(Closed) "Obese" newborn…??

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@BothCoasts:  Umm.. I’m fairly sure newborns don’t have food issues.  Also, when they do the percentiles for height/weight, they’re not exactly figuring out their BMI or something silly like that.  So of course if you’re 95th on height, it follows that you’ll also be 95th on weight. 

Now if the baby was 5 percentile for height, but 95th for weight.. there might be an issue.

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I’m pretty sure babies are notorious for being “chunky” at times. Evyerthing gets sorted out- babies grown and change shape fast.

Try to ingore it!

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Babies  come in all sizes. My dd is little and has never been on the chart. People asked me all the time “don’t you feed her??” People are just rude. Babies Aren’t obese and you really can’t breastfeeding too much. 

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Maybe they are just judgmental because they feel defensive about having a small baby. It doesn’t sound like the baby sitter is doing anything wrong. Babies grow at different rates. I think if they make comments about your babyyoushould put them in their place.

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I don’t know of any friends having pediatric weight issues with their infants but let me tell you, the Pediatricians are BRUTAL about weight once kids are over age two. They just don’t stop. I have friends who come home in tears and I mean in tears about their kids weight because they are off the charts. I understand the pediatricans’ points that childhood obesity is dramatically on the rise, we’re seeing previously thought of “adult” diseases starting in kids age 14 and the eating habits you make as a child will carry into adulthood but there is no reason to bring a mom to tears. One pedi told my friend “YOU put everything on your child’s plate, you should do a better job.” ouch. They could’ve have been a little softer with that? My friend now obsesses over everything her child eats and I’m afraid it’s going to result in the girl having an eating disorder by the age of 6. Craziness.

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When I was born, I weighed 9lbs., 4oz. & only 18in. long.  Trust me when I say I was quite the chubby one!  Today, I am 5’6″ & about 140lbs.  I’m healthy & certainly far from obese!  As long as you instill healthy habits throughout the child’s life, their weight at birth won’t brand them for life!!

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@BothCoasts:  I think they are way out of line. This is not normal behaviour to be obsessed with the weight of other people babies. When yours comes I am sure no one will be talking behind your back. Personally I would be way more worried if I had a “underweight” baby than “overweight”. 

For the record I was an obese baby and toddler. Like seriously huge. The doc had to stick two charts together just so that they could monitor my growth and there were discussions about if it was child abuse. You know what, I just liked to eat, when I moved to solids if my parents dared to try and take my puree away from me I would go mental and would, as a result, frequently fall asleep into my food.


Fast-forward to early childhood and I was if anything an underweight child and teen and have a BMI of 22 now. When people see picks of me as a baby/todler they cant believe it. Dont worry about these people, you will know your baby and what is right for them. 


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I want to smack the daylights out of your aunt and uncle right now. 

My daughter was 10lbs8oz and 22inches long at birth. She was 100th for height and 98th for weight. She perfectly proportionate and NOT obese. She’s currently 100th for height and 90th for weight. She TALL, when you’re tall you’re going to weigh more. I was 9lbs14oz and 21in and I’ve never had weight problems. I’m 5’7 and have been a size 8-10 my whole life.

I’d be more concerned about your cousins’s 5th percentile baby than the babysitter’s 95th percentile baby.

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@zippylef:  I’d be more concerned about your cousins’s 5th percentile baby than the babysitter’s 95th percentile baby. +1

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So because my Dirty Delete was in the 2nd percentile for height and weight up until age 4, does that mean she is an absurdly skinny baby according to your aunt and uncle’s standards?

If the child is proportionate, I don’t get what the big deal is?  I understand childhood obesity is on the rise, but applying to term “obese” to a baby is out of control. 

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@zippylef:  “I’d be more concerned about your cousins’s 5th percentile baby than the babysitter’s 95th percentile baby.”

Agreed.  🙂

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I hate when people make negative comments about babies’ physical appearance.  Way to instill body issues early.

As long as child tracks his/her own growth curve (i.e. there’s no huge increases or decreases in percentiles), the baby’s fine.  I was never even on the charts as a kid, but my children are way at the top of the percentiles.  My kids are really tall, and therefore heavier, than I ever was at their ages.  I wasn’t “too little” and they are not “too big”; it’s just a difference in body build/genetics.

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I think that’s absurd.  I was 9 lbs. 8 oz. at birth, definitely a chubby baby, and around age 2 I REALLY slimmed down (to the point that I was UNDER the chart for weight virtually my entire life until I hit age 17).  Today I’m 5’7″ and 115 pounds – clearly, far from obese.  Just because a baby is big doesn’t mean they will end up as an obese child or adult!

I understand that childhood obesity is on the rise and certainly in older kids it needs to be addressed…at least monitoring what they are eating, creating healthy lifestyles, etc.  But for an infant that seems ridiculous!

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