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@LilacViolet:  No, 3 of my 4 are almost in (like, through the gums, half way in). It’s no biggie. Not everyone needs them removed, either. Has your dentist ever said you will eventually need them out?

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Wow. I’m just recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction on Friday (2 right ones out, 2 left ones were taken out years ago). They may recommend taking them out. They can be hard to clean and cause gum disease. I won’t lie, getting them out hurts. Not during the procedure bc they usually put you under, not so much the day of, but the day after that and the day after that. People recover differently. The good news is, they can’t force you to get them out. It’s just a little less likely your jaw bone will regenerate the longer you wait. so I would go in and get their advice!

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Mine aren’t coming out unless they start moving teeth that were corrected by my braces. The bottom 2 are almost all the way in and no issues, so as long as the top is fine, they’re staying in. I haven’t had any pain, either. I would recommend getting your dentist’s opinion.

And to be honest: mine aren’t coming out unless they have to because I’m a big freaking chicken. I hate even getting my teeth cleaned so the thought of them pulling them out, even while I’m under won’t fly for me!

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I still have all mine… I wouldn’t worry about rushing to the dentist if I were you. Surely they’ve seen by now if they should fit.

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Your dentist would have let you know if you needed to have them out more than likely. If it hurts, just see how it feels for a few days. It’s going to hurt while it cuts through, but as long as there’s room for it, no real need to remove it. I had all 4 of mine taken out this year, 3 were pulled 1 was impacted so it wais cut out. Now, if your tooth is impacted, they’ll want to get rid of it regardless. But if your dentist hasn’t mentioned that before now, it’s probably not as issue. Mine was coming in completely horizontally, or impacted.

If it keeps hurting, try orajel for now until you get to the dentist!

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P.s… don’t stress! If you do have to have it taken out, just picture this.. I am such a chicken with needles, I almost fainted when they gave me an IV. My dentist put me under for the procedure, when I woke up I was dancing in the chair, LOL. They told me I was done and all I could say was “nuh uh!!!!”

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I would only get them out if they are causing you pain. I wasnt planning on ever getting mine out until they started hurting when they were coming through. I got all 4 of them removed and it was the worst pain of my life. I would have rather kept them in and delt with that pain. But everyones different, my so got his out and the next day was out water skiing!

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I wouldn’t rush into the dentist. It isn’t a pressing matter. When all four of mine started coming in about a year ago, I was “teething” for a couple months. It wasn’t super painful. Just annoying.

The problem with mine was that a) they were coming in sideways (like, towards the tooth next to it) and b) they were causing the rest of my teeth to shift. I have a pretty great braces-less smile, so I didn’t want that screwed up.

With the little halfway in ones though, like a PP said, there is more risk for disease and ickiness to be trapped back there.

But you may get lucky and all four will fit right into your mouth! But it is definitely worth going to the dentist to get that checked out.

As for the surgery, I didn’t find it too bad. The first couple days were rough, but I also had another minor surgery done at the same time on my mouth, and that hurt like a bitch, so perhaps it detracted from the wisdom tooth pain!

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@LilacViolet:  I also have an emotional problem with the dentist! I sweat, my muscles tense, and after each appointment I feel like I do when I have been at the gym, just physically tired!

The way they grew in required me to be sedated, and for a sergeon to remove them, big money people! I did it, the drugs  were GREAT! I felt FANTASTIC the day of, even wondered if peraps Somehow I was just WAY tougher then everyone esle who told me about how terrible it was.

Then day 3 came allong, and I got dry socket because I wasn’t being carefull enough with the gross clotts that sit in the socket where your teeth used to be. Basically when this happens, the nerve and bone are exposed, and it is increadibly painfull. Increadibly. Painfull. My dr. phoned me a few times over the week and I told them about what happened, and he basically told me that this was the worst case scenario, and gave me some stronger stuff and the rest of the week is a blurr.I was off work for a week on pain meds for about 10 days. If I didn’t get dry socket, I probably would have only missed 3 or 4 days.

The GREAT news is I will never have to do this again, and neither will you! And I got to watch all kinds of great movies, and eat ice cream and soup and smoothies!

But the moral of the story for you here is to follow the Dr.’s instructions to a T! Do not get cocky like I did, and make yourself a variety of tastey soups ( i love squash!) and  just chill out, ad enjoy the time off work!

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If they’re bothering you, I’d go as soon as you can. Mine grew into my jaw, and they ended up having to put me out, unhinge my jaw, and basically melon-baller the back of my mouth to get them out. I have pain and carry a lot of tension there to this day. I was 26 when I got mine out. My sister got hers out at 18–same place, same doctor–and she’s fine.

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I had mine taken out last year after they had been fully erupted for over 4 years. I ended up getting them removed because they were too hard to keep clean and I had cavities in them. To counter all the pp stories of painful removals, mine were a total and complete breeze. Absolutely no pain at all and no swelling either. I never touched the pain meds they prescribed and I was eating normally the next day, no lie. So if you get them removed, don’t be scared! It doesn’t always hurt. 

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I am a dental hygienist and have a lot of practice fielding questions about wisdom teeth. Generally speaking if the teeth aren’t causing any pain and are not erupted into the mouth dentists tend to leave them. 

If the aren’t erupted into the mouth but are “impacted” and kind of bumping up kn the tooth in front they can cause bone loss which can be irreversible so they tend to take them out.

if they are fully erupted and causing no pain, are being kept clean and have opposing teeth (one on top to match one on bottom) they tend to leave them.

If they are partially erupted, aren’t being kept clean, have cavities (because they’re difficult to clean and can be somewhat misshapen) or don’t have an opposing tooth (in which case they’re useless because you’re not actually using them to chew and they’re just food trappers!) they tend to take them out.

its also my experience that stories of things going fine aren’t that interesting, but stories where people get dry sockets/swell up like a chipmunk/end up taking 3 hours to get one tooth out are more entertaining so people are more likely to share theM. It makes it seem like bad things are the norm but most dentist do multiple complicated extractions a week and most people are fine.

from a hygiene point of view, I HATE wisdom teeth. They are so far back in the mouth that most toothbrushes can’t get around the cheek and bone to adequately keep them clean. Flossing behind them can be a real pain in the ass if they are not fully erupted and there is a skin flap partially covering the tooth. because they’re hard to keep clean they tend to develope cavities and gum/bone issues around them, just generally bad news!

all of that being said, you don’t need to rush in to see a dentist, one of my wisdom teeth kept coming down and then going up for about a year before fit finally broke through. the dentist will look at so e X-rays and decide what the best course of action is.  If the suggest  getting one or all out, I’d go with it. If the teeth decide to erupt at a future date your bone keeps getting denser so older people tend to have more difficult extractions and longer healing times. 

if you have any more questithe about this I’d be happy to answer/clarify for you! 

it’s late so I hope it all made sense! Good luck! 

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