call block is just another road block. I feel ur pain!!

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    This happened to me once… it was scary. I actually had to provide proof that I was not who they were saying to get them off my back. Of course I made sure they were legit before I gave out any info to clear my name.

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    We got Darling Husband a pre-paid phone a while back to cut our cell phone bill & save some $$. He started getting not calls from debt collectors but dude’s trying to hook up w. their prostitute! It was hilarious! He’d get at least 3-4 texts a day from some randum dude along the lines of “same price as last time?” or “I really loved that thing you did last time- when are you free again” or “Hey there you sexy slut you”…. Too f*in funny! I kept telling him he needed to respond & play it up but sadly he never did =(

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    i’ve had this happen and it’s so annoying.

    many years ago, someone kept calling and leaving messages for owing money for something i wasn’t aware of.  when i did answer the phone they asked for almost my name (last name ending with an “sh” instead of “ch”.  i corrected them and they said that i owed money for over payment for unemployment.  i told them i don’t know what they are talking about and that i’ve never been on unemployment.  they were determined that i was.  i kept insisting they have the wrong person.  they confirmed my birthday and it was one day off, same month and year though. weird, huh?  it wasn’t until they asked for my social insurance number that they realized they had the wrong person.


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    When I changed my cell phone, I received a call for the previous owner of the number. I made the mistake of answering, so they kept calling (not as often as the OP, though). I changed the number calling me (and any associated numbers with the same prefix) to ringtone SILENT, so I never heard them call. And I did not answer any calls from numbers I did not recognize. After a while (it took 6-8 weeks), the calls stopped. When they don’t get an answer at a number, they usually stop calling. I still don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize, and that keeps the calls at bay (though I receive none now). If it is someone important, I either have their number or they leave a message, so I don’t actually miss anything important.

    Telling collectors you are not the person they are seeking is pointless. They won’t believe you. So don’t try to reason with them or have them take you off their lists. The calls will INCREASE and not decrease when you do this. Ignoring them is the only way I’ve heard of to get them to stop.

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    OMG!!!!!  I’m so over this.  Someone has my exact same name, same middle initial, same odd spelling, and everything.  It’s so freaking annoying!!!!  I get letters, I get calls, I get harassed constantly.

    One especially annoying time, this collector called and started berating me over the phone about “my” debt.  I said, “You have the wrong person.  I don’t even have a Mastercard, let alone any Mastercard debt.”

    He kept telling me I did!  I told him to ask me the identifying information questions to prove it wasn’t me, but he refused!!  He just kept telling me that he could see the debt I owed.

    Finally, I just started volunteering the information; I said, “Look, I was born on ____, the last 4 of my social is ____, does that match the person you’re looking for?!”  There was a pause and then he said no, apologized, and hung up.  Aicarumba!  What a jerk.

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