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It’s really difficult when you first get them. I found sitting really close to the mirror so you can see what your doing a big help, also if you have tried a couple of time an cant leave it half an hour or so an let your eyes rest. Youll never get them in irritated eyes

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My dad taught me not to use a mirror. He said its easier if you focus on the contact while your putting it in your eye. That means dont look away as its coming towards your eye (kind of like you’re playing chicken with your contact lens). This really cut down on the time I took fumbling around when I first started wearing them. Good luck and it’ll get easier.

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The important thing is to do what is the most natural for you. I embarassingly had to go back to the eye doctor more than once before they would give me contacts, because I couldn’t put them in using any of their methods.

I ended up doing it this way: I look up, pull open my eyelids a bit with my off hand, and place the lense below my iris (though it’s actually about half on it, from what I’ve heard from my SO after watching me do it). Then I look down and to the sides to let it even out into its correct position. I don’t look at a mirror to the do it, and it freaks people out, but it works for me!

As for blinking: everyone has that problem when they start. It’s natural. We blink to protect the eyes from debris, so it’s a good reflex! Just like shaving for the first few times, your eye has to build up a tolerance to being touched. Once you have practice, your eye won’t react so harshly and you can touch it all you like, haha. 🙂

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I just suggest doing what the doctors told you to do: Use one hand to pull your eyelids apart and put the lens on the tip of a finger on the other hand. 

It just takes time to get it. When I first got contacts it took me half and hour to get them in. After a week it took me a second. You’ll get it eventually. 

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What everyone else said. :p I got them when I was 11 and the first week, I had to get up like an hour early just to wrestle with the stupid things. Now I can pop those suckers in and out without even looking in a mirror. It’ll get easier!

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I’ve been wearing contacts for 13 years. It’s hard at first, but it will get easier. Here are some things I’ve figured out:

-The iris and pupil are the most sensitive parts of your eye. It might be easier to look up or to the side, place the contact on the white of your eye, then gently slide it into place.

-Always release the lower eyelid first. This will help keep the contact in your eye when the air bubble beneath it is released.

-When removing, gently slide the contact away from your iris onto the white. Then, pinch the lens to create a fold and lift it off of your eye. This can be hard if the contact is very dry or very wet (like when you just put it in). If it’s dry, use an eye drop first.

An unexpected benefit of wearing contacts and getting used to touching your eyeballs is that it makes it very easy to get eyelashes out!

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I actually put mine in a little weird, but it works for me! 

I hold my eye open (both lids upper and lower) and then I look to the left. So essentially I am putting the contact on just my eyeball. As I place the contact on my eyeball, I look back straight while gently sliding the contact into place. 

I can’t stay looking straight while my contact goes in my eye, so I find that adverting my eyes, and then looking back straight once the contact has rested on my eye works best for me. 

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@LaCroix:  Do you have acrylic nails?  Long nails make it super tricky!

I look straight at the mirror while some people like to look up then blink it into place.  Try both of those.

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You have to work past your eye’s natural reaction to blink. It takes a lot of practice to do that–they make you sit in the dr’s office and practice in 30 minute increments because your eye will get too irritated and dry any longer than that.

I don’t need a mirror anymore, but you will at the beginning. I do pretty much what @hachimitsu: does: with the lens on my fingertip, I pull down my bottom lid with another fingertip (same hand), look up and to the side, and press the lens onto my eye partially on the iris. I blink and move my eyeball a bit to get it seated (it’ll seat itself). Make sure you use saline solution to soak them when you’re not wearing them, and then clean them off if there’s stuff on there (which your Fiance can show you how to do). You’ll be amazed at all of the stuff that gets on your contacts, haha.

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@Mars62312:  I’ve gotten into the habit of using my two middle fingers to pinch the lens out.  I think I had to adapt to that technique when I was younger and had long nails.  

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@tracylesq:  Yeah it’s tricky!  I still can’t do it (but I never have long nails anyway).  I was wondering if this was why she was having so much trouble getting started.  

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I’ve been wearing contacts for maybe 10 years. I still have trouble if my eyes are dry or irritated, so sometimes I’ll use eye drops right before inserting them in the winter months.

Make sure the contact isn’t inside out as well, or else it won’t feel right or stay on your eye right. If you look at it from the side while it’s on your fingertip, it should look like the edges curve in or straight up, not curved out like a salad bowl.

What @vermonster:  said about the air bubble is true, too. If it doesn’t “stick” to your eye, make sure you let go of your lower eyelid before you take your finger away so it’s held in place.

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