(Closed) NWR: Would you ever get a boob job? (or reduction)

posted 5 years ago in Intimacy
  • poll: Would you ever get elective plastic surgery on your boobs?
    Yes, I'd consider getting breast augmentation to make them bigger : (93 votes)
    38 %
    Yes, I'd consider getting a reduction : (66 votes)
    27 %
    No way, I would not consider either : (55 votes)
    23 %
    Other: explain in comments : (28 votes)
    12 %
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    I would get a reduction and lift in a heartbeat. I already have very large boobs, and they SUCK. I plan to have a couple of kids, and after I’m done having kids I am definitely getting a boob job! 

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    I’m trying to figure out what the stigma is here… Like on the “is that a real diamond” threads the big insulting comeback is “are your boobs real?” why is this such an offensive thing?!

    What do I care if some other girl has real, fake, lifted, mastectomy, etc. I feel like it’s private between you and your partner. Some girls got lucky and have large natural breasts that they love, and some girls got too small and some got too large, and some girls paid for exactly what they wanted. Big breasts are not some kind of accomplishment that others should be offended when a girl gets fake, you didn’t work hard and sacrifice to get those boobs so why get upset or jealous when a girl gets fake. It’s not like you worked for your ass off for a masters but someone else can just buy one. They’re boobs that you were born with and it’s luck of the draw the size and shape and you can’t work out or eat healthy to change them much.  I definitely think there’s a negative connotation to having them and I don’t understand it at all.

    I have a natural large chest and I am thin, people gossip about me having fake all the time, I don’t care, I know they’re real and so does my partner. I take it as a compliment. Most of my friends have augmented and they’re so happy with them and that makes me happy for them. I am not envious that they bought theirs and I was born with them, who cares, we all have them. When age takes over and I lose my chest, I will sign up for implants. I believe in doing what makes you happy. If I get implants it’s not hurting anyone. My boyfriend is a doctor so maybe that’s why I am not phased by elective surgery and medical procedures.

    I have more of a chance dying in a car crash but I voluntarily get in a car 5 times a day and put my life at risk. I don’t understand the disdain and condescension toward a woman who made a choice about her body that doesn’t affect anyone but herself.

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    aquavenae:  That’s not true. I had a reduction, they moved my nipples up, but they weren’t detached entirely. They still have the same amount of sensation.  Looks great. Best thing I ever did. Some people may lose some sensation, but it is not a foregone conclusion. 

    I had the reduction because I have severe back issues and we were hopeful it would help reduce the pain (which it did).

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    I would get a reduction, but only if they started giving me back and shoulder pain. My Darling Husband would cry, though!

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    MrsJM:  yes! Had my reduction 6 years ago and am SO glad I did it! 

    Recovery is awful, but id do it all over again. My back pain tremendously improved. 

    aquavenae:  it really depends on the surgery. One of mine has sensation and one doesn’t! 

    Sorry if Too Much Information. haha but I am always game for taking about reductions. 

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    I had a consultation for a reduction when I was younger but couldn’t go through with it, I felt odd about totally changing my body that drastically. At this point I would love a slight lift but I don’t think it’s worth the cost or pain tbh.

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    I have a small chest, so augmentation would be more likely. However, I wouldn’t want all that surgical risk for an elective procedure. I suppose I might consider a reduction if the boobs were so large that they were causing back pain and limiting mobility. 

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    aquavenae:  I just wanted to say congrats on the weight loss and keeping it off!

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    I absolutely would get a breast reduction. I have a large chest and it has made me self consious about myself since I was basically flat all through high school. I blame birth control as part of the reason my breast grew so much. But it is not what I ever wanted. I actually like pd having a small chest when I had it. So I would definitely get them reduced! However, I have always said I will wait until I’m finished having all my babies

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    stokesto:  I did get my boobs done! And I love them! I had my daughter 10 years ago and wanted to be able to fill out my wedding dress better so last year I got them done. We do plan on having kids after we get married so once I’m done nursing and all that I plan to go in for a revision. It was something I had been wanting for many years before I had it done so it wasn’t something I took lightly. I did soooo much research on implants, placement, anesthesia, plastic surgeons, recovery and everything else in between. There was a website I frequented that was a lot like this site but for breast augmentation (all plastic surgery really) and it was life saver!

    I did go bigger with my implants that most but that was my personal preference (some of you Bees have probably seen them on display in the dress pics I’ve posted lol) I just love them and am so glad I did it!

    If any of you ladies have any questions regarding the procedure I’d be more than happy to share! 🙂

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    I told my husband that I would get a reduction or lift post children if my boobs do not go down. I already have a large bust so I don’t want to have sagging even larger boobs.

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    I personally think access to elective cosmetic surgery is too easy. For example I had reconstructive surgery and had to undergo psychological assessment (standard here) prior to scheduling a surgery but someone who wants to alter their body through cosmetic surgery does not have to. I think this is a very concerning thing particularly since a lot of cosmetic surgery procedures stem from psychological issues and it ignores the fact that changing your body can affect your mental state. 

    I also think spending the time teaching and changing society, but women especially, to accept all forms of beauty, not just what the entertainment/fashion industry tells us is beauty, we would be a happier and healthier world.

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    Boob job here! One of the best things I’ve ever done for myself! I waited until I was 25 because everyone kept telling me to wait until after I had kids…well at 25 I went through a horrible break up with my long term boyfriend and said F it and got them. Now 2 years later I still don’t have kids and I’m very happy with them. Growing up I was extremely self conscious because my thighs grew in so fast around 12 years old. On top of that I’m 5’11! Implants gave me a well balanced hour glass figure that I always wanted.

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    A friend of my mother had hers implants removed after a leak. I watched the surgery on a CCTV the hospital had set up. That cured me from having any beast reduction or implant surgery ever. 

    I’m not against plastic surgery but j_jaye:  makes a good point which I’ll also subscribe too. 

    I am having my nose done but it’s because it was broken, not for cosmetics. 

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    Ive lost so much weight that at this point there’s nothing left but saggy skin. It’s really unpleasant so I’m thinking of reconstructive surgery/breast augmentation. But there’s no rush. 

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