[NWR] This is super minor but annoying… WWYD?

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I actually have someone who does the exact same thing. She adds an S to my last name. Every. Single. Time. I haven’t corrected it after 5 years lol. It doesn’t really bother me, but I do roll my eyes every time I get a courier with this different name on it. 

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Oh my gosh, I can relate to this. 

Several years ago (many years ago, when I was much younger) I was working in an office where an older woman regularly treated me with disrespect and kept calling me by the wrong name, for example, adding “ie” on the end of my name.  My name ends with an “a.”  (Think Julia, she would call me Julie). 

After about two or three years of this I confronted her and said, (her name was Rowena), “Rowena, you know my name is Julia, not Julie.  I’ve mentioned this to you before.  Yet, you still keep calling me Julie even though I have worked here for three years.  What I’m going to do is start calling you Roweenie until you get my name right, so you will understand how I feel.  Ok?”

Rowena never called me by the wrong name ever again.

In your case I would let her know she keeps spelling your name wrong.  And if she doesn’t correct it, start spelling her name wrong as well.  Maybe it will get through to her.  ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I’d correct her on it. It is rude and at this point I think you’re justified in thinking it may be intentional. You don’t need to call that out entirely, but once you have formally corrected her then she has no excuse and if it continues it absolutely can be considered a minor form of harassment, especially if she frequently says things that are disrespectful to or about you because of your age. 

Next time she spells it wrong in an email, tag a correction on to your response and frame it as correctly spelling a colleagues name as being part of a respectful and professional work environment. 

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tulipdazey :  Debra is easy!  Spell it Deborah from now on.  Lol.

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I’d correct her gently in writing (respond to an email with, oh I actually spell my name Mandy not Mandi, but I can see how you’d miss that! Thanks in advance!) and then every time she misspells it refer back to that email. I’d keep track of number of times shes done it (Hey- this is the third time you’ve spelled my name wrong after me asking you if you could spell it right, I’d really appreciate if you could take the time to get it right, it’s in my email address and email signiture if you forget), and then forward that email chain to the president of the compant if she really doesn’t back down. 

Sorry you have to deal with that, it sounds very frustrating! 

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tulipdazey :  I’m all about revenge and giving someone a taste of their own medicine. 

However, I actually agree with mandaadee : ‘s very mature idea.  Probably a better idea than mine!  The day I snapped on Rowena was just one of those days I had had enough, having a bad day anyway, and let her have it.  However, Rowena was a true witch and completely deserved it; normally I’m much more patient and nice with people.  

Is it possible Debra just doesn’t know how to spell?

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tulipdazey :  Girl, just let it go. I get called the wrong name a lot. my name is Juliana, I go by Julie, but it never fails people call me Julia. Its no big deal, breathe and let it go. If she calls you stan, then you can correct her. 

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I get this all the time, since my name isn’t uncommon, but can be spelled in different ways.  It’s super annoying when I specifically sign my name with the correct spelling, and get a response with the incorrect spelling from people.  But these exchanges are generally with people I don’t have a problem with otherwise, so I just shake my head and vent to my hubby.  It’s like, THE CORRECT SPELLING IS *RIGHT* THERE!

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tulipdazey :  Deborah, emphasis on the o. That’s probably the most common misunderstanding for a name.

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