(Closed) NWR: Would you travel to India when 1-6 ish months pregnant??

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Boxerlover24:  I think they say its safe to travel all the way up until you are 36 weeks pregnant as long as you have had a problem free pregnancy- although I personally wouldn’t do that and some airlines won’t let you travel if you are past 28 weeks. So you need to check with the airline you plan to use. 

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I wouldn’t, but everyone is different.

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Boxerlover24:  I wouldn’t, mostly because everyone I know who has gone to India ends up sick as a dog while they are there or shortly after coming home. That plus being pregnant 😛 Also, who knows how your body will react to being pregnant anyways, that is a dream trip though. I’d wait and TTC once you’re home again.

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I would not.

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Boxerlover24:  No. And I have traveled widely, without problems, and will absolutely travel when pregnant. But I would absolutely not travel to India. The water/food is not safe and everyone I know who have been there (all world travelers who are staying in top hotel or with their relatives) end up sick. It wouldn’t be worth it to me. I would go before TTC

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I went to Hong Kong at 7-9 weeks pregnant. That being said, there is NO WAY I would go to India pregnant. Like many PP have said, everyone I know who has gone there has gotten sick. Plus, if something was to happen, I would not want to rely on their health system to help me or the baby. 

If you want to go to India, go before you are pregnant or save it until the kids are out of the house/teenagers. 

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Boxerlover24:  i would either wait to TTC or go on your big trip before you start trying. simple as that. there’s always the chance that if you start ttc in august, you might get pregnant right away and be traveling at 4-5 months (which will limit some of the stuff you can do because you might be tired/sick), or you might not get pregnant until right before you go (which would also limit because you might be tired or sick). i don’t think pregnancy is a handicap by any means and i don’t like when people view it as one…but in your case, i’d MUCH rather go on a vacation like that when it’s just me and hubby. no baby (even one in utero), no morning sickness, no restrictions on what i can do. part of international travel for me is trying all the food, drink, and activity possible. baby limits that.

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Nope. Not India.  I would travel inside the US (where I live) or the Carribean, Canada, but probably no further.  I wouldn’t want to be on a long flight pregnant, but I’ve had two miscarriages and would be overly cautious. Also, I wouldn’t go somewhere where as PP mentioned, the sanitation is different and the food/water can potentially be harmful.  

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I wouldn’t. Its just too big of a risk.

This is unrelated but, yesterday while I was driving home they were talking about a Canadian Woman and her Husband (I’m also canadian) who traveled to the US when she was about 6 mo pregnant on the radio.

They got travellers medical insurance. But she ended up going into early labour (9 weeks early!) and needed to be in the hospital with the baby for something like 2 months. They got the bill at the end of it and it came to $950,000.00! And the medical insurance they purchased before the trip, and the fact that her family Dr. green lighted her to go means nothing, as of right now blue sheild has denied her insurance claim!

So aside from all the other risks, and possible discomfort you could be in, insurance wise is another reason why it may not be the best idea.

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Not a chance.

India is a beautiful, amazing country but if you’re pregnant, there are way too many factors in play that could really harm your baby.

1. You’ll be exposed to TONS of foreign germs. When I moved to the UK from America, I was severely ill for about 6 months straight. Since acclimating to the different germs, I haven’t caught a single cold but I think going into any foreign country, you run a huge risk of getting ill. Not good.

2. There are a LOT of bugs in India and that means that you’ll have tons of potential exposure to diseases transmitted by mosquitos, ticks, etc. Again, risky.

3. This is just me sharing a personal experience but my aunt and uncle went to India and got extremely ill just from drinking the water (so they said). Not sure how risky it really is but I remember when I travelled through Egypt I was told that the water may be contaminated so perhaps this may be worth keeping in mind.

4. You’ll be so far away from home if anything goes wrong! It just seems like you’d be exposing yourself to unnecessary risk. 

I’d definitely go before TTC.

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Boxerlover24:  and on top of that, there are so many things you can’t eat while pregnant and being in another country and possibly eating something you shouldn’t is too risky. 

If you and Darling Husband can agree to hold off, great. 

Thats what Darling Husband and I did, we held off TTC because we wanted to travel and not have to worry about me being pregnant and tired, etc. Plus I wanted to enjoy wine in Italy!! And I am so glad I did bc it was the best wine I have ever had!

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Boxerlover24:  I wouldn’t if I were you. My family is Indian and I’ve gone there a million times in the winter. The weather is fine around that time, at least in Mumbai where my family is from, and you won’t have to worry about monsoons or flooding. However, if you’re in the early stages of pregnancy and getting sick often, there’s like a 90% chance you won’t be able to find a decent bathroom. In a later stage of pregnancy, if you need to see a doctor for any reason, things could get dicey. This isn’t even taking into account the jet lag, almost 24 hours of travel, etc. I wouldn’t go if I were in your shoes, and I have family to take care of me and know a lot of doctors there. For people born and raised in the U.S., even for those of us who visit regularly, India is a big adjustment, so you should feel 100% when you start your trip.

Going before you start TTC sounds like absolutely the right call.  Good luck, just make sure you go in the winter whenever you do decide to go!

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I wouldn’t be worried about the distance – there are lots of countries I would not hesitate to travel to while five months pregnant – but India is not one of them. When I went, I got sick eating in a five-star hotel. The combination of water quality, hygiene and food prep/eating customs just makes getting sick too likely (I won’t go into the gory details but if you Google why it’s dangerous for Westerners to eat improperly handled food in India the information is readily available and it isn’t pretty).

Also, monsoon season is from June to September so winter is not close to the rainy season at all. December is a good time to go. I went in November and it was mild (for India), mostly in the 75-85 degree range. I actually would recommend November over December because I enjoyed seeing all the Diwali decorations and celebrations, but just in terms of weather both months (or really anytime through March/April) are good.

If it’s really that much of a dream trip I’d find a way to push it up to this year. The main expense of India is the flights anyway – it’s not particularly expensive once you get there unless you want it to be.

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