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italianbride0508 :  I’m unclear why you think it’s not a civil rights issue, but I’m not sure what you are using as the boundaries of ‘civil rights’. But I think this question is actually the crux of the issue – whether or not this is a civil rights issue is, in a way, the entire issue.

Because, here’s the thing about saying that a state/county/school can work together to develop a plan that “works for everyone” – there is absolutely no requirement, in practical reality, that any plan developed actually work for everyone. Plans created by the political branches of our governent generally work for the majority, but probably only rarely work ‘for everyone’ in any meaningful sense.

I think we need to acknowledge that. Most issues are decided by majority rules, and most of the time, the group in the minority just has to live with the – suboptimal for them – outcome.

This is the very reason why there are often protections for numerical minorities in certain situations – because if your group is only 1% of the population, then there’s no way you’re going to be appropriately represented in the development of a ‘plan that works for everyone’ unless you convince a huge proportion of people not in your group to protect your interests for you.

Obviously, not every numerical minority is protected against the majority. And that’s where we come back to the critical distinction of civil rights – as that’s where that countermajoritarian protection comes into play. If this isn’t civil rights, then majorities can decide however they please. If it is, then they can’t.

So, I’m curious why you think this isn’t a civil rights issue? Is it that you don’t think transgender should be a protected class? Or is it that you think the bathroom issue is so minor, that even in a situation where this class is treated suboptimally, it doesn’t rise to a level of signficance to be treated as a civil rights issue?

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italianbride0508 :  same as what? I did not draw any comparisons on this board and if you are seeing a connection between what I said and what someone else has said then I think that’s just in your head.

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writersblock  and the other TERFs: this is who and what you have consciously aligned yourself with. This is who and what you are pointing at to say “I agree. This is the voice of reason.”

If your feminism is indistinguishable from the Nazism, maybe it fucking sucks? Food for thought. 

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Speck_ :  you do get that people are multi-faceted and therefore they can agree on one thing someone says and not another, right? Godwin’s law was bound to pop up here sooner or later! In other words, Hitler was a vegetarian who was pro-animal rights yet hated Jews. I’m pretty sure most people can look at most political parties and agree with one or two policies. So I’m not sure what you think you are achieving with this beyond an inability to think for yourself. 

Edit: You also get that your post is basic science too, right? Or is biological reality suddenly not a thing? 

There is a reason I stopped bothering responding to this thread and I’ll go back to doing just that, but thanks for the attempt at discourse anyway! 

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It’s a ridiculous issue and has nothing to really do with bathrooms. It’s just another way to discriminate and push a hateful agenda. 

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I actually had to stop reading a lot of the comments because I was getting too irritated. 

Trans bathroom rights are absolutely not something that should be left to the states. This is a civil/human rights issue. We cannot allow states to have discriminatory laws. 

Of course the people who voted for Trump have a whole bunchh of ignorant bullshit to say on this topic. Should we expect anything less? 

To whomever it was that  said that people like some on here are the reason Trump got elected, no they’re not. Russia is the reason Trump got elected. 

Finally, I have a transgendered child. For all the people on here, and out in the world fighting for his, and other trans people’s rights – I love you all. Keep fighting the good fight, as will I. 

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