(Closed) NWR: Were you taught to believe in Santa?

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  • poll: Were you taught about Santa? How did it affect you?
    yes, my parents taught me about Santa, no negative affects(explain) : (248 votes)
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    yes, my parents taught me about Santa, some negative affects(explain) : (21 votes)
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    no, I was not taught about Santa, no negative affects(explain) : (43 votes)
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    no, I was not taught about Santa, some negative affects(explain) : (5 votes)
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    No Santa believing here and no negative effects.  We don’t push Santa on our kids either… they talk about him since he is a big part of Christmas but we don’t do the whole letters to Santa or gifts from Santa.  It’s not an issue in our house.

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    I was taught to believe, and no negative effects.  In Canada you could even write to Santa and he would write back (not sure if the post office still does this?) We always left out cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.

    I don’t remember how old I was when I learned there was no Santa, but I was sleeping in my brother’s room because a realtive was in mine.  My brother’s room is next to the stairs and I woke up when my parents were carrying the presents down stairs.  I just thought “oh, they are Santa”  No tears, no hard feelings.

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    @BushelAndAPeck:  Santa’s not real?!?!?! Surprised


    Just kidding πŸ™‚

    My parents taught us to believe in Santa, and they never sat me down to tell me he wasnt real. Once I figured it out, I just kind of went along with it. I have two younger siblings. We all went along with it for a long time, even when ALL of us, kids AND parents, knew that we all knew. I don’t really thinking having the convo is necessary, to tell you the truth. Unless some other mean kid breaks the news and your kid needs an explanation. I think it’s mostly harmless and fun.

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    @BushelAndAPeck:  I was taught by my parents to believe in Santa, and while I don’t think it negatively impacts most children, to me it was just one more thing my parents were lying about.  If I had good parents, I would probably say Santa is harmless and even somewhat fun for the holidays.  However, parents that are already lying to their children, should probably stop adding fuel to the fire of mistrust.  To this day, I am not close to my parents, nor do I fully trust them (and probably never will).

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    We never really addressed Santa in my house growing up.  I wasent really told either way.  When I have kids I’m not going to elaborately pretend he exists.  Presents are not going to magically appear under the tree and cookies will not be bitten out of or anything but if they hear it around school or whatever that’s fine 

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    @This Time Round:  This is a lovely explanation of Santa. It reminds me of the the moment in Lilttle House on the Prarie when Laura realizes that Santa can’t be real, and her Ma tells her that Santa is in the every good deed and gifts we give to one another. 

    I was raised believing in Santa. We left out milk and cookies, and watched the NORAD reindeer tracker. When I was about 7 someone told me he wasn’t real. I knew when they told me that he couldn’t be real, but I asked when I got home, and my parents confirmed it. I wasn’t hurt by it and I still love Christmas. I’ll probably tell my future children about Santa. 

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    I don’t think very many people really suffer negative effects from believing in Santa.  I don’t consider crying or getting made at mom/dad when you find out being effected negatively.  I and everyone I know believed in Santa and we all became normal adults.  πŸ™‚

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    I never believed in Santa but Christmas isn’t a big deal at all for my family. We don’t put up a Christmas tree most years, we have dinner together and we buy each other gifts but there was never a rush to wake up that morning or a big ordeal about it. So I knew about Santa but they never tried to convince me he was real. If I had children I would probably be the same way, even though my Fiance and I do decorate for Christmas now. I don’t think it’s worth it to lie to them, I think Christmas can still be a great holiday with a lot of memories without the Santa part. I think the focus should stay on family and kindness, giving, etc.

    I don’t think it’s bad to tell kids about Santa but I do remember when it came out to my classmates in grade school (I didn’t tell them, another kid did), there were many kids crying and upset to learn he wasn’t real. 

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    I was the youngest so I was pressured by my siblings to “keep believing in Santa” up until I was about 9. I had known for at least 2 years by then that there was no Santa. 10 seems kind of old to not realize that it’s just like the toothfairy, etc. Most kids naturally grow out of it and realize it’s a silly thing for kids. My brother took it harder than the rest of us kids, said our parents lied to him. No long term effects though.

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    I was raised not believing in Santa, and I never missed a thing. Christmas was still very magical to me, and it pretty much is every bit so now as it was then.  It wasn’t solely about gifts that some magic man brought, just as it is not now.  And the gifts I did get I appreciated more because I knew that my parents might be tight on money but still were working hard to get their four kids things they really wanted.

    Now, for me and my family, we’re religious so that was part of the impetus for the no Santa, and a lot of what I focus on for Christmas, but even without that I’d still not do Santa, personally. I do find the idea of long-term, sustained lying to your kids a little off-putting, even if it is to try to make things more magical for them.  I think working hard to create family traditions, love, warmth, and other fun – types that will never go away – is far more magical and nurturing. But that’s just me. To each their own. πŸ™‚

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    my parents taught me about santa. but with my mom being from brazil and most of our family (very large family) is very very poor. at age 5 i noticed that no one else got a gift from santa. and mine was waiting back home…. so i knew that he didnt go all over world. πŸ™  and he didnt give good children who deserved it presants. i realized it then (even thought i really wanted him to be real) and never really said much about it. all my friends believed and i didnt want to crush their spirits. so we kept the tradition alive regardless and i recieved my last gift from him (my dad/santa) was a .22 gun. πŸ˜‰ they would still get my older sister and brother gifts from santa even though we all knew. my dad passed away of cancer when i was 17 but i think if he was still here i would still be getting santa presents. dad would always drink the milk and eat a cookie. i wanted to be proved wrong as a child but always knew it in my heart.  P.S. my dad looked like santa haha. he had a big white beard and was bald. and only slightly puggy. when we would go to midnight mass dad would always froget something in the house. when we got back santa had been there!!! i never caught on to that. i was like how did that happen?? which started the tradition of (threw out the years) opening most of our presents and staying up late.  i look back on all those life experiances and moments with a smile. it made me who i am today and if i do say so myself. i didnt turn out all that bad πŸ˜‰ you should do it.

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    To @starlitgirl: yes great memories both as a kid & as an adult.  I cannot honestly say which was better… which is part of the magic… believing in Santa… or being Santa.  Certainly makes Christmastime more exciting.  (I am very much tiring of the Gift Card / Money routine now that I am surrounded by adults).

    I cannot wait to be a Gramma, and I get to live this childhood fantasy all over again thru the eyes of another child.

    — — —

    To @pixiecat: & @starlitgirl: … Great Canadian Christmas memories:

    Lol, Letters to Santa at the North Pole HOH OHO (YES Canada Post still does it = http://www.writetosanta.ca/santas-address.php )

    And the NORAD Santa Radar… that is still done too = http://www.noradsanta.org/

    Remember when I was a little kid (before annimation)… the Nightly News Weatherman on Tv would give the Weather Forecast for Santa’s Flight… and it was the Radio that gave us updates on where Santa was.  By 9 PM, my Parents were sure we were gone to bed.

    With my kids … of course the updates were the fascinating annimated graphics Tv Commercials on Christmas Eve.


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    I saw this on Pinterest recently, and I loved it!  I hope to do something similar.


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    I totally believed in Santa until I was about 6 or 7! I loved it all, and I wasn’t that heartbroken when I found out. My grandpa also plays Santa at a few specific community events every year, and there were multiple years where I actually dressed up and helped him do this. It was super uncool for me to do as a teenager, but I’m so glad we have those memories and that I sucked it up and was a great sport about it. Plus it was AWESOME to see my little cousins and siblings come in and talk to Santa. (We had an elaborate tale worked out as to explain my presence, it worked for years longer than you would think, lol)

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    I believed in Santa. Loved it and the magic it created around Christmas (we are not religious). We plan to do the same with our kids.

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