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  • poll: How many tickets have you received?
    None, I am the best driver! : (31 votes)
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    1 : (29 votes)
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    2-3 : (21 votes)
    21 %
    4-5 : (13 votes)
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    Honey Beekeeper
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    For driving just one, for forgetting to licence my car in November, I think 3.  I always get so busy that time of year that I always forget, and I work 5 doors down from the DMV.

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    Sugar bee
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    No tickets for me.  I’ve been driving for almost 7 years now.  -knocks on wood-  πŸ™‚ 

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    Busy bee
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    Haha, something very similar happened to me in the summer.
    Apparently, i turned left on a VERY stale yellow.
    I looked in my rear-view and saw a police-car with it’s lights on, and thought for sure it couldn’t be for me, so I moved over into the right-hand lane and slowed down for him to pass, but he never did.

    Yup, i’m a dumbass, he was pulling me over, and it only took me 4 blocks to realize.  Thankfully he only gave me a warning and not a ticket, but i was horrified nonetheless.  I feel your pain πŸ™‚

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    Sugar bee
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    I got one for speeding a long time ago (around 2 years ago). I first started driving when I was 18. 

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    Honey bee
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    Too many. Although I have been very good and haven’t gotten one in about a year! Wait… I take that back. I got one in July for expired inspection and registration but I got that cleared!

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    Bee Keeper
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    I’ve never received a ticket, but I have been stopped because my license plate frame covered part of the word TEXAS. I don’t understand why that is an issue because all University/College license plate frames cut off part of the word.

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    Busy bee
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    Never have gotten a ticket, but have gotten a few written warnings.  The best one I got out of is: I was leaving a friends house late about 1amish and I pulled out of the side street on to the main street but pulled out in front of a State cop (which I didn’t know it was a Statie at the time) turned off the main street onto another side road that is kind of narrow and has a speed limit of 25.  Now its late at night and I know that no one will be on this road and EVERYONE speeds down it so I’m bombing along at like 40 in a 25.  Come to a 4 way stop, roll through, starting doing down another street.  Come to another stop and roll through again, while I was smoking a cigarette and flicked it out the window.

    Then the lights come and I think CRAP! So the cop pulls me and asks the routine questions, blah blah blah.  He notices on my license that I am legally suppose to wear my glasses while driving (but I don’t wear them).  I tell him that I’m not wearing them but did notice that I was wearing my seatbelt (score for me!)

    So a long story short: He gave me a written warning of speeding but with all the other violations that I had, it would’ve been a $800+ ticket!  Flirting goes a long way LOL!!  My insurance wouldve sky rocketed and my cleaning driving down the pipes!

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    I’ve been driving for almost 7 years now and last Wednesday I was pulled over for the second time! The first time I was giving a ticket for speeding (I was going down the other side of the mountain pass, listening to music and was the only car on the interstate!). It was my fault and I just paid the ticket. But on Wednesday, I was pulled over because I didn’t move over far enough away from the cop who had pulled someone else over (it’s being really enforced in WA state now and carries a $250 ticket!). The cop only gave me a warning because he recognized it was only half my fault since it was on a small road, with another car in the opposite direction and the speed limit is 50 mph (which might of caused another accident if I completely stopped). 

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    I’ve been driving since I was 14, I’m currently 27, almost 28.

    In just shy of 14 years, I’ve 5 tickets Embarassed

    Age 15 – underage driving

    Age 16 – running a stop sign (Confusing 5-way intersection, I stopped at 1 stop sign, I didn’t realize I was supposed to manuver over and stop again in 20 ft.)

    Age 19 or 20 – running a stop sign (One of those that to the left is a dead-end, everyone always rolled through it, I got caught. I made sure to come to a full stop after that, and several times I almost got rear-ended because the person behind me wasn’t expecting me to actually stop.)

    Age 21 – inattentive driving (I rear-ended someone, they suddenly stopped and I couldn’t stop fast enough)

    Age 27 – speeding (merged onto a 55 mph from a 65 mph, didn’t realize the speed limit changed)


    EDIT:  I should add, I drove a lot in high school, I was averaging 600 miles a week. (I went to private school in another town than I lived in, and then I worked in yet another town that my high school sweetheart lived in. Plus extracirricular activities.) And in college I drove a significant amount as well, not as much as high school, but still a good amount, over 200 miles a week in early college.

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    Sugar bee
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    Luckily I have never been pulled over…but I am dreading the day that I see those lights in my rear view. I just hope that I’m wearing makeup that day and look presentable lol

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