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I actually have never been big…the biggest I have ever been is a size 6….and right now I am a 4….but with that said…I also had a huge growth spurt…and my skin couldnt keep up…I have large, deep slivery stretchmarks on my hips, boobs and thighs…honestly my dermatologist said that those creams do not work on old stretch marks at all…for a while I would only wear boy shorts and avoid a bikini at all costs…but after a while i was just like F* it and now I forget that they are even there…occasionally I still look at them and think yuck….but then I try to tell myself that there are much worse things that could go wrong with me than stretch marks… I know that doesnt really help but it does put things into perspective for me. I have had my marks since I was 15…and I have never had any kids….I think some of us are just more prone to them. You are definately not alone!!

I have also tried lasering them at a derm office to stimulate collagen production…not only was it painful (it LITERALLY burns your skin…and it turns black and peels and scabs and ITCHES like crazy) it also did not work for me. it may work for newer stretch marks but I definately DO NOT recommend it for old stretchmarks.

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I have stretch marks!  They are on my hips/thighs mainly from a growth spurt when I was younger.  I have tried some of the stretch mark creams, but have not been consistent enough with it to give you a good idea of whether it actually works or not.  I just wear what I want to go swimming….SO many people have stretch marks.  I have learned to accept it as part of me and not worry about it.  I am also pale though and don’t tan all that well, so mine are usually not that obvious unless you are looking for them – and no one should be coming that close to have a look unless it’s my FI!  

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I totally feel your pain!!! I have two kids. Before getting pregnant with my first child, I went from 110lbs to 180. So ya, my skin definetly couldn’t grow fast enough and my stomach is covered in stretch marks. I use Bio-Oil religiously and I think it’s helping alot! It’s very frustrating tho, when I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight but I still can’t rock a bikini anymore πŸ™

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Cocoa butter?  I don’t think any cream will make them disappear.  They’ll fade over time.

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I feel your pain too πŸ™ I was overweight as a teenager as well and I also grew VERY quickly (height wise) and developed breasts almost overnight, and even though I slimmed down, the stretch marks stayed. I have really bad ones on my breasts, hips and thighs and even some near my underarms. I hate them πŸ™ Most of mine would be about 20 years old now and whilst they are all silver, they are very noticeable and as such I’m going to be basing my wedding dress choice on something that won’t show them on my chest πŸ™

I’ve been to some of the best in the business in terms of cosmetic surgeons and derms in Australia to see if there have been any developments in their treatment. Honestly? No.

They can laser them to remove the red colouration in newer marks. They can laser them to try to stimulate collagen growth, but basically your lower layers of skin have been torn and nothing is going to miraculously knit that back together and remove the scar. They can also inject fillers into them to fill the marks out a bit and reduce their appearance, but this apparently doesn’t make them invisible AND it’s expensive AND it’s only temporary also.

I basically went to these people and said if I give you a blank cheque can you fix it (no, I’m not wealthy, but I am desperate and to me getting rid of them would make a huge difference to my confidence etc). And the answer is always no πŸ™ The best they can offer is to “possibly” help “somewhat”… but most of them were honest enough to tell me not to waste my money.

I think photoshopping the pics is a great idea! I’ve also thought of doing the same thing!!!



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I’ve never tried it, but Mederma has a new stretch mark cream/ointment. I have thought about buying it as I too have the ugly stretch marks both from teenage growth spurt and weight gain & loss. I have thought the Mederma product might work since I’ve used if for scars and it did a great job. Not cheap though.

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Yep, lighter than skin colour is what I (and my derm) call silver πŸ™‚ The skin inside the mark itself takes on a different colour/texture to your other skin, which is part of the problem.

I’m super pale, but I’m going to try a spray tan for the first time in my life this summer to see if it makes them less noticeable at all. Worth a shot I think!

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