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playdohpants:  Yep. Hotel room with an adjoining door, but the door was bolted shut on our side.

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My first job was working for an architect who specialized in refurbishing old homes, my boss loved history and eventually bought an old well known mansion in the city and decided that he was going to revamp it into a bed and breakfast.  It seemed like a really fun project and I was in charge of a lot of the historical preservation work which involved contacting prior owners and documenting the history so we could get tax incentives.

I have never been a believer in ghosts and thought most of the people I had spoken to were off their rocker.  Stories ranged from previous owner’s suicides, a pregnant woman being helped by a ghost to roll over in bed, and to dogs jumping out the third story window to their death.  As I started to learn more and more about the house things started to go wrong with the project.  We had one of our workers see a little girl and never come back to work because he was so scared.  One night a fire broke out and destroyed all of the work we had done (the house was pretty much compelte) and we had to start over.  The fire dept. started an investigation and they were never able to find a real cause of the fire.  When we finally got the place up and running we had a big party halloween to celebrate all of the hard work everyone had put into it and people kept claiming to see a girl in the corner staring at everyone and even commented to us like “great job hiring those actors they really creeped us out”.  The contractor never showed up to the party and everyone was a little concerned about what had happened and a few days later we found out he had killed himself by overdosing on sleeping pills.

Now after all of these incidents I still did not believe this house was haunted, I felt there were logical explanations to all of the events.  I was tasked with going to the house and taking after images to send to the historical society to fully document the changes that had been made.  I was down in the basement which had been turned into a pub taking pictures when I heard the noise of a party going on upstairs, I was the only one in the house at the time, I could hear people laughing and glasses clinking like they cheersing.  I walked upstairs to see if maybe anyone had come into the house and when I reached the top of the stairs the temperature dropped and I could see my breathe, it wasn’t cold outside maybe 50/60 degrees and the strangest feeling came over my body.  My heart was racing and I just sensed like I shouldn’t be in the house.  Naturally, I quickly locked up and left the house and refused to get there alone again.

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I have a story to share last weekend Darling Husband and I went on a weekend getaway to Niagara on the lake it’s suppose to be one of the haunted towns in Ontario. We did a Ghost walk tour that night around 8:30pm around the town as we got to our last stop of our tour I really had to use the washroom. So Darling Husband and I ran inside this restaurant called Corks. The washroom was down stairs in the basement so Darling Husband was waiting for me upstairs as I was heading down to the washroom and going into the stalls I lock my door, then the lights went out! I heard foot steps coming in I didn’t think anything of it…so as I was finishing up and the lights turned back on…I was washing my hands I looked up in the mirror  I saw a women dressed up in the 1900s outfit she was Standing looking in the mirror at me in one of the washroom stalls  ….I paused then thought ok maybe she’s in a costume being that it’s close to Halloween. So I walked out of the washroom and went back up stairs to Darling Husband. So I asked Darling Husband did you see the women come in right after me when I went to use the washroom She was dressed up in a 1900s costume? He looked at me in puzzled way no what are you talking about ? nobody went down stairs to use the washroom but you….I had goosebumps all over me, what did I just see….? later that night when we got into our hotel room I couldn’t sleep at all….

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Lbward6:  that’s so scary omg I got goosebumps. 

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My apartment is flat out haunted. There are so many small stories, but the first one I noticed was when I got back late one night and cooked dinner when no one else was home. I sat down at the island to eat it, which is about 10 feet from my fridge, give or take. As I’m sitting there (ALONE), the fridge door slowly swings open. ALL BY ITSELF. I know for a FACT that I shut that door previously. 

Things are always moving by themselves – my purse will be on the bed, and then I leave the room and it’s dumped on the floor. My computer was on the couch (way far back, since it’s my computer and I’m really careful with it), and then as soon as I exit the room, I hear it clanging on the floor. My roommate walked into the kitchen once and there was a knife on the counter shaking as if someone had just put it down (neither of us had been in there). 

Then, the one that freaked me out the most was when I was lying in my bed one night (alone), and IT MOVED 8 INCHES ALL BY ITSELF. While I was lying in it. The entire bed, me, and everything in it slid across the floor, and was only stopped by hitting my nightstand. It was as if the room was tilting on its side, it moved without ANY EFFORT. I slept with the light on that night. 

I live in a historic building in Philadelphia. 


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I was debating sharing but Fiance and I were just talking about it and he thinks I’m crazy lol


Once when I was in college I rented this one bedroom apartment, where the bedroom was more like an upstairs loft – open, with no doors or anything.

Disclaimer: I regularly hallucinate upon wakening. Not every time, but frequently enough that I know what it is an it doesn’t bother me anymore. I can always move so it’s not sleep paralysis (I also never feel like I can’t breathe or like anyone is on my chest). Usually just giant blurry spiders and such.

Anyway, in this apartment I was sleeping in so it was light out and I had already woken up a few times. In my dream someone was yelling my name from far away. Then I heard someone whisper my name inches from my face that jolted me awake. It was like I could tell the difference between the dream sounds and real sounds, but who knows, could’ve been a dream so I close my eyes again.

I hear it again real faintly and it freaked me out so bad I didn’t want to open my eyes. (I hadn’t fallen back asleep). When I wouldn’t open my eyes I felt something touch my face. Gently, like two or three fingers just caress my cheek. I just jumped out of bed after that and tried to shake it off as some dreaming/sleep thing.

A few months later I was sleeping and I woke up in the middle of the night (I always do) and rolled over to the edge of the bed. Then I got this intense feeling someone was watching me. I opened my eyes and nothing was there. The second I closed my eyes I got the feeling again but this time it felt like whatever was watching me had moved closer.

I opened my eyes and saw a man, standing at the edge of the bed, bent down looking right at my face. He looked like a farmer, pinstripe shirt under brown overalls, and was balding with a reddish brownish beard. He looked curious, not menacing.

But of course I screamed immediately. As soon as I screamed he stood straight up like I startled him, and started to back away quickly like he was scared of me. I was still screaming and scooting over to the other side of the bed for my phone (to use as a light). He started running out of the room and when I shined my light on him he faded away running down the stairs.

I tried to call my Fiance, my mom, anyone but I kept dropping the phone I was shaking so bad. I couldn’t believe that I saw him for that long. It wasn’t a glimpse from the corner of my eye, it was a good 7-10 seconds. It was so scary I had to sleep with the light on in that house from then on and with the TV on.

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Also at another apartment in college I had a few roommates and my bedroom was downstairs and one roommates bedroom was directly aboved mine. I would always hear through my ceiling something scraping across the upstairs floor. Something heavy like someone was trying to move a couch by themselves and dragging it.

It happened almost every evening I was in my bedroom and all I could think was “WHY is my roommate rearranging their furniture so often?” One day I asked him about it and he said he never moves anything. And a couple times I had heard it when no one else was home.

In that same room, my dog would wake up in the middle of the night and growl at the closet. Dogs do lots of weird stuff and there are things he can see/smell/hear that I can’t so I don’t put much stock in that.

I didn’t live there for the the summer so when my roommates had friends over they were allowed to sleep in my room. After their first night there they both (a couple) said they felt very on easy in there and refused to sleep in there again.

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So I have been reading this board for two days, and loving every bit of it. So last night I fell asleep watching the property brothers on HGTV. I must have dozed off for about 25 min or so.

But I woke up in one of those half awake daze. I looked in the hallway and saw a man standing there in a flannel shirt just starring into the bedroom.

I got startled and started shaking my Fiance that someone was here, someone was here, they are in the house. He waks up and looks at me like WTF is going on. I snapped out of it by this time and realized I was hallucinating or in a dream state.

I am pretty sure it was just these stories and the flannel shirt had to be one of the property brothers. I keep laughing about it this morning. 

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Aahh this thread is too scary!!

The only scary thing that happened to me was when I had sleep paralysis. I woke up in the middle of the night and I saw two shadows with red eyes holding me down. They each had an arm that they held down above my head and they were sitting on my chest. I tried to move but couldn’t and they said “It’s no use, you can’t get away from us” in a really scary voice. I struggled some more but then realized I could move my legs so I kept kicking until they went away.

To this day I will never sleep with my arms above my head again.

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cls9q:  I know this is a year old thread but I love creepy stories. I just read yours and wanted to share a similar one. 

When I was 8 my grandma Jane used to watch me after school. We found out she’d had a heart attack and was going to the hospital earlier that evening. My dad’s cousin and her children were also at our house. They were also very close with my Gma because their mother was my grandma’s identical twin sister and they were inseperable. Anyway… I laid down on the floor to try to sleep because it was getting late. I had the most vivid dream about my grandma. She was there with me and we were playing dress up and she was wearing my favorite barbie ball gown. And we were talking and she was saying good bye and that she was going to heaven etc. I woke up crying and ran to my cousin Ryan and told her that grandma Jane died, I knew so because she just told me. And my cousin tried to reassure me and say that she was going to be okay she was just sick and needed to stay at the hospital until she got better. It was about that very moment that the phone rang at our house and my dad got the news that she had passed. I’m sure it could have all just been a dream but it was so realistic and the timing was so strange. 

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GUH! Bees, just had my own weird / double take experience!

I stumbled upon this four year old thread completely randomly by reading the “which bees do you miss” thread (https://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/which-bee-do-you-miss/page/3 ), seeing some of the named missed bees and looking at their old posts. SomedayHisBride took me here where I learned about the Mandela Effect and mass false memories (Henry VIII portrait of him eating a turkey leg not existing really freaked me out because I SWEAR I remember that!! 😫).

I read SomedayHisBride’s post (#77) about remembering Billy Graham dying. I’ve no idea who Billy Graham is (UK bee here) so decided to Google Billy Graham dying expecting to read about this freaky Mandela effect but instead read that he’s literally just died. I know a massive coincidence but it super weirded me out (I’m probably just feeling creeped out from reading all these stories anyway 😫😩).

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