(Closed) NWR: When did you start working?

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  • poll: When did you get your first job?

    I started working pre-high school

    I worked in high school

    I worked in high school, but only summers, not during the year

    I worked in college

    I worked in college, but only summers, not during the year

    I worked while getting my masters / phd / high education

    I didn't work while working on my education

    I didn't work while working on my education

    I've never had a job in my life! Happy SAH-FI/W/M here!

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    I had my first job during the summer after my freshman year of high school. My mom’s friend had an office cleaning business and I worked with her for the summer during the evening hours cleaning two offices. I worked with her the next summer. In the two summers that followed I worked at a day camp for disabled kids.

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    I “worked” as a theatre usher starting when I was 11. It was more of a volunteer job, but we were paid $5 a shift. In high school I starting working 2 jobs: Kernels Popcorn and at a library in the kid’s section. That was the best job ever!!


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    I started my paper route in 7th grade and continued it until I turned 16. It was a bitch actually! I got it b/c it was my friend’s route and her family moved to France for business, so the idea was that I would take it over until she came back (she didn’t come back until sr. year). I couldn’t go to any sleepovers, and still had to work christmas eve/morning, everyday, rain or shine (I walked except sundays when dad drove). I basically had to bribe my friends to sleep over eventually ๐Ÿ™

    When I turned 16, I started working as a resident care aide at the local nursing home. I was forced to quit when I came down with mono, so I got a job at TGIFridays and was a hostess for 4 months before I graduated and moved to NC at 18.

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    I didn’t start working until a few weeks after I graduated high school. However, that being said, I graduated at 16. My mom didn’t think I could handle both, and she’s probably right. Not only that, there was no need for me to have a job until after I graduated because I didn’t have my license until a few weeks before graduation, so I didn’t have a car to pay for; and the only thing I did have to pay for was my phone bill, which I just had to budget out of my allowance.

    I’m now 22 (and a half), and have been working ever since. I started paying all of my bills once I got a job, and I have been working on an associates at a local community college seriously for the last several years. I did start and stop community college a few times, but couldn’t handle the load with a full time job, so while I have the student loans to prove it during that time, I don’t count them as I didn’t apply myself. Now I’m (still) working full time, but I am going to school only part time.

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    I worked summers as a camp counselor during high school and some of college, and I also had various other summer jobs in college (mostly working as research assistant)

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    Well I have been volunteering since I was in the 9th grade. We started a family business back when I was in 12th grade. Didn’t receive my first actual paycheck till I was 21 or 22 when I started working for both the university and the Gap. Been working since then except for a couple weeks here and there but then I would still work for the family business (free).

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    oh boy! I did baby sitting pre high school and then the day I turned 16 I started a job and worked part time all through out high school. The day I graduated I immediatly went to full time and was promoted to manager shortly after. I worked two jobs (over full time) while getting my bachelors. and now i am salary and will be starting my masters soon (took two years off). The job I have now (my second real job lol) is the first time in many years that it is my only job-i have worked two jobs for a very long time.

    These are things that I had to do in order ot support myself. See, my parents split up when i was 16 and had to move in with my sister (long story!). She did the best she could to help and I could never thank her enough (she was only 20!) but I was on my own mostly. Then in college I moved to go to college and was really on my own.

    I was bitter about it sometimes. Especially when I went to college with a lot of people who got free rides. I only had two options… 1. work my ass off and get through school so I could get a good job or 2. quit school and live pay check to pay check the rest of my life. It was very tough but it made me who I am today. But….looking at myself now….I def made the right decision! 

    All those jobs and sleepless nights lead me to my DH who I meet in college! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    I worked during the summer in high school.  Thankfully I only had to work my last semester in college.  It was a lot on my plate!  Now being at work and grad school is tough!

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    It’s funny that this is a conversation, because I was speaking with my friend about this earlier.  Not including babysitting, I had my first job in 7th grade as a teacher’s assistant in the Hebrew school at my synagogue.  I also worked there doing admin stuff (my mom worked there as the administrative person at the time).  

    Then came the retail jobs in high school, and the office jobs in college.  ๐Ÿ™‚  And in grad school I worked as a tutor, and now I’m luckily settled in a more career job.  But, yeah…my job history is weird and ecclectic and long.  

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    OP: What do you consider ‘work’?

    I volunteered tons of hours in HS to get into specific clubs. I interned (no pay) in college to get experience. Now, I am working on my PhD and so I ‘work’ (research) but I’m not considered a university employee.

    I guess I’ve technically never worked for $ in my life. I’m 25. No debt. I’ll graduate in about a yr so I guess I’ll have my first real job at 26. 

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    I used to work before/during/after highschool but was put on bed rest during the third trimester of my pregnancy which included not working. sucked, but health comes first.

    I haven’t worked for a loooooooooooong time due to the whole Stay-At-Home Mom aspect now but am going to be heading back to work once my son starts school full time/after the wedding.

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    I had a job since I was 14. (I’m not sure if you consider that pre-high school, though. maybe??)

    My parents didn’t have money, so I had have a job to buy things that I wanted.  I used to have 3 jobs during high school, I was a workaholic.  During college I had two part time jobs. 

    I’m getting my masters right now and my company is paying for it. I do always get that urge to get a secondary job on the weekend. Not because I need the money but because I like the discount at the store I want to go back to work for.  (American Eagle) Yeah, I always realize that it would not be a good idea because I need my weekends to relax. Plus, I’m pretty busy working 50 hours a week in my job now plus going to school part time.  Yeah, sometimes i have this problem of thinking I can always do more. I didn’t do it this past holiday season, but I may consider getting a part-time job during the christmas season to pay for some gifts.  (See! I do have a problem.  haha)

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    My sister and I helped my dad in his business starting when we were young- 12/13. I then got my first real job senior year of high school. In fact, I’m still here, at the same place, 12 years later. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    @yrret107: I’m almost the same.

    Divorced, poor family. Had to work for what I wanted. Got a job waiting tables at 14. Waited tables all through high school and college. Friends thought I was crazy for working 30+ hours a week and taking 21 hours of classes a semester. They didn’t understand: If I don’t pay rent, I don’t have someone that will pay it for me. When I told them I was “on my own” they didn’t understand that I meant it VERY literally. If I didn’t work: I didn’t eat.

    On the positive side, working at a bar/restaurant in a college town was DANG GOOD MONEY!!

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    I started working in high school and have worked ever since.

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