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  • Wedding: September 2013

well my fiance is the twin brother of my ex colleagues boyfriend. I had broken up with my ex of 4 years 5 months prior and she was trying to set me up with people she knew.

She made me write a list of preferences in a guy.

She showed me numerous facebook profiles all of which i said no to. She was emailing them to find out how tall they were as im 5’8 and like tall guys. none fitted the bill. one guy seemed interested in me but she told him the following week i was no longer single and that was that.

a month later she told me at work that one of the guys wanted to know if i was still single. my first question? ‘how tall is he!’ she emailed him and he responded 5’8.

i looked through his facebook pics when i got home and decided he was better looking than i thought so sent him a message. We ended up exchanging numbers and chatted all evening.

He text me the following day he was in my town and if i wanted to go with him to the local superstore as he needed to pick something up,  i agreed

it turned out he actually wanted to collect the newly released starwars game AT MIDNIGHT from TESCO. He picked me up and because we were early he showed me where he grew up. at one point i made him get out of the car to check his height as he looked short!…um yeah hes 5’5- he lied!!!

So our first date was tesco and somehow our love grew from their-even if he didnt!

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  • Wedding: October 2012

There was an all day showing of the LOTR movies. We got tired halfway through The Two Towers and spent the rest of the evening talking over ramen noodles.

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hmmm we didn’t have first date necessarily. We were “seeing each other” but in the beginning it was in group settings and was very social. We did talk on the phone a lot and have some late nights sitting in the car just talking when we were first dating each other. Our first actual “date” was when we were already obviously interested in being together. I went to his house an hour away in his hometown and we watched the end of the american idol finale lol I had to see who won before we went anywhere! then he just told me to get in the car and didn’t tell me where we were going. He drove and drove and drove and we were basically on a two lane road in complete darkness with corn fields all around us. At this point I got nervous and asked straight out if he was going to murder me or something because he was taking me out into the middle of nowhere. He laughed and assured me that no, he was not going to kill me. He ended up pulling off to the side of the road on a dirt like road in th emiddle of one of the corn fields. I refused to get out at first because now i was just convinced I was going to be murdered and end up on some 2020 episode. When he finally got me out of the car he said to close my eyes. Then he had me look up and open my eyes. there were a gazillion stars! im a city girl and the last time I had been out by his house I mentioned how many more stars you could see out by him as opposed to in chicago. I was just amazed and it was beautiful so he said he wanted to really show me the stars since he knew how much I liked them before. I felt so bad for thinking he was gonna murder me ! lol we just stayed there in the car and talked and it was a great evening. Not your typical first date story since it was already after we were kind of involved but thats the first time he took me to do something that wasnt an outing with our mutual friends in a very social environment or just randomly sitting in a car after one of the social outings and talking.

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  • Wedding: October 2013

My first date we went to a lovely Italian restaurant. When we got there, our waiter stopped to ask us if we were on our first date, and told us that we looked great together. It was awkward and funny at the same time. I didn’t think we acted too awkwardly, but we laughed it off and had a fantastic dinner. 

After dinner, we walked around outside on a busy and popular street in my area. We didn’t want to stop talking, so we decided to head into Starbucks since it was a nice chilly night out.We ordered coffee, but all of the tables were taken up outside and inside. The only table available was a table in this space between a wall and the bathroom.

We sat down and laughed, calling it the reject table. A couple of minutes of talking, a women a a little bit older than us walks over. She says word for word “are you on your first date? I want you to know that exactly a year ago today, we had our first date, and sat at this table– the only table available here, and today, we are engaged. This table is lucky, enjoy it you guys”! 

Needless to say we laughed about this, uncomfortable again, but it couldn’t have been more true! 4.5 years later, fi proposed to me at our “reject” table. 

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  • Wedding: October 2012

We met at church.  About 1.5-2 months later he asked for my phone number over facebook.  I sent it to him and he called immediately.  He said he had been trying to program my number into his phone when it started calling me instead and he was afraid to hang up on me. lol  I could tell he was being honest because he really had no idea what to say.  But he finally asked me out and we agreed to a date on Sunday after church.

We went to a local diner for lunch that Sunday.  We’ve been inseparable ever since! We went back to the diner on our wedding day to take pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

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G and I had been chatting online for a couple months before we actually met each in person. Although we weren’t dating, it was evident that we were both interested in each other. He lived in Orlando, FL and I lived on the Gulf Coast of Alabama. Some friends of mine were going to Orlando for a school function, so I decided to go down with them. That way, I could meet G but if he was a total psycho, I had an out. lol. He picked me up from my friends’ hotel and took me to breakfast. Then he took me to Seaworld. Best first date ever! I’ll never forget it. He even bought us both season passes so that I’d have to come back to see him Tongue Out That was in February of 2009. We had an LDR for almost a year before we decided to move in together. Now we’ve lived together for 3 years and are getting married in July! We still go back to Seaworld every year. It’s our special place.

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We went to the movies on our first date on the opening weekend to see Anchorman; so not a cool or super interesting story there. 

However when it was his turn to plan a date night several months back, he took me to see The Campaign and related it back to the fact that our first date was a Will Ferrell movie. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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  • Wedding: April 2013

Ok, I’m only sharing this, because you said you like the show Firefly (which I LOVE), but be warned it’s super nerdy.  My Fiance and I met online, playing World of Warcraft (for the horde!) after my guild moved servers.  I didn’t want to move, and I ended up joining his guild.  After months of gaming with each other as raid members, he confessed that he liked me. 

The problem was, I was in Southern CA and he was in northern NJ.  So we went on our first date….in game.  He crafted us waterbreathing potions and we went snorkeling in Stranglethorn, we took our mounts and rode around the desserts of Tanaris, and we finished our date watching the moon in Booty Bay.  This is us sitting next to each other (with his first gift to me, an Azure Whelpling pet)

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I feel like I’ve said this a million times already on the Bee, but heck, here it is again… Cool

My Fiance and I had met years earlier at work (I serving, he bartending). We were both in serious relationships at the time, and we didn’t talk much. Which was fine with me, because I didn’t like him. Haha, that’s a whole ‘nother story! Anywho, a bit later–after he and I had both broken up with our respective SOs–a mutual friend suggested I go out with my now FI (she wanted to, but had a boyfriend at the time). I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about surrounding this guy who I did not care for, so I decided to go to his house and have a drink with him. One drink turned into many, and we stayed up until about 10 in the morning just talking. I started to see what all the fuss was about!

But, that wasn’t the first date…

Since we had both just gotten out of something serious, we wanted to take it slow. I was taking it too slow, however, because he kept asking me, “When are you going to let me take you out to dinner?” I kept saying, “Never.”

Finally, one night, he told me that after work a bunch of people were going to a local restaurant (which just so happened to be a favorite of mine… aside from the food, it was the only restaurant in town that had my favorite beer on tap). He suggested we ride together, since it was only on-street parking in the middle of downtown. Everyone at work confirmed they were coming, so Fiance and I headed on our merry way.

When we got to the restaurant, we were seated at a two-top, not very conducive for seating 8+ people. He watched me as realization spread over my face and started laughing. He tricked me! We broke out in laughter and both enjoyed a pint of my favorite beer Tongue Out

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  • Wedding: September 2013

Fiance and I have actually known each other since 6th grade.  We were always friendly, but never particularly close. We reconnected on St. Patty’s Day in 2009 when we both wound up at the same bar (he was trashed, I was sober…and I made him sit down and drink water with me before I would let him leave)

Our first *official* date was to a local steakhouse.  Then we stopped by his co-worker’s house for a bit, then to a bar where his parents were – so yea, I met the Future In-Laws on the first date! 

We had been hanging out a lot (in that awkward we’re friends but we like each other but we’re not sure what we want to do about it stage) between the night we “remet” and the night of our first date plus I already knew that he wasn’t some psycho killer, so we kinda just settled into the relationship quickly.  Honestly though – I knew it was going to be something special from the first hug on those steps at the bar.  ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: October 2012

@howtobeawife:  How awesome that you got to go back to your first date spot for your wedding photos! 

@housebee:  Haha, nerdiness (and Firefly) for the win. I love how you guys made a MMORPG date…maybe I should have tried that when now-DH and I were long distance for a while. Lord knows we spend most of our nights together playing video games anyway, might as well do it long distance.

We didn’t have a real first date. We grew up together, and he was one my brother’s best friends. Sometime in our teenage years, we started hanging out more and realized we had similar interests, which progressed to dating. We still hang out in that group: my brother, one of our other good friends, Darling Husband, and I.

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  • Wedding: January 2013

We met at the bar.  He says I blew him off for my friends that night, but I honestly don’t remember.  I know that we talked long enough to discover that we were both recently seperated from our former spouses and had moved back home to regroup and lick our wounds.  Funny enough, home turned out to be only a block away from each other.  I guess I probably did blow him off because he called my parents’ house the next day to talk to me because he’d “lost my number.”  That’s because I don’t ever remember giving him my number.

We hung out as friends for awhile.  We’d load up into his VW van and spend hours just driving around and talking.  Our first date was the day he took me sailing.  We weren’t actually planning on putting the sails up, we were just going to motor out, have a few drinks, and camp out on the boat.  We get out about 1000 yards or so from the marina and are going to go under a bridge and turn around when the motor dies.  About this time, a storm starts rolling in.  No problem, we have sails.  The storm will produce wind.  We’ll make it back to the marina.  So he starts to raise the sails….and the mainsail gets stuck about halfway up the mast.  So we’re under a bridge, trying not to hit the piling, and he’s climbing the mast with lightening starting to strike all around us.  He manages to get the mainsail raised and we sail back to the marina where we proceed to drink heavily.  He says it’s a miracle that I agreed to even see him again, much less ever go sailing again.

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  • Wedding: October 2012

We took off of work a few hours early and headed down to one of the big malls in the area.  We shopped around a bit and Darling Husband bought me the cutest shirt.  It had Mario dreaming of Princess Peach on it.  Then we went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner since we had never been there before.  After that we went to see Despicable Me in 3D which was so much fun.  Then we headed home.

Kinda boring but amazing for us.  ๐Ÿ™‚

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