NWR Trump and Wikileaks

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  • poll: Assange - criminal or hero?
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    I think he’s a criminal, but I don’t disagree with what he did. If that makes sense. lol

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    araebo5585 :  well I think you can be both a hero and a criminal. For instance, Edward Snowden. He is technically a criminal, since the information he took and released was against the law (as far as I know) to release to the public. But I also view him as a hero in the sense that he quite literally risked his life and everyone/everything he had to inform the American people of unethical and illegal practices by our government. 

    I believe this is the same thing. Criminality is based on whether or not the perpetrator broke a law. Whether or not they are a hero is a matter of opinion.

    I’m not commenting on DJT as I don’t have anything nice to say and I don’t want to have this thread discuss anything besides whether informants/whistleblowers are heroes or criminals, as that was the initial question. 

    Interested to see how this allllll goes down, honestly.

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    I don’t have a firm opinion, but someone can be a criminal and a hero. Laws are not the same as morality or ethics. You can break a law and be a good person, and you can follow the law and be a bad person. 

    From an ethical standpoint, I think the people have a right to more information about Trump’s financial interests. If Trump won’t release them and there are no legitimate avenues for citizens to demand them, then… maybe it makes criminal activity morally okay. Though obviously criminal activity would still be illegal.

    This is, of course, ignoring Assange’s past behavior and just looking at the Trump quesiton.

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    The only reason he went after Clinton is Clinton said he should be prosecuted (assange). 



    I suspect he helped trump with notion that trump better deliver or else his tax returns will be released. 

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    I have a hard time respecting Wikileaks after they published social security numbers, medical informatin and all sorts of other PII on private citizens.

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    Well if he ever leaves the Embassy of Ecuador here in London and we get to find out if the allegations of rape and sexual assault are true then he’s a criminal….Other than that I want the tax returns to be released because Kellyanne stated that polls showed that US citizens didn’t care about the tax return but we know that’s an alternative fact.

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    honestly, I’d like to see him go to trial for his rape allegations first and foremost. the idea he can (allegedly) rape a woman and go hide in an Ecuadorian embassy (for over 4 years) is infuriating.  

    all this posting of hacked info is less important to me.. someone hacked it and he gained infamy doing very little. I assume the info would’ve made its way out one way or another, once hacked.


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    My issue with Assange is not that he leaks information; its that he gives zero fucks about who might be hurt by what he leaks and refuses to redact sensitive information like addresses, social security #’s etc. I have a lot of respect for whistle-blowers but not when they don’t care if people might be targeted unneccesarily because of what they leak. Snowden has all the respect in the world from me because he handed information over to journalists who had some idea of what to redact for the sensitivity of who and what was in the documents he leaked. That’s responsible.

    So do I have a problem with wikileaks in general and the work that they do? No. Do I have a problem with Assange? Yes.

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    araebo5585 :  watch also how Russia keeps trump in line, leaking things day (or so, exact days escape me right now)  after he won and day after he took office, that they have things on him. Warning shots to keep him in line.

    trump’s national security adviser former general (and certifiably crazy) Michael Flynn is being investigated right now for his ties to Russia during the campaign.

    trump has suggested turning all intelligence communities over to Flynn, as he is investigated for what seems to be (by consensus via Intelligence Community) espionage. That is,  spying on the US for a hostile foreign aggressor. iC very disturbed by Trump’s Russia connection. 

    so this gets very confusing, each player has a stake. But if Wikileaks really wanted to leak on Trump they could have a long time ago. The Russians did hack into the republicans according to IC report, the info was just not released.

    now we ask ourselves, why and what are they doing with that info and maybe then we understand why some republicans are not standing up to putin/trump. That of course is just a guess, not a fact. 

    the Russia ties and connection during the campaign are not in question. In question is what can they prove re treason by a trump campaign member or administration.

    Behind all of that intrigue, Asange wants to be excused from answering for what he stands accused of. Personally, I agree totally with Katie, I have never respected assange’s careless and reckless behavior. I was also disgusted by the way he responded to the rape charges and the idea that having sex with a woman while she’s asleep isn’t rape. 

    The craziness continues.

    ETA, THink if Putin and Trump ganged up on Assange to stab him in the back now. Omg. 

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    Julian Assange is a hero. So is Chelsea Manning and every other whistle blower. Citizens should know what their public officials are conspiring or doing, when you serve the public you have less of a right to this kind of privacy because your actions have consequences on the lives of many people. Photos of a political figure on a toilet? Wrong, work emails and tax information? Right.

    I was glad Wikileaks leaked the DNC and Hillary emails because it proved progressives right, the DNC is corrupt AF, and I will be glad when they leak Trumps taxes, because he is corrupt AF, even his supporters know it deep in their hearts.

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