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This is why family bathrooms, one individual room so who ever needs it can. It is beyond a trans issue but one that also effects those of opposite gender. The elderly that need assistance from a helper who may be of the opposite gender, same with little kids. Single fathers with young girls, they cannot go in the women’s and the kid shouldn’t go in the men’s. The transgender arguement is simply a misnomer to sway the arguement without looking into the full scope of the issue. Yes, it does affect them but also affects many others. Hope that helps.

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This is the most ridiculous issue I’ve ever heard of.  I can’t wrap my head around why people give a flying f*ck what bathrooms people use.  I’m sure I’ve shared bathrooms with plenty of transgendered individuals, but how would I know? Why do I care?  I don’t.  And yes these idiots want a male born as a female to use the ladie’s room – this will only highlight the fact that he is transgendered.  

I would also like to know how many people have been raped by transgendered people in public bathrooms, but no one seems to be able to come up with an answer to that.  

My country legalized same-sex marriage in 2005.  It’s such a non-issue and I don’t get why the USA cares so much about who people choose as their partner, or if they identify as a different gender.  How does it affect my life if someone else is transgendered?  It doesn’t.  It infuriates me to no end, but only shows the world how bigoted the USA can be.

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llevinso :  Exaaaactly. When this first became a “thing”, I was like, what?? I don’t notice who uses the bathroom. Ever. There could be a football team in the stalls and I wouldn’t notice. I just don’t really study the people near me. Get in, get out. That’s my goal.


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I probably saw a penis once when my dad took me to the men’s room as a little girl. Somehow, I managed to get through it without trauma! Wow I must be so brave.

One time I was in the ladies room, having a pretty arduous poo, and someone walked in and went in another stall. I’ll admit, I was jarred when I heard the pee sound, because it was just way more forceful than any woman I’ve heard before. I looked at the person’s shoes and they were facing the toilet, definitely using some sort of body contraption to pee whilst standing up. I was perplexed, but went on with my poo and again, managed to get through the fact that a man may have used the same bathroom as me. Honestly I think me being in there probably messed up his life way more than him being there messed up mine (that smell I had going was bad). Or maybe I was in the men’s room? Who knows.

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llevinso :  I love when people use the argument that now perverts can pretend they’re a woman and go into the women’s bathroom to assualt someone. How is that even logical?! Do you really think that someone who was planning to break the law and assualt another person is going to follow the rules of the bathroom anyways?! No! They’ll march their happy ass in whatever bathroom they feel like regardless of the law.

Also, maybe if our public bathrooms weren’t so shitty in the US this wouldn’t be an issue. My coworker went to Japan and apparently their stalls have legit doors. No cracks or anything you can peek into and they lock and are pretty sturdy so most people aren’t able to just bust up in there. Why can’t we focus on providing quality restrooms so we can all just pee together in peace haha

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llevinso :  Because access to public facilities is a basic civil right and creating moral panic around that is a great way to further criminalize existing as a trans person. 

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llevinso :  Yup. I have the same problem even trying to understand the objection. I just don’t get it. I also don’t understand how you would enforce biological-sex-separated bathrooms — is there an attendant at the door & everyone trying to enter has to show their birth certificate?! It’s ridiculous. 

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I feel like this is becoming a huge issue (on both sides of the aisle). Like pp- I don’t understand how one family bathroom solves the issue. If you need more space/its unclear to you which bathroom to use…just use the big, neutral one. 

Although- I don’t agree that it’s a federal gov’t issue, in which there should be any force or requirement mandating how many bathrooms/types of bathrooms offered. I think we’ve somehow navigated this issue for years without any government intervention and continue to do so. 

Use the gender neutral bathroom (if available) and if not, pick which one you’re most comfortable with/ makes the most sense. Most people don’t spend THAT much time in public restrooms anyways. The goal is get in, do your business, wash your hands, and get out. 

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Make no mistake, this is not about bathroom access, just like how in the 1950’s it wasn’t about water fountains.


(saw it on facebook so I can’t take credit for it— George Takei has a brilliant way with words)

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My dad was a work from home dad when I was little, so I went the men’s restroom a lot when I was 4 and under and the women’s restroom on my own when I was just a bit bigger.

I have no memory of any private parts being flashed around in any restroom, and no one seemed to really care what toilet I used.

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llevinso :  You missed my point. It’s not a fed gov’t issue in my opinion. With regard to schools- let local communities vote for what they want to do with their schools, or states, or school-boards. 

Again, there doesn’t need to be a mandate for family/gender neutral restrooms. If businesses want to have them- great, that’s their choice. If schools want to build them, great- let the local tax payers vote for that decision. 

my issue is that it’s become a fed gov’t issue. I think the president (both obama and trump, so not a politically motivated comment) should be worrying about things that are more important than who uses what bathroom. Let schools, families, businesses, etc figure it out on their own. Not the government. 

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