(Closed) NWR: Who watched Grey’s last night??

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I just watched it on our DVR. I haven’t even been tobed since my night shift because I couldn’t wait to watch.

I think McDreamy is being an ass. I really couldn’t believe what went down with chief Weber and his whole clinical trial/passing it on to whats her face/taking the blame. I can’t believe Christina went through with the abortion too. Do you think this is Meredith’s last season?

ETA:What’s her face = Bailey, it took me a minute.

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Sugar bee
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I never liked Derek, at this point, I’m just saying “I told you so” with him LOL. I think Webber made a good decision, it is time for him to retire and care for his wife anyway. 

I think I’m more pissed about the social worker taking Zola. WTF kind of system is that!?

I am proud of Christina and finally that Owen came around (though I don’t like him much).  Other than that, the other story lines seem kind of boring to me.

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@sunedlyt: I saw it! And yes he IS being an ass. 

I’m not sure how I feel about Webber taking the fall.  In a way I feel the only reason they did that was to find a way to keep her at the hospital.  I mean, what is Grey’s Anatomy without Dr Grey??? I do think they could have figured out a better solution to that though, just not sure what. 

Then again, Webber has ALWAYS treated her like a daughter, so it also didn’t surprise me. 

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I agree what the cheif did was noble and says a lot about the character.  I felt like derek was being soo immature and christina and meredith will always be odd personalities overall.  I just hope its a good season!


Anyone else long for McSteamy and Little Grey to reunite or is it just me??

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Blushing bee
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McDreamy is being an ass…but we already knew he had little tolerance for mistakes. (Remember MRS. Sheppard).

I think that Webber did what needed to be done for his hosiptal. It is falling apart on his watch, and in his position, I probably would have done the same thing. He had a great career, and he pressured meridith into fixing the trial for him and his wife. So I do view it as his fault she is in the mess to start out with. But the process of coming back will not be easy considering she has lost the respect of her co-workers, but she still will be able to have a career. Plus he gets to spend a little more time with his wife who needs the support.

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First of all, I think this is one of the best premieres (nevermind one of the best Grey’s episodes) that I’ve ever seen. I LOVED it.

Derek needs to grow up. Love Owen for coming around. The Chief made a noble move, but I’m not sure Meredith deserved it. Love Callie+Arizona+Mark. I really can’t stand April for one second longer. The sinkhole was just plain crazy but I loved the story of the husband+wife.  

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I think McDreamy really needs to start separating home and work life. Jeez. I’m really happy the chief stepped up, it totally surprised me though. He was ready for retirement anyways. You think he would have given Bailey a little bit more training on his trials before he left though!

The whole Christina thing is so emotional, and such a hard issue to tackle. I think they’ve done it really well though. I’m glad Owen is coming around, but it’s going to be hard for them to come back from that. I think Meredith’s little speech to him was a very good point though and I’m glad he’s softening a bit, he’s always such a “big strong man”, it’s nice to see him taking Christina’s lead for a change.

@MASPA: Little Grey needs to go back to McSteamy so I can have Avery to myself 😉 LOL!

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Busy bee
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McDreamy was being a jerk last night!! He got Meredith into the whole adoption thing, and then leaves her high and dry after she does one thing wrong. I get it..he was mad, but damn, at least listen to her reasons. He needs to understand that they are married now and they need to get through the ups and downs together.

The social worker is a prick. No family is perfect!

Meredith and Christina have always been weird to me. I think Christina and Owen should have talked about having kids before they got married (maybe they did, IDK, I just started watching it last year). That is a huge problem if one person wants kids and the other one doesn’t.

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I was so sad about Chief leaving but you have to remember, Meredith risked her job for his wife, not for any reward to herself. Chief is ready to spend time with his wife for once now that he realizes he could lose her sooner than he’d expected. Chief is just repaying Meredith for her selfless act. I’m sure in a position such as his he will still have plenty of benefits and severence and things like that, things Meredith wouldn’t get if she was fired.

Honestly though I wasn’t a fan of the premiere. It just didn’t do it for me and I don’t think I’m going to be very into Grey’s this year.

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Bee Keeper

I heard that Meredith and Derek were leaving after this season.  (They do always have Little Grey to make it Grey’s Anatomy…maybe she will take over the voice overs?)

I don’t think Derek is being a jerk, actually.  I get it.  He was trying to get a drug passed by the FDA to possibly save Meredith one day, and now it’s gone because she felt compelled to help the Chief and his wife.  He feels betrayed, and no wonder.  She didn’t even bother to ask him about it.  Maybe  he would have helped her, did she consider that?

Then she kidnaps Zola and leaves him wondering where she is or if she is ok or if she will ever come back.  He didn’t know if he would ever see either of them again, how scary is that for him?  Then she makes up some story and he has to cover for her (whereas if she had just left him a message in the first place maybe he could have covered for her in the first place).  She just never gives him the chance to help her.  It’s like she WANTS to screw up their marriage.

Then after all that emotional turmoil, he is told that they are taking his baby.  After he did NOTHING wrong.  He has every right to be totally angry.  I guess I identify with his story line a little more than hers, but she always makes the worst choices.  He always has to be the level head in the relationship.  Can’t she just mature a little and let him help her when it’s important?

Christina and Owen-It seems like Christina has made it clear that her career defines her (she was willing to give up Owen over it, so why not a fetus?).  Even so, I found my jaw drop when they showed the abortion scene.  Now THERE’S something you don’t see on TV everyday!

McSteamy and Little Grey-Can’t wait for them to get back together.  I hate Avery.  Can’t believe they made him the Gunther over Christina!

Alex-Caused all of this because of insecurity and now he is magically forgiven?  That was kind of weak in the storyline.  Like really weak.

Callie-Last season was all about Callie but they seem to have marginalized her in the premier.  Probably a boring storyline this season.

The Chief-I was bouncing up and down when he took the bullet for Meredith.  That made total sense to me!  He always chose career over family, and he is finally righting that wrong.  He was going to retire anyway.  And Bailey can handle the clinical trial.

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@MightySapphire: I think you and I are on the complete same wavelength! Seriously! I can’t argue with a single point you mentioned. I agree with it all 100%!

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Although, if Merideth and Derek leave, the show is over. Sure they have Little Grey and I love the other characters too but Greys without Grey? Wont work.

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