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@BothCoasts:  I work with two pediatricians and you are correct, if both her height and weight is in the 95th percentile, then I think they would just say she is proportional. At age 2, they can calculate a BMI percentile. If she is higher than the 85th percentile for BMI, she is considered “at risk for obesity in adulthood” but it is very difficult to truly call a child “obese.” A “diet” may be recommended at that time, which is like, eliminating sodas and juices, and changing to fat free milk. But infants are very rarely put on a calorie restricted diet.

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My future niece (fiance’s niece) is a larger baby…and her parents CONSTANTLY make fun of her for being fat, and that she only wants to eat, and that she’s going to be huge…etc.  Their other son (who is not the dad’s biological son) is TINY.  He is 4 years old and only weighs 35 pounds.  The mom is super skinny (I think she weighs like 120 pounds and is 5’7″ and the way she talks she sounds like she has issues.

THey are setting their daughter up to feel fat, and to have eating issues. As someone who struggled with issues like that when I was younger (who’m I kidding, food = guilt), it pisses me off SO MUCH. 

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@zippylef:  AGREED!!


That seriously angers me to no end. There is NO SUCH THING as an obese or overweight baby. Every baby is different and come in all shapes and sizes. Even if the mom did eat unhealthily, the mothers milk filters out the bad stuff and it wouldn’t affect the weight so much.

My nephew has always been big like that too, but the funny thing is both my sister and her husband are tiny people!! (she is 125 lbs and 5’5) He is SOO freakin big, he has little fat rolls all over – it’s SO CUTE. 

My son is the opposite, always been about 10-15th percentile for weight, and DH is really muscular/stocky and I was nearly overweight when I got pregnant. 

Sometimes it has to do with genetics, and sometimes it’s just random. As long as the babies are healthy there is no issue. 

I feel SO BADLY for the babysitter. That has to be SO HARD.

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I think they are being a little pre-judgy.  Considering that most babies have a chunky apperance until they get some height on them.  And Like someone else said babies come in all sizes. 

People can be so rude and I think it comes from their own insecurties!  My mom said that my aunt use to compare me and my cousin when we were infants.  Made comments like “your baby might be smarter but mine is prettier.”  Seriously who says that! 

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Breastfed babies cannot be obese, and I’d say no baby (regardless of feeding) at 4 months old is “obese”.  Healthy babies come in all shapes as sizes.  

Come on.  These people are being ridiculous and judgey without cause.

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I had two breastfed babies.  They were both quite chubby (apparently I make heavy cream instead of breastmilk) but one is now normal size and one is small and thin for her age.  I had numerous people make comments about our “fat” babies.  They were just getting tons of the good stuff they needed to grow and the comments were completely annoying and unfounded. 

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My five month old is in the 95th percentile for weight and height and his pediatrician says she’d never seen a healthier baby!  If your family asked me about putting him on a diet, I’d tell them sure, as soon as they put their baby in a support group for anorexica.  God, people are dumb.  

Infants eat when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full.  If they DO eat too much, they spit up.  No baby needs to go on a diet, that’s sick.  I’m sorry, but your aunt and uncle sound like an idiots.  

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If it were my aunt and uncle, I would tell them VERY firmly that their focus on this subject is inappropriate and makes me uncomfortable, and that I’d prefer if they dropped all discussion of this baby’s weight in my presence. I would not be okay listening to that. It’s seriously messed up, to be frank.

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Ohmygoodness.  How ridiculous.  I laughed out loud when I read the title, just because it struck me as so absurd. I mean, really?

As far as peditricians and childhood weight, I’ve been overweight since ~3 years.  And I’ve struggled with body issues and everything since I can remember.  The first time though I can remember being embrassed of my weight was when I was 5 years old, I went to the doctor’s for a checkup and the doctor told my mom while I sat there that I was going to end up so obese that I would need a wheelchair and a breathing machine.  To this day I still cringe thinking about it.

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I do think pediatricians should really drive home healthy eating habits to the parents of toddlers, though.  Toddlers can’t make healthy food choices for themselves, they are completely reliant on their parents to do it for them.  My brother and SIL have fed my poor nephew pretty much nothing but crap for his entire life (and tons of it) to the point that he’s now 10 years old and 185 pounds.  I went out to eat with them to Applebees when I was 9 months pregnant and eating everything in my path and that little boy ate me under the table without even trying.  It was shocking.  And my SIL works for an ob/gyn!  I always wonder if my nephew’s pediatrician has really come down on my SIL and brother about my nephew.  If she has, she clearly hasn’t done it hard enough. 

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@BothCoasts:  Your aunt and uncle have no idea what they are talking about. Babies need to eat when they are hungry and to keep food from them because you think they are getting “fat” is child abuse in my mind. I know a lot of people who were chubby as babies (myself included) and not a single one is obsese as an adult. One has nothing to do with the other. If they ever say anything to you about the weight of your baby, I would as politely as I could tell them “Our peditrician says he’s/she’s fine. Thanks.”

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It is impossible to overfeed a breastfed baby. period. formula babies are a bit different, bc parents might encourage baby to eat that extra half ounce so it doesn’t get “wasted.” Over time, the baby’s stomach can stretch (like an adult that overeats), and then baby requires more to feel full. Again, I don’t think this is the case with ALL formula babies by any means, but I do think parent’s who formula feed need to be aware of when their baby actually gets full because it doesn’t always line up with the end of the bottle.

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Your Aunt & Uncle are clueless !!

Babies are people, and just like the case of every other issue, people are individuals and no two of us are 100% alike.

My first child was over 9 Lbs and 18 inches.

She most certainly looked rolly-polly for several months… that was until she got active with crawling, walking etc.

Then I discovered that as she’d age she would go thru spurts… UP then OUT, then UP, then OUT… my Peditrician said this was quite normal.

When she was on an UP stage folks would comment on how “lanky” she was, and when on an OUT stage how “chubby” (humourous if we were meeting people who hadn’t seen her / known her in the previous phase)

Truthfully… looking back it was a stupid conversation.  She just was what she was, her body doing what it needed to get thru whatever stage she was in, and onto the next.  She never was obese (the idea of a baby being obese, or on a Diet is INSANE). 

Baby weight has little to nothing to do with how a person grows up… Diet and Exercise are important considerations from being a toddler onwards once one can eat anything (the trick is not overeating too much of EVERYTHING… and that is a Parent’s responsibility)

Hope this helps,

PS… Lol your Aunt & Uncle should mind their own business… quite frankly, I’m one who finds that I DON’T HAVE TIME for such people in my life anymore… Judgemental people are a waste of energy… why spend time with them, and worry what “they think” ??

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